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  1. You sound a bit world weary old chap. As my remaining days are running out, I try to love everything and watching City is still up there with the great thrills in life. Sounds like you need to get a dog!!
  2. I expect that we become less excitable as we get older and the experience is a bit less intense. It is hard to remember the total thrill of being in an enthusiastic crowd for the first time. We now look upon events with different eyes. Sad because some seem to love the game less as they get older. Others see more and different elements of the game as they become older, more experienced and possibly more cynical.
  3. There always used to be the smell of some kind of distinctive tobacco in the old East End. Someone once told me it was golden virginia. It did not smell wacky but added to the atmosphere. Does anybody know what is really was?
  4. Having watched Arsenal around that time, they would have beaten us easily. My abiding memory of our first game in the old first division at Arsenal was that there was a bloke selling peanuts. Not seen that before or since.
  5. How many of the posters on here still have a wooden rattle? Or even a bobble hat to go with their striped scarf?
  6. It seem strange that players of yesteryear played in proper ankle boots and had to kick and head a laced ball that frequently became heavy and waterlogged - and yet these resolute souls seemed impervious to all the injuries that beset modern players. They don't make 'em like they used to.
  7. It all looks very nice and it will suit a lot of you younger types. If they want to cater for people like me, they are not trying very hard. How about branded string vests and Y fronts? That could send the pulses racing!
  8. Watching since 1967 and following for a few years before that by reading second hand copies of The Green'un. We were very poor and I could not afford to go and had to save up. First match I saw was against Birmingham when John Galley (2) and Chris Crowe scored. Became a lifelong addict. It should have come with a health warning!
  9. My favourite philosopher. I believe he preferred billiards though.
  10. Linked by football insider on Newsnow. 6ft 4in left footer from Oxford. 22.
  11. Are you pointing out that his pointing was pointless?
  12. I wonder if Gordon was his dad because he was tall.
  13. He will know exactly what he needs to do, in terms of recruitment. He said he is looking for pace, strength and fitness. He should have a shopping list of likely suspects and the recruitment team at his disposal will have copious records that can be matched against the list. Have faith. All we need to do is to survive next season with younger developing players assisted by experienced role models so that they can push on in the season that follows.
  14. If post-pandemic wages are half or less than before the pandemic, we may be looking for total value. This might be cheap but experienced or young and promising with a view to sell on. This must be forged into a competitive team and have prospects for development into a promotion chasing team within the three years of NP's contract. I would expect him to have a cunning plan. Let's hope so!
  15. The question should be along the lines of who we could afford using the same cash. It may well be that we could get two or three very promising younger players instead of the old favourite. Hard times and hard choices for all concerned.
  16. In real time it is hard to judge him innocent. It is a game of fine margins.
  17. It would seem sensible to streamline the team of executives and hopefully employ people like RG on la lower salary than MA. The club has lost a huge amount this last year and should have made savings on all wages - including players. We were in a great position to do this with both player and executive contracts finishing at the same time. Lucky!
  18. There may be so many players looking for jobs that this becomes another supply and demand issue. We may do rather better than many people think. Time will tell.
  19. John Galley - magnificent!
  20. Unless Baker plays, Smith would have a 6 or 7 inch height advantage over any potential marker - and he is very good in the air. It doesn't mean that he is guaranteed to score, but he has everything in his favour. At least Baker would be able to compete against the aerial threat, assuming he is fit enough to play the whole game. Just my very humble opinion.
  21. If Smith plays against our small defence, he will have a good day. We need Baker to play!!
  22. Always look forward, always optimistic because the future is bright....the future is red and white!!
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