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  1. It would seem sensible to have all the job description and other requirements finalises before sacking the incumbent manager. Ducks in a row indicated competent senior management. Just saying...
  2. If the man accepted the brief offered and then disagreed with it, that would be very unprofessional.
  3. Just because he was a successful player does not mean he would be a good head coach. Lack of experience and track record should surely count against him although he might interview well because of all his exposure to media. It would be a huge gamble at this stage of our development.
  4. In fact Gary Johnson has probably been contacted and asked to serve for a couple of years whilst Lee is in retreat and undergoing reconstruction. You heard it here first!!
  5. Maybe Parker could be the kind of head coach to suit our project?
  6. And that is not to be sniffed at!!
  7. Maybe we need a cunning plan....
  8. Ah... but does that mean that Warnock will be ready and prepared for us?
  9. Of course small players can also be great players but our midfield would be exceptionally small if Szmodics, Morell and co played with Wells up front. We have depended upon Famara to defend set plays and he has been sensationally good in that respect but we may lose him as well. I just feel that we lack a bit of height any beef in many games and would like to see this improved next season.
  10. We might end up with the smallest midfield in our illustrious history.
  11. I'm sure the players know how the club develop and sell players and use it as a stepping stone. That is fine as long as it is in the interests of Bristol City. It may be less good for a manager who has to sell the likes of a Webster or a Brownhill without having the time to find a suitable replacement. Some managers would baulk at the fact that player sales could cost them a huge promotion bonus or that they could be sacked by failing to progress even after having to sell their very best players.
  12. Maybe Harry Potter would be more likely to have the magic we need!
  13. Top man and what a great salesperson!!
  14. Maybe - but that is made much more difficult if the manager has to sell his two or three best players every year and still be expected to progress towards promotion whilst many of the competing teams have the benefit of parachute payments. The brief might amount to a pretty tall order.
  15. Proven as what? Getting promoted or developing young players to be sold for a profit? Which skillset should dominate? People who can do both might be quite rare.
  16. Of course you are right but in our case someone has to decide if we are hiring someone to fit the existing structure or someone who will start all over again and create a structure in his own image. Could you imagine someone like Warnock or even McCarthy being shoehorned into a structure that they felt might inhibit their drive for success? Maybe the brief is to recruit someone like Lee - but without the bad runs? I have the feeling that the brief may be rather more prescriptive than some people imagine.
  17. It might boil down to a choice between hiring a manager with a past, and hoping he still has something left in the tank - or hiring someone who has incredible promise but who still has to make his mark.
  18. Hope you are not going to get into fattist remark territory......
  19. He started as a younger manager and morphed over the years though.
  20. This seems to hit the nail on the head! (without tongue in cheek!) I hope that you are not suffering from Icelandic clap, I have heard that it can be very nasty! (tongue in cheek of course).
  21. My main concern about an appointment like CH would be that we seem to be looking for a very energetic head coach and that many of the old fashioned management functions would be undertaken by MA. Lee put an incredible amount of energy and hard work into his role and I would question whether a 61 year old would have that same energy and passion - especially that age signifies physical decline. The decision would have to be based upon whether or not experience could make up for the deficit in work rate. Appointing a 61 year old to oversee the career development of many young players is usually seen as a job for a younger person.
  22. He is short, although not as short as Lee, so he could be a good fit!
  23. Both in their 60s. Not quite the basis for a dynasty that might bring continuity in the long term.
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