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  1. Sorry but we have had this explained to us by Mark Ashton and by Lee Johnson. I'm sure the other coaches also get involved and offer their opinions. They would not sign a 'keeper without speaking to the specialist goalkeeping coach, for example. DH will be "in the know".
  2. Sad to hear that. I hope you will forgive the club whatever you feel are their mistakes and get behind the boys on the pitch. I'm not sure about you, but I was very happy watching our promotion season in League 1. It is not just the level but the matchday magic, atmosphere, Feed the Goat nosh and the whole experience that I love. I cannot go back until vaccinated but I hope that will be as soon as possible. Not sure about you, but I need my fix!
  3. The others may have ruled themselves out by refusing to work within the ethos of the club. We will never know.
  4. We know that it is a team effort and Mark Ashton would do the negotiations. We also know that targets are lined up months in advance. The coach will have to agree on the target, which puts DH in an advantageous position.
  5. We do not know if we have any new player lined up this window. Patience is a virtue.
  6. speculation and surmise. But that is all any of us have.
  7. I would not be at all surprised to learn that the important items in the spec were things to do with development and playing young players in the first team, both to build sale value and to hopefully have a less expensive crack at promotion in a season when cash will be in short supply. Many of the older big name candidates may have had issues with this - hence not being chosen. But, as yet, we do not know who has been selected.
  8. All employees should do what they are told within limits - otherwise they risk being sacked. Cost may well be a consideration and some of the big name types may think that SL should pay more than he is willing to pay.
  9. The specifications will have been decided in advance and we simply cannot know what happened during the process. The best candidate will be selected - and i, for one, will support that candidate.
  10. Unless he best fitted the criteria and won on merit.
  11. You are probably right. I am only on here tonight because I have strained my back and had to ask someone else to do my chores with the livestock this evening.
  12. The answer is that I am passionate about Bristol City. Boards, managers and players come and go - but as long as I have life in this ageing body I will support whatever is put in front of me. I have supported in every division and really enjoyed some of the lower as well as the higher level football. Bristol City is part of what I am and I simply cannot change that. I am realistic enough to know that whatever I think it amounts to diddlysquat. Others make the decisions, who we buy, who manages, what shirts we wear etc etc
  13. Realistically we do not know the job specification. IF it is DH selected then it may be due to his enthusiasm to bring on the younger players whilst CH may have been an old man in a hurry, preferring to buy success with SLs wealth - but that is not the club ethos. If you think CH the better choice - better at what - developing young players who might be sold before they can help deliver promotion. We should know the job specification before we can really judge.
  14. The process can take time, especially if there are lots of candidates. You seem to dismiss the possibility that someone like DH could have emerged from a long drawn out process as the best man for the job on merit. And he was right under their noses all the time.
  15. Maybe having an interview with Gillingham.....
  16. Just another skinny kid as far as I am concerned!
  17. The board decides and I support because I have no choice in the matter. That, my friend, IS being realistic. Maybe you should examine your options?
  18. I did think of applying but doubted that they would have a track suit to fit!
  19. I have covered this before. It is only that your views are so set that you cannot come to the possible conclusion that DH (IF it is DH) won through on merit after an exhaustive process.
  20. I'm sorry if my mentality disappoints you, but I am being realistic. Whatever you or I think about a favoured candidate, the cold hard fact is that we will have to live with whoever emerges as the choice of the board. We then have to decide if we continue to support or withdraw our support. Having supported for virtually my whole life, I cannot stop just because of what I think I know or believe about a new manager. I even thought that Pulis should be given a chance against my better judgement! Faith in the board is simply the pragmatic option because not to have faith leads to some silly choices - and I do not want to withdraw my support whatever the circumstances. You only believe this is a cock up because you have decided on what you think is the right course of action and display frustration when it does not pan out as you would have wished.
  21. Your choice of course. You are way too modest!!
  22. You are dismissing the fact that DH (if it is DH) was chosen on objective criteria after being compared with all other candidates. Maybe, just maybe, he won on merit - if win he did.
  23. Mozo we have no bloody choice. My cold reasoning is that whatever I think makes bugger all difference - so I support whoever emerges. I would even support you if you were the chosen one!
  24. In the end all loyal fans are mere pawns of the club. You know this to be true.
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