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  1. Will you accept the minimum wage?
  2. Message 1 is the most likely to be true, in my opinion. LJ may have kicked up a fuss about this - especially having lost Webster and Brownhill on top of the long term injuries that blighted the season. It is easy to deflect the fans to condemn the front man. I feel sorry for LJ.
  3. We are in the same boat regarding season tickets. We clearly love our football club and wish to see it flourish and prosper. None of us can know what is said and debated in the boardroom. The discussions may have morphed over the weeks since LJ departed and there may be an issue with financial backing. If you consider that SL has many businesses that all depend on people working serving customers or fans, and his income from these businesses has suddenly been strangled but the expenses still have to be paid. Aside from the excellent help from the government, SL is looking at a very uncertain few (or many) months ahead. If he sold investments to bolster his businesses than he would do so when share prices are way down and he would be turning paper losses into actual losses and this would impact his future wealth and income - and his future ability to nurture his businesses. Maybe he has decided that it is time to pull in the horns and preserve wealth for the season after next and that Dean Holden is a viable holding candidate. But we just do not know. Blaming everyone is not helpful because they are all trying to do their best in the circumstances. Maybe they would have been better served by keeping Lee Johnson in place?
  4. So you would have no faith in the experienced, smart people who own and run the football club, who have had the opportunity so see Dean Holden develop and work over a four year period. Are you totally convinced that you and the others on this forum know more?? I am just speculating, and I believe that the same is true for other commentators. We simply do not know!
  5. Maybe a case of the devil you know and you all seem to be overlooking the fact that the board may think that Dean Holden is a great candidate. Everyone is judged on the success of the enterprise, so they must think him worth a shot.
  6. Ah..you mean a head coach and not a conventional manager. Possibly that was in the job description.
  7. Assumptions and opinions - do you really think the board would entrust him with the job if they believed he was not up to it. They have seen him work for the last four years and should know his capabilities. On that goodnight! You know best, of course!
  8. Again, theories. None of us know what happened in the boardroom or what was said. We don't know the budget, the covod19 restrictions or if the other candidates said they did not want to bother developing young players. We are all just guessing and making up theories. None of us has a clue - only opinions.
  9. IF he is appointed, is it your view that the board think he is a dud? Would they entrust him with so many £million of assets under his control unless they thought he was a viable candidate starting from the position that he knows the players and they think highly of him?
  10. I do not really know if it is absurd or not because I do not know Holden or his capabilities. The players seem to think well of him and there may be a feeling in the camp that he would do a good job. Everyone has to start a management career with a first proper job and this may be his chance. I doubt if any of us fans really know very much about the dynamics of relationships and abilities within the team and staff. Like he, they will be guessing and trying to make sense out of what seems like a brave appointment. Unless yo believe that he board really want to destroy the club, maybe you should wonder why they might appoint him - and try to look for positive reasons. There may well be some.
  11. Your opinion. He may well be an excellent coach and ready for a step up. This may be a very big step up, but the board may think he is worthy of the opportunity. Maybe they know the situation better than you do? Who knows?
  12. I have no idea whether or not he will be any good if appointed - but neither do others on this forum. They start with the belief that SL known nothing about football and that MA and JL are useless or worse and that Dean Holden could not possibly be a viable candidate. Nobody can possible really know all that stuff, it is just opinion and in most cases bile. I have an open mind and believe that the board are talented and decent people, who are quite likely to make a decent decision. It does not mean that they are perfect or cannot make mistakes, but I have a degree of faith in them.
  13. You are dismissing the possibility that he might have been the best candidate to fill the job description.
  14. We don't know if there were tensions in the coaching team and that the board do not really rate Dean Holden. Everyone is thinking he is not up to the job - but we don't get to see him work over a four year period.
  15. Lying doesn't come into it - there is probably a lively debate doing on, and minds will be changed.
  16. Holds no water except that someone may have said, " wait a minute, instead of paying all that cash for a manager, we could keep Dean and buy a player who could make a real difference to our young squad". That might be a possibility.
  17. Its a view. But what if they REALLY think that Dean Holden is both talented and capable?
  18. I am not suggesting anything. But what if the price tag for some of the other contenders was huge and would get in the way of player purchases? We don't even know if we can have fans in the Gat next year. The thinking may just have developed that we have some outstanding young players and if we could bring them on to the extent that we had a real chance next season, when we may be able to supplement the squad from trading. I have no more idea than any of the other guesswork on this forum - but my postings are normally quite positive and not loaded with the hatred and resentment shown by some of our colleagues .
  19. What if....just what if...the board really thought that Dean Holden was the best man for the job in current circumstances? Maybe his brief is t really bed in the young players this season when the transfer budget may be very low and there is not even the guarantee of decent income through the gate. Maybe, just maybe someone on high is playing a longer game.
  20. Still not funny, not clever and not grown up!!
  21. Not clever, NOT funny and NOT grown up!!
  22. Right! Then sack him, sack the board - even sack the tea lady. Seriously, it would be very interesting to hear the reasoning behind and decision. The trouble is that most of the matter will have to remain confidential, quite rightly.
  23. We have not seen the job spec or how each interviewee matched up to the requirements. If Dean Holden displayed his grasp of the issues that were important to the board, then he would have won on merit. All the sniping is just peevish guesswork. We also have a budget that will have been compromised by Covid 19, so if this appointment is confirmed, it may leave more cash for team building. Of course, he may be a complete revelation and win us promotion at the first attempt. The players seem to think highly of him and that must be worth a great deal. Support the guy who is chosen!
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