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  1. I believe that both the clubs you mention has the benefit of new stadia and significant investment and were well under way with their projects before FFP. Personally I do not follow the fortunes of other clubs because I am not a football fan but a Bristol City fan. On the rare occasions when I have had to watch a none Bristol City match, I find myself wishing it was over because I have no emotional engagement. The two clubs that you mentioned also have had the benefit of parachute payments. Our project is working to a different timescale and strategy with the aim of being sustainable. The infrastructure income should prove very useful in this respect. I remain very optimistic but do not mind if success is not immediate because we are competing in a very difficult league under difficult rules with teams that have the massive advantage of parachute payments. I like the fact that so many fans are angry and frustrated that we have not won promotion yet. The fact is that we are, to one degree or another, in contention. I find it exciting and will not criticise the club for trying to do things in a sustainable manner. Makes very good sense to me.
  2. For strategic reasons the ground is owned by another company within the group and all have the same owners. Nothing wrong with that at all. In unforeseen difficult circumstances this could prove very useful! You can hardly complain about the cash that SL puts into Bristol City and how he funds other clubs within the group. You may have missed the times that he wrote off some pretty massive debts. It is a long race and has not finished yet. We do not have the benefit of parachute payments and we have to live within the constraints of FFP. The income from the various infrastructure initiatives should help us be even more competitive as time goes on. I am not a super-fan but just an old duffer who loves his football club and finds it difficult to see why other fans adopt such negative attitudes towards every aspect of Bristol City instead of supporting enthusiastically. I do not give conditional support as long as the club choose a manager or players that pass my personal tests of approval. I respect the highly intelligent board and owners and believe that they will do their best for the club after considering all the evidence. That does not mean that they will get everything right, because they are human beings, but I will not condemn them for any mistakes, just as I would not condemn a player for missing what looks like a simple chance. If you find such support offensive, then I think that you have more of a problem than I do.
  3. I am confident that we will both enjoy a great future!
  4. Oscar Wilde wrote a short story of someone who melted down the statue of "the pleasure that abideth forever" and had it recast as a statue of "the pleasure that abideth for a moment" (or something like that) - I know that it is meant to convey a very different message, but there is a similarity. SL is trying to create a football club that is welll funded and sustainable - the pleasure that abideth forever. Apart from a brief frisson of pleasure, the other type of football club may offer slim pickings for their supporters over the long haul. I reckon that we are pretty well set and we have a great future.
  5. The quote above is from you, please excuse my computer skills - or lack thereof. I am the one who would not swap. Please try to be consistent.
  6. Well if you think that having to sell all your players and your training ground is a good foundation for the future I admire your optimism. Of course it was wonderful to be a supporter many years ago. Standing in the East End and singing your heart out and being able to take your feet off the ground in the crush to get out at the end. Sadly, all seater stadia and the gentrification of football have changed all that. It is still enjoyable but in a different way and seen through older eyes. I can see that our current owner has a plan and it is impressive seeing it all come together. The changes to the club have been profound and will secure our future in a way that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. We are in contention for eventual promotion to the premier league whilst Bolton and Wigan are struggling to give their fans any football at all. These will not be the only clubs that struggle in the current circumstances, so you may have a big choice of once mighty teams if you ever decide to change your football club. Some may even end up outside the league - now wouldn't that be exciting!!
  7. So would you change places with those clubs now? Who do you think is most likely to have a good future - us or them?
  8. We were a long way behind Wolves when they went up a few years ago. Their ground and support are pretty good and ours has improved. The income that will flow into the club as a result of the infrastructure will be valuable for many years to come. I expect that Wigan and Bolton fans might think that boring and safe finances are something to be valued. Most people spend the whole of their lives struggling to end up with safe, boring and predictable finances. It will be a luxury compared to many of our competitors. I will happily support City even if we do not go up and my support is not conditional upon a choice of manager, player, board member or promotion. It flows a little deeper than that.
  9. Maybe Socrates would have preferred that.
  10. So was Socrates after he drank the hemlock!
  11. It depends on what you mean by PC!!
  12. It depends what you mean by TV ads and also depends on your definition of Owen Wilson.
  13. I have not worked out how to add coloured responses, but I congratulate you on your business success - maybe you will be able to buy out the Lansdown family one day. I should mention that we have NEVER had a say in running the club and that the decisions have always been made by owners and their employees. Although virtually all clubs are supported by the largesse of wealthy owners, you must recognise that from time to time the deep pockets are simply not quite deep enough and the clubs get into huge financial problems - as we have seen in our time as supporters. City have not been immune to these financial horrors. You may even concede that City have been very stable under SL and that we have aspirations to win promotion rather than to simply stay up. My point is that things are pretty good right now and may well get even better. If we look at the difficulties being experienced by some clubs at present, you might even agree that we are better off than most.
