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  1. 1 minute ago, ScottishRed said:

    I think that may only be the start.

    And, the blame lies with the owner and his comments on LJ being fired.

    He cannot keep treating us like fools.

    What if....just what if...the board really thought that Dean Holden was the best man for the job in current circumstances? Maybe his brief is t really bed in the young players this season when the transfer budget may be very low and there is not even the guarantee of decent income through the gate.  Maybe, just maybe someone on high is playing a longer game.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Kid in the Riot said:

    Amazing how many of our fans actually think Mark Ashton is responsible for deciding who the manager of Bristol City is...there's a bloke living in Guernsey, who owns 98% of the club, whose opinion probably carries a fair bit more weight in these matters...

    Right! Then sack him, sack the board - even sack the tea lady.  Seriously, it would be very interesting to hear the reasoning behind and decision. The trouble is that most of the matter will have to remain confidential, quite rightly.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, The Humble Realist said:

    I'm amazed how many people defend the board /club regardless of what happens. 

    Surely no body thought when we sacked LJ that Holden was the right man?

    Isnt that view enough (at this moment in time ) to now be pretty annoyed at him getting the job?

    We have not seen the job spec or how each interviewee matched up to the requirements. If Dean Holden displayed his grasp of the issues that were important to the board, then he would have won on merit.  All the sniping is just peevish guesswork. We also have a budget that will have been compromised by Covid 19, so if this appointment is confirmed, it may leave more cash for team building.  Of course, he may be a complete revelation and win us promotion at the first attempt. The players seem to think highly of him and that must be worth a great deal. Support the guy who is chosen!

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  4. It is interesting to reflect on the number of times in the day when we think about Bristol City - in my case it runs into hundreds. Some on this forum appear to spend all their time thinking of nothing else. Many turn their energy into becoming severe critics of every aspect of the club - but they are still thinking of Bristol City.  Things will return to normal one day and I hope that we will all be back at the Gate sooner rather than later.  The product on the pitch may vary but we will still hope for better with all our energy and theorise how things might improve.  Interest is still sky high here!

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  5. So we have seen threads declaring every single member of the board and management either out or rubbish or useless...... and we are meant to be supporting the club.  Come on guys, we can do better than this! Get behind the club, owners, officers, management, players, catering and other staff and all connected with Bristol City.  Build up and not pull down.

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Phileas Fogg said:

    The answer to that is because Tinnion has more goodwill from fans than JL. Fans are a bit iffy on JL. I don't think the tweet over the weekend was unprofessional, if my hunch is right and an announcement is imminent, he's just having some fun with it. 

    I expect you will find that it is only the "usual suspects" who are iffy about JL. The people who seem obsessed with every aspect of the club - especially the parts about which they can have no knowledge. The answer to the knowledge vacuum is the make stuff up and theorise about the fictions thus created.  Some people seem to do little else on this form. Maybe time to get a life!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Hillzider said:

    Gregor Macgregor's reply this lunchtime to when new man will be appointed:




    We’ll start with the bad news. Regarding the head coach, we understand that nothing is imminent. That was sourced yesterday and so we don’t expect anything to happen today. However, I’d caveat that with that things can change very quickly and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that that changes much, much later today. But we’re not expecting any announcements today.

    As regards timing, as previously reported, the players were told to expect news 7-10 days after the season’s end on the new head coach. So we are expecting news soon. And with pre-season starting next week then there’s a good chance we’ll hear later this week.



    A very long winded way of admitting that he hasn't got a clue!!

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  8. I'm sure that he will have wall to wall advice from lawyers, accountants, his father and the others in the club with plenty of business experience.  It is a learning process that continues throughout life and hopefully he will be around for many decades to come and be able to pass his hard won wisdom onto his son - who will also be advised by wall to wall accountants and lawyers.  Its called running a business. As long as the company runs smoothly and hopefully makes a regular profit in due course then Steve would have done a wonderful job in securing succession, which can be one of the hardest things in business to achieve.

  9. Took my son to see his first ever football match - City v Grimsby. Terrible day, poured with rain all game and all looked lost until Scotty scored a pen with the last kick of the match and the fans went wild. Then he understood! 

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  10. 8 hours ago, SX227 said:

    Not at the moment mate - it's covid central here.

    More new cases in one state than the whole of the UK.

    And the pubs are closed.

    Sorry to hear that SX. Normally I would worry for people out there, but I am starting to think that our old mate City Oz has it all worked out and has devises several means of protecting himself against the virus.

    Firstly, he wears a special hat with corks that hang from the rim to scare away demons, flies and things like viruses.

    Secondly, not many viruses can survive the red heat of a proper barbie - and City Oz is a wizard on the barbie.

    Thirdly, he has worked out a cure that works in several ways: 

       A. He drinks amber nectar, which tastes like an angel crying on your tongue.  He does this until 4pm when the Freemantle Doctor sobers him up sufficiently to move onto the next stage.

       B. He then drinks the nectar of the gods, which is red in colour and more potent. This both reminds him of his beloved football team and considerably increases his alcohol level.

       C. He cleverly worked out that if alcohol hand rub can kill the virus, all he needed to do was to hide behind the heat of the barbie and make sure that the alcohol in his blood would be sufficient to kill any virus.


    There is no point in a virus sending him to heaven because, by the sound of it, he is there already.

    I wish well to City Oz, his lovely wife (Sheila I believe) and to his three wonderful children: Bruce, Cobber and Matilda.  I hope that both of you and your familied stay safe from this awful virus and join the whole City family in celebrating promotion next season under our new manager....... a certain Mr Holden...

  11. 2 minutes ago, bcfcredandwhite said:

    Wasn’t he the chap who made ‘art’ out of cutting a dead cow in half and seperating the two half’s behind a Perspex screen? 
    I think there was a dead shark too in one of his exhibitions???

    from that to a football manager is quite a career change......!!!!

    That sound like just what we need!!

  12. 1 minute ago, BrizzleRed said:

    Interesting how views can vary so much.

    Hopefully the board and our new head coach applicants aren’t as far apart as you and I clearly are, otherwise we may never get the post filled!!! 😉😁

    Don't worry BR your time of pain and doubt is almost at an end - then we can all get back to normal and start bitching about other stuff!

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  13. 1 minute ago, BrizzleRed said:


    The difficulty is, what happens if the management aspect of the project is flawed and we then bring in a new head coach who will fit that?  Will that make them the right person for the wrong project?

    I’ve got a real difficulty when it appears anything that goes on in this club has to be at the approval of Mark Ashton and yet, although he’s done what appears to be an amazing job on transfer fees he’s negotiated for the club, it’s not obvious where else he’s excelled to justify his lofty position as CEO.  

    Head of recruitment could certainly be justified, but not sure that the best interests of Bristol City FC and Mark Ashton are necessarilly running in parallel in all other areas.

    Running the club is a complex process and the football on the pitch is only part of it.  We have now built a strong coaching team and seem to be well staffed. The new chap will obviously have discussions and debates with board members and they will have to decide if further changes should be considered.  Last season may have turned out very differently if Benik and Tomas had not been injured and we could have had a functioning midfield.  These things will ebb and flow and a degree of luck is involved. Mr Ashto seems to be a very effective CEO and I guess that is why he is trusted by Steve Lansdown.  If he has faith, then so do I.

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