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  1. Scotty could never be the problem - the man is a solid gold legend, both as a player and as a first rate human being.
  2. People seem to forget the Steve Lansdown is backing the club already to the tune of many £millions. If he thinks Dean Holden worthy of a shot at the job, and recognising the fact that he has known him for over 4 years, then I think we should pipe down and support Steve and Dean and see where it takes us.
  3. No way -Please God NO, the man is the heart and soul of the club.
  4. I PROTEST VERY LOUDLY AT THE DREADFUL NEGATIVE TONE OF THIS THREAD AND THINK WE SHOULD GET BEHIND OUR CLUB AND TEAM AND BLOODY WELL SUPPORT THEM! Sorry I don't usually shout but when invited to make ones protest heard, there was little choice.
  5. If, as you say his record with City is played 5, W2, D2, L2 - then he clearly has something very special about him. We should watch his mathematical progress with great interest!!
  6. He is also still well ahead in the polls and the only viable alternative to run our country. Dean Holden (if appointed) will be the head coach and the only viable person to support. I suggest you swallow your bile and support him and your club.
  7. Every great manager started with an opportunity - if this is DHs then Ihope it works out for him because that means it works out for us as well.
  8. Bojo won Brexit and the general election!
  9. If he is the next head coach then he will be the City head coach and the only one we have. Why would I not support him? We should all hope he does well and support him in his efforts. Its in our job description - supporters!!
  10. Great support there Andy. Maybe try a bit harder?
  11. A bit like Elvis - you need talent. Maybe Dean has that talent. Let's hope so.
  12. This thread could be a breath of fresh air............??
  13. I believe we have lost a good one in Lee Johnson. I would be happy to see him regroup and come back to us in a few years time. He clearly loves the club and the city and that counts for a lot in these money driven times.
  14. He could be one more serious injury away from the end of his career. Just a thought, but could he be tempted?
  15. Hope it wasn't in JMs restaurant!
  16. Not saying he wouldn't still play but would be a coach as well. Great character, superb attitude and more intelligent than many footballers. His injury record may make it more difficult for him to get a well paid playing job, but player coach could save cash for the club and maybe help his playing and future career. Just a thought...
  17. A Williams and K Smith as player coaches would save a chunk of budget maybe?
  18. That would be a shame - he might have been the coach responsible for self control.
  19. Your computer is faster than mine!
  20. His picture is still on the first team staff page on the official site - and he is still smiling!
  21. Maybe he was sacked for flying the drone as he tried to find out who was being interviewed on the roof?
  22. Maybe he has left to be a chef?
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