  14. I have to be humble and admit that my shortcomings are many. Over the years I have found that the most critical people in life are those who tend to be a lot less enterprising than more optimistic types. If people only ever see negatives, it is hard to get motivated to try to do something positive. If you would like a philosophical debate, I am happy to accommodate you. I love all that and did my degree in single subject Philosophy.
  15. The expectations of the fans should have been informed by the fact that MA had said that there would be a thorough process to get the right person. Many on here automatically assumed that this would be a Hughton or Cook and were disappointed that it ended up being Dean Holden. Now either you think that there was not a thorough process, or you must come to the conclusion that we have the best person for the job. Of course we are not able to judge this without knowing the detailed job specification and if the people being interviewed could subscribe to the game plan. I have faith that the board would have tried to find the best solution for the club and not tried to pick a complete dud. They have seen Dean working for four years, so maybe they know a bit more about his abilities than the "experts" on this forum. Congratulations on not being a failure in life and I wish you the best of fortune, but you elegantly make my point because you are not one of the more rabid and rude critics on this forum.
  16. If you cannot see the strategy you are barking. Let me help you to understand..... woof woof!
  17. The infrastructure will be there for many decades to come and may even be further improved. The aim of this is to bring more cash into the club so that it can eventually be self sustaining. SL realises this and knows that he will not be around forever. He will leave a very well founded and funded club behind him. We will still be at a disadvantage against parachute payment recipients, but SL has given us the very best chance of competing for promotion and if we keep knocking at the door, eventually our time will come. Clubs like Wigan and Bolton have undergone financial meltdowns and more will probably follow. In these difficult times we should count ourselves lucky that City are secure and in good hands who have a plan to make us even more secure in years to come. Maybe a bit of gratitude and respect is on order?
  18. Dave, you make many excellent posts and this was not really aimed at you. What really gets my goat is that people use their negative imaginations and work out what they think has happened and what they think should have happened and then started to post as if their suppositions are based on fact and not fiction. Many of the decisions made by SL and the board will be finely balanced and we cannot know what the real situation might be. The same will go for choice of players in a team. We don't know how they have trained, if they have a cold, if they have had a row with a team mate or member of staff. Every aspect of a player will go into the decision of whether it pick him or not. We can speculate and discuss the issues b but surely not from an antagonistic position. We ned to have faith in the people leading the club and have sufficient respect to give them room to do their jobs. Some people even criticise SL being proud of what he has put into the club. If we take a step back, we can surely recognise the enormity of the contribution that SL has made to our club - and this has warped our expectations. Maybe we should be grateful and play our part as supporters.
  19. All you negative types must be "supporting" a different Bristol City than the one that I have supported since the halcyon days before the Dolman Stand was built. I see a club with a newly refurbished stadium, that would be the pride of any club in our division. I see that we are getting a new training ground that will be up there with the very best around. I see a large number of academy products playing senior and league football on loan and a couple joining the first team this season as important players. I see a club that has bought some very good players and managed to make a good profit on some of these after they have served the club well during their development. I see an owner who writes off millions of £s in our debts on a pretty regular basis so that we are not as vulnerable as many clubs who run continual losses. I see a club with huge infrastructure development plans that will feed further cash into the club to help in the goal of becoming sustainable after SL departs the scene. I see stability - something Bristol City has not always known! On the other hand I see a bunch of critical pygmies who say the support the club but criticise every decision without knowing the reasons for those decisions. At every turn they denigrate the members of the board, management and even SL himself. I see these people and am willing to bet that they are not hugely successful individuals, their sort seldom are, and that they represent a very small minority of the fan base but a larger percentage of the people on this forum who seem to have nothing better to do than obsess about what they see as failures. We see things differently.
  20. The conversations with candidates would have to be confidential for very obvious reasons. The club acted in a reasonable, measured and responsible fashion. Some on here are not reasonable, measured and responsible - hence the vitriol.
  21. I believe that his answers confirmed what many thought and what was pretty obvious from what has transpired. It would have been surprising if he had announced some earth shattering new information. Our club is in very safe and responsible hands.
  22. It would make perfect sense for SL to have been given notice of the questions in advance so that he could frame his answers in a cogent manner. I thought it was professional and informative. Of course there are those who will never see the sense in his answers because he is someone who knows the facts behind the decisions and has not been motivated by the fictions believed by some on here. I think his facts trump the feelings of those who only grumble and see fault.
  23. The reaction from the usual suspects on here is what one would expect. It is generally rude and shows lack of respect for a man who has piled vast amounts of cash into our club. The infrastructure will stand us in good stead for many decades to come and yet people still seem to think that he would deliberately allow a dud to be chosen as head coach. Not much logic in that! Maybe it is time for even the usual suspects to understand that the board chose an candidate who was, in their opinion, a person who could deliver their ambitions. None of the moaners knew what happened during the process, they just make up stuff to believe and get hysterical in their criticism. Maybe time for every supporter to move on and support - the team, the head coach, the staff and most of all our benefactor Steve, who has provided the launching pad for our club to have a great chance of achieving sustainable success.
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