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  1. Lets hope we don't get a REAL winner.....someone like Pulis!
  2. Nevertheless form and availability trump transfer value every time. If Kalas and Bentley had been automatic, would we have fared better? If you look at the players on the club website, the actual first team squad is not as large as one might think. It may be different next season when the players loaned out this season are available for first team selection or to be loaned out again. The project is to develop players as well as hopefully competing for the play off positions. Clearly there is a tension between these two demands and this is complicated by injuries and form. Difficulties abound and it is no simple matter to juggle all the various elements. I believe that Lee has played a difficult hand reasonably well. I have been disappointed with the form since January, and this has seemed to coincide with the departure of the very influential Josh Brownhill and the onset of Covid. I hope that we can get through to the end of the season in reasonable shape and if we are not in contention then to give some of the young players a run out. Some on here would then grumble at that and refuse to see the bigger picture. It remains a game of opinions.
  3. I thought he gave a very good interview and press conference, but the interview was ruined for me by the bloody awful background music that was too loud.
  4. Players are selected on form and suitability for the game plan of the day or to effect desired change if they come off the bench. Also as cover for injuries. Their transfer value is not the main criteria for selection. If it was Kalas would always play irrespective of his current form.
  5. It’s not just about results. If we are not going up it makes little difference if we finish 7th or 14th we have to rebuild in the very short close season in conditions made even more difficult by Covid. Teams with parachute payments will have a massive advantage. I doubt if Williams will get a new contract!
  6. 5-0 to Florist and after the match Steve gives Lee a 3 year contract extension to "steady the ship and silence the chattering classes!"
  7. We are nearly of one mind - apart from the fact that we do not know what is going on behind the scene and the difficulties that Lee is facing. I'm sure he will put it right and I am sure that we will have both good and bad spells in future. As soon as the good spells outweigh the bad by a factor of 3 to 1 we will stand a chance of promotion. In the meantime we don't know if a change of manager would make things better or worse. Lee's job has to be judged on the progress of the whole project and not just a few temporary results.
  8. Of course it is not ideal and I would prefer to se City win every game. It is hard to understand why players like Kalas and Bentley seem to be misfiring at this stage of the season. We just cannot know what is going on in the camp and so we tend to get frustrated when things go wrong and we look for clues. I'm sure that Lee will be able to better sort out his squad at the end of the season and that will be made simpler by us not being involved in play offs. I don't think we are flogging a dead horse, but it might need to be re-shod and fed some oats. I don't think we need a new saddle yet!
  9. I would also enjoy watching City in the Prem but it would only make the parking more difficult and stop more of us old gits getting to the Gate. I suppose you would watch more on Sky so you would be OK. If it comes I will love it, if it doesn't come soon, OK I can be patient. The Cheese scoring at Highbury was a wonderful moment, and I still remember being surprised seeing vendors selling peanuts - funny what sticks in the mind! Hopefully we will achieve greater things as the project unfolds. Steve is a hugely intelligent and experienced businessman and will have an eye for talented employees. He clearly believes in Lee and that is just another reason why I would like to see him stay.
  10. I think Taylor Moore will be a great player - hopefully in a City shirt for many years to come. Webster was outstanding at the time he moved, hence the price. If TM was ever worth that much, I think we would cash in sadly.
  11. Of course you are right but it is not always possible and teams have sometimes been lucky or unlucky with injuries, form and the like. If the manager is changed every time he has a bad run, then we may have to endure more uncertainty, cost and disruption. Personally I have faith in Lee. Some on here do not. It is a game of opinions.
  12. The thing is that many people on this forum think that everything is about promotion to the Premier League. I do not - and I'll tell you why. In all the years that I have watched City, the games that stick in the memory are those like Mansfield away, when we came back to win an unlikely victory - and that wasn't in any posh league, but it was incredibly entertaining. I can hardly remember the divisions where we played some really exciting games and to me it matters less. If we won promotion - and it would take a real fluke from where we are, we would have to watch our team getting tonked week in and week out before escaping back to the Championship and trying again with the benefit of parachute payments. I suppose there would be enjoyable moments along the way, but I have not got many years left and I like to see us being competitive wherever we play. Lee has made us that in the Championship and may even take us further as the fabric and team quality build over the years as we unfold the project. There are many people on here who know a lot about football and see it differently. I am just an old git who has watched very many hundreds of City games and have learned to be patient. So many clubs gamble everything and sometimes it works but many times it fails and leads to misery for owners and fans alike - who would be a Bolton fan, for example? Oscar Wilde wrote a story about a man who melted down a statue of "the pleasure that abideth forever" and had it recast as a statue of "the pleasure that adbideth for a moment". We all see it differently and take our enjoyment in accordance with our characters. Many on here are excitable and I am just an old git and hope to be able to get to matches for a few years yet - whichever division we grace.
  13. It sound like our paths have probably crossed over the years. I still get the buzz and believe that the glass is half full and not half empty. However you follow City, I wish you well.
  14. That is probably the difference between us. I would always buy my season ticket every year and will do so as long as I can still get to AG. Over the years I have watched them in every division and know that we are currently in reasonable nick even if we don't go up. Sometime in the next few years we will win promotion and I hope to live to see it.
  15. I think Lee has had a difficult season with injuries and late departures. That is how I see it from the Dolman - you don't have to agree. I doubt if Lee could do anything that would impress you whatever he did, apart from leave. Shall we just agree to differ?
  16. Tammy did OK. Lloyd and the whole raft of young players starring in league 1 teams last year. A whole new generation are poised to challenge. Even Brownhill was a young player and thrived under Lee. Credit where it is due please.
  17. Something to take away the smell of Forest!
  18. I think he comes across as a manager who lost Webster and thought he had Kalas and then lost both - one to transfer and the other to injury. He lost shape in the team by player sales and has not yet been able to replace them. He lost Afobe and Smith for great chunks of the season and they are playing their way back. Things were not easy before Covid. It may take longer to sort things out in the aftermath of the financial effects.
  19. You mean it is missing now. We have had some good patches during Lee's time and I feel sure that we will have more. These are very strange times and they will pass. We will have golden days in the future. How long? Who can say, we might not even be able to go to Ashton Gate next year and that will further dent revenues. Clubs with parachute payments will have an even bigger advantage.
  20. we might need a bit more than bloody joss sticks!!
  21. Sadly not - I am not that spiritual, having not lived in Glastonbury for 67 years.
  22. Frankly we were just not good enough. The Championship is a hugely difficult league where some clubs have vast parachute payments and squads with Premier Leage experience and others can only pay less than half the wages and have to recruit from lower leagues and players who have failed to make the grade in other leagues. Lee has developed our own young players, loan players and players we have bought in. This is not a level playing field and the long term project is to build a self sustaining club by building income streams from the infrastructure. The plans are well advanced and we have to wait until everything is in place until we can better compete against richer clubs.
  23. We are wrong if we expect perfection because it will never come. We are light years ahead of when S O'D was here and currently living through unprecedented difficulties. None of this is easy for club, management player or fans so we just have to stick together and all be as positive as possible. We will look back in a few years time and see these times as a mere blip in our progress towards the Premier League.
  24. There will come a time when the infrastructure is built and paid for and starts to produce income that can be invested back into the sporting clubs. Sustainability is the name of the game. I would not be surprised if Steve continued to prime the pumps for a year or so after that happens. That would allow us to better compete in the transfer markets and stand a better chance of both hanging on to our best players and even winning promotion. If we develop our own players as well, then that is the jackpot. It is a long term project and we all need to be patient for a while longer. I hope I live to see the promised land, although I have some doubts, I will go on supporting enthusiastically.
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