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  1. "Blindly" hardly describes someone who has open eyes and sees all that happens but interprets things through a mind that understands that he does not have all the information and therefore decides to have faith in those who actually know. Seems perfectly rational to me. The club are held accountable and have regular meetings where the staff can be questioned and meet the directors/managers and staff. The press regularly question these people on our behalf at the more than 50 press conferences that the club hold every year. Whereas you "don't give a shit" about new kit, some people think this is very important and it cannot have escaped your attention that the club try very hard to please in this respect. I like the fact that kit, catering, viewlines, TV, and much else has improved at Ashton Gate and I look forward to the day when all the other buildings are in place and income is generated to help to take us to the next level. Some have even grumbled about this and yearn for the old days. As I said before, the mob do not care about facts, they care about fictions that blow up into something akin to mob hysteria. When we didn't select some peoples choice to be our next manager, members of the mob threw toys out of the pram and announced that they would never bother going to watch City again. I know because I have been crossing swords with them on this forum. That is a strange way to support your club. Maybe these people could think back to the good old days and try to remember when they ever had the option to select players or staff. Only in the realms of fantasy football can such things be done. As a more sober member of the fan community, I choose to respect the decisions of the board rather than listen to mob hysteria. I always prefer truth and facts to fantasy. Others clearly think differently and that is their choice.
  2. Using the term "blindly" and ignoring the stuff that I wrote about the mob seems to classify you as "one of them". I am happy with the stunning progress that the club has made and I go back to the time before the Dolman Stand was built. All the grumblers and protesters and people who seem to feel affronted at every decision they do not understand frankly cheeses me off. They are virtually guaranteed to not know what they are talking about but the mob seem to ignore all that. 20,000 Bat Fastards would not be a dream for City because I am an old git and will be dead in a few years time. They need young people with families to keep regenerating the fanbase. The problem is, as someone else pointed out, the younger fans did not know what it was like in the old days and take everything for granted. I feel that the club are trying very hard on all fronts and that the mob will not be appeased whatever they do. If someone like me says things about the mob that are only 10% as vitriolic as some on here refer to the board and management, they get quite uppity. They certainly don' like it up 'em. One rule for the mob and another for everyone else. Such is life. But I still respect the board a great deal more than I respect the mob - for all the reasons previously adumbrated.
  3. I think you don't quite understand this business of "unconditional support" - so let me try to explain. For more than 50 years, Bristol City has been a central plank in my life. It provides something to think about - often many times a day. It provides huge interest and the anticipation and attending games is, for me the highpoint. I cheer the boys on the pitch and enjoy the banter, singing and everything else that goes with being a Bristol City supporter. Having enjoyed the East End when I was a young boy, I have to say that the pleasure was probably even more intense then. I used to be able to remember every team, goal time and many other details. It is different now. It is more mellow like everything else as you get older but it still fills me with enthusiasm. It helps that I am a naturally enthusiastic person, family, business, our green lifestyle and Bristol City are the driving forces. I could change any one of these, but feel that life would be poorer for making such a choice. I have long accepted that I have no influence in the decision making at Bristol City and I am happy to accept what is handed down simply because of this lack of influence. If we had influence, then there would be so many different opinions that it would be impossible to make progress. I have an almost spiritual distrust of "the mob" - because the one thing that that they all have in common is that they are not in command of the facts that drive decisions - so it is easy for them to foment further unrest and eventually we have people being unhappy as they are now. I am not unhappy because I believe that the board will have been in command of all the facts and tried their utmost to make the best decisions for the club. Clearly people on this forum have made up an awful lot of pretty poisonous rubbish and repeated it often enough for it to not be challenged. This is not helpful and more of a comment on the lack of wisdom of the mob than on the behaviour of those that lead our club. Of course the mob would not see it that way. Covid is a very unusual crisis because the directors can only struggle to make decisions when everything keeps changing as the disease spreads and clusters appear. They might proceed on a course of action only to be told that this is no longer viable. The mob will have no sympathy for this difficulty but will simply ascribe their false and often fictional narratives to what they think they see. Having run a very successful business for many years I know that life is sometimes difficult and I have never met a director who does not try to do the best for his or her business. So I have faith in the directors more than the mob. The mob can ignore things that don't suit their mood, covid, FFP, lack of revenue and all the rest. Directors cannot and have strict rules that govern how they run a business. The mob have no strict rules apart from anything that they can make up goes. They do not seem to accept that they are not in the best position to decide anything. They spout some ridiculous things with all the confidence of ignorance. That is why I support the board. As for communications and many other aspects, they are works in progress and I am sure that everyone in the club is trying to polish and improve every aspect of their offering to fans. We have just had new shirts which seem pretty good - but I am sure there will be some who will be offended by something like style, shape, shade of colour or something else. It is all trivia as far as I am concerned and I do not feel disrespected by the club and I am indulgent because at the end of the day, I am a Bristol City fan and accept everything that that entails. We are all frustrated by Covid and all the crap that goes along with that and I, for one, cannot wait to get vaccinated and get back to a more normal life.
