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  1. A wonderful and very kind offer. Us fans are now clubbing together to charter a jumbo jet and we hope to with you next week to celebrate our new head coach! Top man!!
  2. There will be departures and there will be new arrivals - only then will we know if the squad is right or not. I guess that the spadework has already been done by the scouting network and the final choice will be as the result of discussions with the new head coach. It is always interesting to hear other managers talk about our club and how many who say that we are very well run and a "proper football club. I think that we are pretty good and have good people making the decisions. We just need to keep the faith.
  3. Well written by the guy who is in the best place on earth to chill out and sink a cold one! I wish we could come over and wait with you!!
  4. You may well be right but none of us know what is going on behind the closed door of the boardroom. They may have selected a candidate but are having problems with the contract or from their previous club. Hopefully we will find out very soon and we can get on with supporting the new guy - whoever he is!
  5. Its OK to disagree. I just think back to a few years ago when we kept changing manager and ended up with a squad that was out of kilter with what we needed. We will just have to be patient and see how it all unfolds. Its not as if we have any say in the matter - and if we did it would be the least informed.
  6. Year on year progress for several years until the latest hiatus. We all need to keep cool and keep the faith - faith in the board that they will always try and do their very best for our football club.
  7. We will never know the ins and outs of various transfers - all we will get are rumours and things that people make up to start those rumours. Mr Ashton has been here for around 5 years and provided excellent leadership. I doubt if he would be paid more by the FL but who knows what will happen in future? One man may call sacking the coaching staff and scouts as a minor change. I hope that change is kept to a minimum because it does not seem to be that broken that it needs fixing.
  8. You may be right and I bow to your undented enthusiasm!
  9. If the basic plan is sound and has been proved to work at City and other clubs, then why change it? The new man may not last and the club needs to be kept stable.
  10. If you had seen all the evidence and listened to the discussions and interviews, you would have to come to a decision. If Deano was the best agreed choice, would you still be opposed?
  11. Mark Ashton is a very experienced football executive and has steered our transfer policy pretty well over recent years. The point of having a head coach is that he is part of a team and will collude with Mr Ashton and the scouting network to identify and sign players that will fit well within our club. Managers or head coaches tend to come and go, but Mark Ashton represents continuity. Together with the rest of the board, they will have identified exactly what they want and are setting about doing the right deal. We have no idea of the complications involved so we just have to stay cool and wait. There is absolutely no point in ripping up all our successful professional infrastructure just to let a new chap put all of his people in place because if he leaves after a year we are back to square one.
  12. The selection process will not be straightforward because the directors have to find someone who will happily work within the ethos of the club, be available fairly soon and can be persuaded to work with the curtailed budget of this Covid 19 age. I am absolutely certain that they will be working as effectively as possible to come up with a viable and desirable solution. Like kids the week before Xmas, we have to be patient whilst the process unfolds. I hope that some of you guys living close to The Gate are keeping a close eye on the roof!
  13. It is really dispiriting to read the negative comments about the sensational Lansdown family who have rebuilt our club from the foundations upwards. New stadium, training ground, trust, academy and proper processes. Those looking from the outside may be frustrated but running a large enterprise is never simple. Everything would be better if we supported the Lansdowns, the management, the team and all their enterprises. That is not only the decent thing to do, but very much in our own interests. Please cut the bitching and make with some positive waves!!
  14. Who is watching the roof - that will come before the announcement!
  15. The point is that none of us really know what went on in the discussions or how the others were prepared to work within the ethos of the club.
  16. Whoever is eventually selected as our new manager, I will support him and City with full optimism. None of us was party to the interviews and board discussions so will have no inside track on the choice. We need to have faith in the Club leadership and support their choice. Lets welcome the new chap and let him see that we are worth impressing.
  17. How can it take a month to hire someone who is out of work? I think we will end up with LJ returning to a heroes welcome, much to the relief of us long suffering fans.
  18. Hopefully not a question of a punt - we will have a limited budget for all the new players and probably cannot afford him without limiting options elsewhere.
  19. As I will be unable to attend games at Ashton Gate until vaccinated against Covid, I welcome BCTV and will happily pay whatever it takes to be able to watch matches. The season tickets are already paid and I am happy for all normal funds plus a supplement for the TV to go back to the club because they must be suffering in terms of their finances right now and I would like there still to be a Bristol City to watch when all this virus crap is over.
  20. The forum does not forget and never offers forgiveness!! Daft really.
  21. Just as long as one of the 8 is not your boy Pulis!
  22. I thought that in the interviews on here CH said that he preferred a pressing game, and ancient, huge centre forwards may not be ideally suited.
  23. Are you Pulis in disguise?
  24. Is anything moving on the roof?
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