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  1. 6 minutes ago, MarcusX said:

    Are there many corners in a round concourse? 😂

    Serious answer is you are allowed to remove your mask to eat or drink even when it was a legal requirement

    The point is that with so many people milling about in the concourse, it would be difficult to find a place to safely remove a mask and then eat and drink.  Some on here have said that it is possible to leave the ground at half time, but if you factor in climbing down from a seat at the top of the Dolman, managing to get a pee, then managing to get out behind the SS and queue to buy refreshments before tearing back to the top of the Dolman.  It all sounds pretty high pressure for an old git of 70.  

  2. Just now, Nogbad the Bad said:

    You don't have to, masks are just being 'encouraged' when you're walking around.

    'We encourage you to use face coverings when moving around internal areas.'

    If the weather's OK, best go outside with your refreshments.

    Not possible once you have gone through the turnstiles though.  I suppose the answer is to find a quiet corner- but quiet corners will be in very high demand!!

  3. If either Nurse or Pring can defend then Jay can always be pushed forward as a left winger = that would make the left side pretty secure.  Nigel mentioned playing two full backs on the flank last season. If so, all three plus COD will be needed in the long season.

  4. Looks to be very tall in the picture on the main site. Does anyone know how tall he is?  He looks to be in Flint territory, but pictures can be misleading.

  5. The obvious replacement is Lee Johnson - he also refuses to select favourite players and clearly knows an awful lot more than he shows!  I believe he has also mastered the powerpoint presentation and is happy to use drones!  Go Johnno!!

  6. 17 minutes ago, Lanterne Rouge said:

    Butter, jam then cream is the only sensible answer.

    Anything else is just for freaks, weirdos and wrong `uns generally.

    Trust you to add a further layer of complication!!

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