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  1. If either Nurse or Pring can defend then Jay can always be pushed forward as a left winger = that would make the left side pretty secure. Nigel mentioned playing two full backs on the flank last season. If so, all three plus COD will be needed in the long season.
  2. Will rail seating make sandwiches curl?
  3. I would prefer that to be a red and white fluffy dress.
  4. So did he grow so big whilst he was out injured? If so, why did that not work for Jay Dasilva?
  5. 'ee was a big un as well
  6. U23 skipper for BCFC today
  7. Looks to be very tall in the picture on the main site. Does anyone know how tall he is? He looks to be in Flint territory, but pictures can be misleading.
  8. The obvious replacement is Lee Johnson - he also refuses to select favourite players and clearly knows an awful lot more than he shows! I believe he has also mastered the powerpoint presentation and is happy to use drones! Go Johnno!!
  9. Us types in the vulnerable category will probably wear hazmat suits.
  10. Merger with Rovers on the cards! They could develop the Supermarine "stadium".
  11. Well I am more like Alf Garnett!
  12. Invite to cream tea with posh people. I am very common - so just thought I would seek wisdom from higher authorities.
  13. What is this butter motif? Why on earth would you need butter when you have cream?
  14. Trust you to add a further layer of complication!!
  15. Someone told me that the cream acted like butter and therefore the cream came first. Am I being uncouth to think that this makes some kind of sense? Or are you just posh enough to know how to do it properly? I wonder how the Royal family would do it.
  16. Jam then cream - or cream then jam.
  17. Now he really is out of our league!
  18. We once flew from Stanstead to Newcastle to watch a match against Hartlepool. Nice harbour and ship - I believe called the Trincomalee or something like that. Too old for all that stuff these days - but, if I recall correctly, it was worth it because Brian Tinnion scored a scorcher.
  19. Up to size 6X - works for me. Now about the shorts......
  20. Only in the less civilised parts of the country.
  21. This poster is far too erudite for this forum!
  22. Maybe you see football more like a game of chess, whereas a simple soul like me still sees the passion and emotion more. Talk about the simple life, I have to go and get my poultry shut away for the night. I have better conversations with them than with most people I meet. I wish you joy of the day!
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