  4. This is all getting a bit sterile and samey. I don't get exercised by "the suits" you do. We are VERY different kinds of people. I have to go and see to my poultry so I wish you joy of the evening.
  5. Constructive criticism in the context of the choice of manager is what I was mainly talking about. No knowledge of the issues discussed in board meetings and interviews means that there can be no constructive criticism - just made up crap. I was not aware that the club have yet announced the rules for attending matches this coming season. Sorry if I have missed this. Personally, I look for reasons to spend cash with the club and would not take a refund on my season tickets if it meant having to move and maybe sit with a different bunch of people. I like the folks in my part of the Dolman and look forward to seeing them again when the pandemic is over. I am clearly not as sensitive as you on any of these issues. I do have sympathy for the financial position of the club and the financial position of those impacted by Covid19. It is a difficult tension and I hope that those who are able to go on supporting the club do so to the best of their ability. I would like to see us emerge from this as strong as possible so we can push onwards and upwards.
  6. I once had to swear to keep a negotiation secret and this upset a lot of people who thought that I should have "spilled the beans". The eventual negotiation saved a lot of people a great deal of distress. I know that in the real world, things are not always easy, convenient or trouble free. Acting with integrity is not always the easy option, so yes, I understand the kind of things that might be concerning the board, some of whom wear suits from time to time. Constructive criticism that cannot be based on all the evidence can hardly be constructive. I have heard very little constructive criticism on here. There have been made up character assassinations that become part of the fact base and then people making up what the traduced executives are meant to have thought or done - again mostly made up and/or wilfully misinterpreted to make uninformed points. People have joyfully said that they won't go to matches again because we didn't appoint the manager that they wanted and then made up all sorts of stuff about board members to justify their action. Some of the critics joyfully wallow in the fact that they haven't been to matches for years! People have enthusiastically entertained all ideas of depriving their club of income as a way of punishing them, and then said that we should be spending more on managers/players or whatever. I wonder about the motivation of people who seem to spend their whole lives on the forum. I just want to get back to watching and enjoying days at the football.
  7. I have been running in and out doing loads of other things and may have got peoples messages mixed up. Others on here have been saying stuff like they were not kept informed. I guess these are the same people who want to deprive the club of income in one way or another whilst demanding that we spend on more expensive players, managers etc etc. _ Form my part, I do not think there is a shortage of information that causes me any distress. I do not feel that I am being used as a cash cow by the club. I like watching football and do not really care about what happens behind the scenes because there is bugger all I can do about it anyway. It is impossible to know whether you agree or disagree about decisions unless you know every aspect of the case you are meant to be deciding. We can never know, just make stuff up and argue about it. Ho hum. Some people even manage to be rude in the process. I wish the season would start in earnest so we can talk about something interesting - like football.
  8. Then how do you keep people informed without giving them information? Keeping them informed with no information would only lead to more mob unrest by people who have nothing better to do with their time. Sometimes in life you have to be a bit patient and await the outcome.
  9. As I said, you way too sensitive. Every fan is a potential financial resource to every professional football club. I do not feel badly treated by the club because some feel that they should have selected a different manager. I reckon that the board are having to wrestle with some pretty heavyweight issues right now and if they exhibit stressed behaviour, then I fully understand. I just want to watch the bloody football and not obsess about trivia.
  10. It is very very difficult to give outsiders a running commentary on any negotiations without compromising your negotiating positions and confidentiality. How would you like it if you applied for a job and had to endure a public airing of everything before it was announced that you didn't get the job because they thought you were a crap candidate??
  11. Stuff that Superjack - I have NEVER had a fair point!!
  12. You clearly think Dean Holden is an issue. I do not. He is clearly very well thought of amongst the staff, players and Webster. Every manage who ever achieved anything started with an opportunity to prove his worth. This is Dean's opportunity and I hope he does very well. By the way, Dean Holden is not the product. If there is a product it is the entertainment on the pitch and not the bitch about the backroom staff. Let's wait and see how he does eh?
  13. Now PF you know full well that the slightest rumour is bread and meat on this forum. The truth has bugger all to do with it. People have made up plenty about members of the board and the staff - as if they has inside knowledge and knew something. In fact it is all hot air and garbage. Nobody knows what happened in the interviews, but I will assert my claim to the rubbish made up just like the rest on this forum!!
