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  1. I suppose that the roads in Bristol once used to take trams, so it might be possible to find routes. To help transport people for the Arena and the sports venues, it would need to take large numbers and the network would have to be far reaching. With the current cash situation, this won't happen anytime soon! I'm not sure how much traffic the Metrobus routes can take. The cannot (as far as I am aware) overtake each other, so may be prone to holdups through breakdowns. It seems unlikely that they could transport thousands to and from the Arena or Ashton Gate.
  2. I thought that the public transport in London was pretty good most of the time. The strikes and industrial "action" was a pain because it seemed to occur quite often. Since the passing of the late, great Bob Crow, the £150k pa council tenant, hopefully things will have improved. I know that huge amounts of cash were invested in the network and that improvements were obvious - London Bridge Station, for example, and Bank. The London type of network would be impossible in Bristol because the fundamentals in London were laid out when it was much smaller. To undertake a venture like this in Bristol would be hugely expensive and the disruption would last a lifetime. The problem that I see with Bristol is that none of the transport system appears to be both linked up and functional. Even getting a station at Ashton Gate cause a big whoha because of a few £million, that would continue to benefit the travelling public for the next hundred years or more. The crowds for the rugby and football would seem to indicate that there would be up to 50 major sporting events + concerts and the like and other events. Good transport could take many thousands of cars off the roads and ensure a better experience for those attending. Once back to Bristol TM - the trains should then easily take passengers to all points within (say) 70 miles of Bristol - and the services should be frequent and reliable to save stress of the fear of being stranded. I doubt if this would be that hard to sort out - if there was a will! There should be an overarching individual responsible.
  3. You might be forgiven for thinking that they should sort out the trains if they want the project to succeed. I have had to drive to Bristol to pick up my son and friends because the last train was 10.30pm - just about the time the concert was finishing, with no time to get to the station. If they have large numbers of events, then the trains would be heavily utilised and it would be profitable for the rail companies. It needs a semi-efficient executive to get on the case! Colin Sexstone!!
  4. No parking and in a congested part of the City. Crap train services to towns within 75 miles (e.g. Taunton!) - they should have done a deal with SL and been part of a huge complex at Ashton Vale! This scheme is half baked!
  5. He is clearly disturbed but I would be sad to see him go because he is an entertainer - sadly, more so outside the ring than inside. He clearly has talent and if he does retire I feel the division will be the poorer without him. Hopefully his team will help him to rehabilitate himself so that he can come back and compete once more.
  6. It can't be watertight because I just read the news and wet myself!
  7. A 6ft 3in heaver up-front would be in keeping with SCs "Land of the Giants" reputation that he had at Cheltenham. If he also signed 6ft Myrie Williams then I assume he would not play Joe or Bobby very often. That would seem to run counter to at least one of the five pillars. I, for one, think that Bobby and Joe are two of our best players and the only local lads in the team. If we don't push these two talents then why bother with an academy?
  8. There must be more to this than meets the eye because it looks like an obviously stupid move. SOS was making progress with huge limitations to his budget. We will have to pay a year of his wages to get rid of him and the new coach will want further turnover of players. Backroom staff will be likely to leave and need to be replaced. All this costing money from a budget that is hugely limited by the 60% cap. If this is just a knee jerk reaction because of results then the board are the ones in the wrong. SOD had the ability to recruit on a budget and it is easy to forget that many of his team are in their first full season of league football. SOD had given hints about this - so it might have been in the offing for a long time. Maybe Gary is coming back??
  9. That's cool - surely a small number of objections cannot stop anything........ (Tin hats...)
  10. That is very sporting of you!! Thank you. Likewise - if you would like a lift to the games, I usually go very early to be sure of my favourite parking space and to be ready for a quick getaway after the match. I think my email is on the link.
  11. Having never lived in Bristol - although having supported City for nearly 47 years, I do not know about parking away from the ground. Over the years I have found one or two places that allow for a quick getaway after the matches, and this will suffice for the time being. The train service from Temple Meads to Taunton does not fit very well with evening matches and then there is the problem of getting to the station. As a fat old git - it would be heroic to have to walk so far.
