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  1. They have a bright, modern stadium that really brings in the cash. Their owner is one of the richest men on the planet and renowned for his generosity towards his club. Unlike any other club, they also have a Santa's Grotto to entertain the youngsters throughout the year. Add that to a rich history of achievement and you can see why they are so high in the betting!
  2. Ah... you must have transgressed the unwritten laws!!
  3. Cautiously pessimistic! But hoping for the best!
  4. OK I have a solution to all this dilemma. Let all vaccinated fans sit in the three home sides of the stadium and the unvaccinated can sit with the away fans in the away end. All can enjoy the match and if anyone is going to catch Covid, it will only be away fans. We could even invite the Gas to play a friendly! Simples!!
  5. Ask Rudolph what he is up to!
  6. Who are the Gas playing?
  7. Far too sensible as a suggestion. You should feel ashamed!
  8. I just read that Covid could be spread by flatulence - hope you don't sit next to Guinness drinkers who also like the high bean veggie pasties!
  9. You would be lucky if they have lines on the pitch and goalposts!
  10. That's not clever, not funny and not grown-up!!
  11. The point is that with so many people milling about in the concourse, it would be difficult to find a place to safely remove a mask and then eat and drink. Some on here have said that it is possible to leave the ground at half time, but if you factor in climbing down from a seat at the top of the Dolman, managing to get a pee, then managing to get out behind the SS and queue to buy refreshments before tearing back to the top of the Dolman. It all sounds pretty high pressure for an old git of 70.
  12. I always stay in my seat at half time so would not have seen this. I suppose it is for those who need a fag to combat the stress.
  13. I am not aware that you can once you have gone through the turnstiles. You either stay in the concourse or go up to your seat in the stand - but not with your beer!!
  14. Not possible once you have gone through the turnstiles though. I suppose the answer is to find a quiet corner- but quiet corners will be in very high demand!!
  15. How can you eat a pie or sink a pint when you have to wear a mask in the concourse and cannot take a drink within sight of the pitch?
  16. I do hope so because I have not had a haircut in over a year and it would be very handy!
  17. If either Nurse or Pring can defend then Jay can always be pushed forward as a left winger = that would make the left side pretty secure. Nigel mentioned playing two full backs on the flank last season. If so, all three plus COD will be needed in the long season.
  18. Will rail seating make sandwiches curl?
  19. I would prefer that to be a red and white fluffy dress.
  20. So did he grow so big whilst he was out injured? If so, why did that not work for Jay Dasilva?
  21. 'ee was a big un as well
  22. U23 skipper for BCFC today
  23. Looks to be very tall in the picture on the main site. Does anyone know how tall he is? He looks to be in Flint territory, but pictures can be misleading.
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