  14. I never had a fixed opinion and was always happy for the board to choose a new manager. As you say, we are all interested to see how it pans out, and I wish DH every success. He is certainly a more stable candidate than a chap pushing 62 who wanted to make permanent changes that would have cost a fortune and changed the whole ethos of the club.
  15. Clubs like Bolton ignored the "commercial necessity" - maybe they should have taken it rather more seriously. As previously mentioned, I have no issues with the communications and feel that some people should concentrate rather more on the football than on the way that the executives speak. To add to the list of their achievements, the new shirts seem to be rather good. My aspirations are not astonishingly low, but I recognise that competing against parachute payments within the FFP environment as modified by the pandemic, does impact upon finances and expectations. We cannot ignore inconvenient facts but have to live in the World as it is - not how we would like it to be.
  16. Webster spoke very highly of Holden and the board seem content to back him. I do not regard this as a controversial appointment, maybe it is a visionary, expedient or sensible appointment. We will know in due course. I will judge him on what he does and what he achieves rather than what a particularly negative section of the mob think of him.
  17. I fully understand that most people think that a football club is not a normal business but somewhere along the line business disciplines have to be applied. I am astounded that people seem to disregard the problems and only post about what we should be doing in terms of spending and recruiting. At the end of everything, someone needs to make sure that the bills are paid and that we stay on the financial straight and narrow. As that is SL, people have criticised him, his son and his staff. Our club used to lurch from financial crisis to financial crisis, it no longer does that. Maybe a bit of respect for the founder of the feast would not go amiss. If he cannot please all the people all the time, maybe cut him a little slack - overall he is doing a magnificent job in very difficult circumstances. It was not me who called them "suits".
  18. Are you not going to mention the drop in club income caused by the pandemic? It is all part and parcel of club finances. I would expect to see a few departures as well as one or two more recruits, but do not expect to see very much net spend.
  19. I do not mind what people wear because you might expect a multi million £ enterprise to be run by people who wear business dress. This might not fit in with the habits of some of the fans/supporters but I cannot see why that should be a problem. A business suit is a uniform like any other. The problem with fan connection is that everyone expects something different. I do not understand people taking a dislike to business executives because they look like and talk like business people. Many on here do not have the slightest idea about how business needs to operate and the various financial and technical issues that have to be balanced. They just seem to want more and more cash spent whilst being highly critical and often downright rude about the people who are supposed to pay. We have a great stadium, better matchday catering, an improving team and high expectations. It ain't broke and does not need fixing..... in my humble opinion.
  20. The wages of players and some staff are exceptionally high but it is a competitive market and one where we have to compete. A wage cap would be the sensible solution, but would our stars really still play for only £10k a week? The players who spend their cash on fancy motor cars and the expensive motor insurance , would do better to consider how they might fare for the rest of their lives if they bought a more modest vehicle and invested the savings. I believe there was a German player (Spurs I believe) who used to drive an old VW Beetle for just that reason. Smart man.
  21. That is a wise reflection that I had not considered. Bloody kids, if you told them what it was like, they wouldn't believe you!
  22. The only way football is a product in the normal sense is when it is discussed with people who have declared themselves to be customers. I have tried to outline that we are NOT quite customers i the normal way. We could not send the product back if it did not meet our expectations. Talking of expectations, City are now in a relatively health position compared with many times in previous years - yet still people keep banging on about the product not meeting expectations. You obviously expect a great deal more than I do and if everyone "defunded" the club, you seem to believe that it would be reasonable for everything to keep improving just to please the defunders. Sadly our club has to compete with 24 others in our league and some have parachute payments and all are bound by FFP, which is based, to an extent, upon revenue coming into the club - the very revenue that some on here would seek to reduce to teach the club some kind of half arsed lesson. Surely you can see the very obvious flaws in the logic and in the expectations of the defunders?
  23. Like the Kid, you are much more sensitive that I am. I do not give a flying one who owns or manages the club. I watch the emotional product on the pitch and enjoy the day out. SL has improved that experience and is clearly motivated to improve it yet further. Anyone who looks for reasons to deny cash to the club cannot reasonably object if the choice of players or manager does not fit with their personal ambitions for the club. The utilitarian test of "what would happen if everyone behaved in this way" could well be applied in this case. The answer may not be helpful for the health of the football club.
  24. That would be logical, but Niclas may also be a candidate. It may mean that we get another couple of departures.
  25. Great signing. MA and DH are heroes!! I guess this means that we have raised some cash by selling one or more players.
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