  12. I drive up from Taunton now I have retired - but before that I used to drive from London in a people carrier with a bunch of London and M4 based fans. Parking was frequently a cause of stress because it was difficult to always arrive early because of the traffic. A later than normal arrival often meant parking a very long way from The Gate - very frustrating. Just imagine this situation made worse by more and increasing parking restrictions and traffic congestion due to the rapidly expanding population. Just because parking zones finish at a certain time does not mean there will be lots of parking spaces there. The bigger car parks are only part of a solution. Park and ride might help if there were very frequent match day shuttles and the rail option could be very helpful if there was parking near the stations that would feed Ashton Gate. A train from Taunton to Parsons Green would be helpful if only the times of the trains fitted in with match times (including the odd instance of late kick offs and extra time in cup games). This would entail our visionary board of directors to have sufficient insight to negotiate with the Rail company. Do they care? Can they be bothered to ask a staff member to sort it out? Answers on a postcard...
  13. Of course you are right. You also might have expected the "head in the sand" directors to have thought of something like this.
  14. Parking is becoming more difficult year by year and just imagine how it would be if we did get 27000 crowds. If the bus services improved - where could they all pick up? There are no viable transport links and the revamp will take away even more parking spaces. This has no been though through. It should be a very nice Championship level stadium once you are inside - the trouble is going to come in trying to persuade people to go through great difficulty in getting to the stadium for every match. Short of concreting over the park and making it into a car park - (with lousy road access) this is not the right solution for the next 100 years.
  15. If the chance to develop Ashton Vale is missed, City will always be limited as a club and would never be able to generate the revenue to stay in the Premiership if we ever managed to get there. In my opinion we would have a nice stadium for the Championship and maybe have the odd season in the Premiership (very big maybe!) The stadium is permanent but league positions are strictly temporary (I hope!). Arsenal had to move from Highbury because it only held 38000 people and they felt that they could not continue to compete with the likes of Manure with 76000 capacity. Sporting excellence is about ambition - I hope that the Landsowns have more than they are currently demonstrating. The Mayor was happy with housing on the AG site and would be happy keeping City on the site because both of those options feed The Tobacco Factory with paying punters. If the proposition is looked at objectively - the AG option is grossly inferior to AV. We are being legged over by vested interests, green loonies and a very small number of local nimbys. It stinks!
  16. Just because the Mayor owns the Tobacco Factory - we are railroaded into staying at Ashton Gate and having to forgo Ashton Vale, which would have better parking, transport links, facilities and future expandability. If we go down this route - people will look back on the decision for years to come and see it as a BIG mistake.
  17. Big surprise....NOT If we go down this route and not AV - it will be seen as a huge missed opportunity in years to come. Lousy access, parking and no room to expand.
  18. With the stories from Sheffield about Roma trying to sell babies - it would be thoroughly unpleasant for local AV residents and worthy Bristolian social housing tenants to have to live with a big concentration of Roma on the new estate. However it may be a cheap way for BCFC to enhance the youth policy ;-)
  19. If the stadium is not built in AV - it would make a great site for affordable housing. They could then be let out to the Roma immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria. The nimby clan should be careful what they wish for....
  20. The new stadium will hopefully have better seats with more elbow and leg room as well as decent sight lines. The other important issues are access and parking - and both of these will be poor at a revamped AG. AV is the only long term solution that will give the Club the potential to survive beyond the Championship. If the Lansdown clan really want to make their mark in Bristol for the next century they need to build AV. A revamped AG will leave us as a nearly club for all eternity. Its crap or get off the pot time!
  21. I doubt if we will ever find out what the so called offenders actually did on the night. I was in the Dolman and saw a fair bit of overexcited young kids but saw no real wickedness - at least the kind of wickedness that would call for a life time ban. Hopefully the people concerned can get copies of their CCTV evidence clips and arrange an appointment with a Director if they feel that they have been unfairly treated. Hell - we need more fans and cannot afford to waste a single one!
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