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  1. I have often though that you needed to be sectioned RR - but congratulations on your purchase!
  2. Yep! The whole thing is a can of worms and I find it hard to see how it could be a sensible business because there are too many uncontrollable variables. Lets hope another rich, dedicated sugar daddy comes along - at least that would give the fans on here a focus for their bile.
  3. If SL included only the playing operation in the IPO and kept a controlling interest, that he could sell if JL did not want to continue with his involvement, that would seem to tick some of the boxes. It would give a huge boost to the finances, but it would be difficult to come up with a business plan that was seriously designed to make a profit. If the infrastructure was included, it would mean that the fans (probably) would struggle to come up with sufficient funds. The prospect of a new and wealthy partner would seem favourite, but it would not take long for the fans to turn against the new partner unless there was an unbroken spell of success. And then, some on here would condemn it as the "wrong kind of success"!
  4. It would have to be a question of buying and selling shares. SL would have to decide at the outset if the infrastructure was to be included. There would have to be a launch document that outlined how profits could be made. Many on here would struggle with the concept!
  5. 5000 fans each investing £6000 or 2500 investing £12000 each. That way we would really have a stake in the club!
  6. Maybe the Late Kenny Rogers Roasters Stadium?
  7. You are clearly some performer!
  8. Your powers are clearly undiminished!
  9. Every season I tell myself that the best is yet to come. Have you tried the posh hot dogs in the Lansdown concourse?
  10. I always felt that hotdogs and cheer leaders were the very essence of my soul.
  11. Just read the comments on here about not bothering to buy a season ticket..... unless the team comes up to their expectations. Conditional supporters contribute little and their negativity can sway others to follow their example. They should all get to AG, buy beer and food as well as a programme and then go in and cheer the lads to the rafters. That approach would help the club more than that of the non-attenders of those who have reservations. Call me old fashioned but I just want to see BCFC on the up - always!
  12. I know that, but it would be wonderful if our fans were as supportive and enthusiastic as theirs. We probably have a similar catchment area for fans when you factor in the number of teams in the North West. If we would like to make progress as a club, then we all need to help to generate the cash to help it happen. More fans = more revenue and greater advertising possibilities - but if those fans do not help to generate income then their contribution is minimal.
  13. Theoretical fans who do not buy tickets, pies etc - but keep boasting on this forum that they will only support the club in a more practical sense if the club will come up to their expectations..... I guess these people are the ones who boo if we are not playing well. It is not my idea of support - and the club simply needs enthusiasm and cash. No cash and no enthusiasm is not (in my humble opinion) an exemplar of great support. Disagree if you like, but the enthusiastic financial contributors are more valuable to the club - and therefore more valuable to the rest of the fans cheering on the team. Team effort.
  14. The mob will grumble without much encouragement but the club needs cash to develop the playing squad. We have to compete with parachute payments and clubs with greater fan income. Remember when Man City were relegated down to the third tier - there was never any doubt that they would rise again with such a magnificent fan following. They deserved success - and I would love to see us deserve success. We all have a part to play. Buy tickets, shirts, pies and a raffle ticket. My regular pie consumption is a thing of legend - I look forward to pulling my weight again!! The club needs us to be consumers.
  15. Agreed - part time bastards! If us poor old age pensioners can make the effort, I'm sure that most of the grumblers on here can get stuck in. After all, who else will boo our team when they have a poor half?
  16. I am looking forward to getting back to Ashton Gate and believe that the club probably needs as many sales as possible - I support that. If we sell fewer season tickets, the mob on here will be baying for more new expensive signings. If we all get behind the club and vote with our financial support, it will be better for everyone.
  17. Like most real fans, I renewed my tickets within half an hour of opening. Hope to be from a fully vaccinated family and relatively bullet proof for the hew season. COYR!
  18. We look weak, slow in indecisive. It has not always been like that during this season. The changes of manager do not seem to have made any great difference. Heaven knows how the crocked players can be assessed for new contracts or not. Very difficult situation to manage.
  19. When vaccinated I got a little card with the type of vaccine and batch number - I assume that this is standard. If so, we already have a form of vaccine passport. As we are all responsible for our own health, then it would not be too much of an imposition to show this card with the season ticket purchase or on entry to the ground for those who are vaccinated later. This should not be a big deal and we will most likely have full herd immunity by the second month of the new season anyway.
  20. It would be more accurate to point out that we now seem to be breeding more Bells.
  21. Lots of very interesting psychobabble in this thread. Of course Dean would feel a sense of betrayal -and I would sympathise with that. But given the run we have been on, I am just relieved that the dial has shifted and we looked more like a football team last night. Long may it continue!
  22. His session on the roof was probably filmed this morning and he might have been with the team in Middlesborough this afternoon.
  23. Will the Lansdown private jet be on standby to whisk NP up to Middlesborough in time for him to influence the team tomorrow night?
  24. Same old, same old I'm afraid Fordy. I will give my total support to the guy in charge because i want the very best for Bristol City. The king is dead - long live the king, seems to be totally reasonable in the circumstances. I hope he signs up and saves our bacon!
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