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  1. You may well be right - we will never know. Covid and financial fair play when our income is constrained may also be issues. Again we can only speculate. The injury crisis of real and hitting right now and that (in my humble opinion) is the main problem today.
  2. Well you can analyse how we get width and pace into our play using existing available players. We cannot magic up these solutions. I have yet to hear any realistic answers beyond sacking people in management. Any new chap would be faced with the same problems. If you have the magic answer, please express it.
  3. We are pretty well regarded as a club "on the up". Refurbished stadium, new training ground, supportive owner and a desire to build via a youth policy. Of course there will be bumps in the road and we are currently hitting one. That does not mean that our people are not talented.
  4. We cannot know what goes on behind the scene. My instinct is to build and support because I reckon that that would be the cheapest and best way forward. Klopp would struggle to get our currently available players to play as we would wish to see them play. My neighbour is a Liverpool supporter and he is very highly critical of their manager because their form is not a good as last season. Our opinions are projected by our life experiences. I have never been divorced and yet some people seem to do this quite often. Are they happier as a result? I have no idea.
  5. You cannot know any of those things. Mark Ashton is the hands on guy in charge because SL does not want to be in that role and lives on Guernsey. That would not change unless by a like for like replacement or Jon stepping up.
  6. He clearly does not have the width in the team to give the crosses needed by the forwards. We do not have searing pace in the team and they are tired. Look at Jack Hunt! Dean has very limited options, in my humble opinion.
  7. Those are your opinions - mine are different. I do not necessarily believe that he is clueless but I do believe that he has very few options to change things on the pitch.
  8. We simply do not know what went into that decision. We are not decision makers we are fans, and our job is to support our club and our team rather than to criticise things that are unknown to us. What if the experienced managers did not want to work in our plan of developing youngsters but thought they could go to the interview and change the whole ethos of the club?
  9. Because facts a stubborn things - they do not go away. I do not know Dean but have faith that the talented and experienced people on the board would have used their best judgement to pick the right man for the job. I am not able to influence that or anything else in the running of the club. In my humble position as a lifelong fan and supporter, all I can do is offer my support. Always. Mind you, Pulis did have me reaching for the sick bag!
  10. I was open minded because Mark Ashton and the board had the time to consider the matter carefully and look at it from all angles. We cannot have known what went into that choice, so in my opinion we simply get behind the chosen man and support. Many managers would not choose to work in the kind of structure (rightly in my opinion) demanded by SL. There is plenty of experience in the management team. They cannot magic injured players back onto the pitch though.
  11. If we had chosen a Cook or a Pearson, I would have been suggesting that we gave the person more time to try to fistly survive the current injury crisis and secondly to implement the game plan. We have chosen a good guy and he did not become useless overnight - he has just lost a huge chunk of his playing staff.
  12. Optimism or realism - you choose. With the current staff injury list - would a new manager be guaranteed to succeed. If he lost his first three matches, the forum would be demanding his sacking. Then we are on to rinse and repeat. It would cost a packet and we are already constrained by the financial fair play rules.
  13. I come on here less these days because it tends to be that people compete to be as negative as possible and soon resort to sackings as the only remedy. Businesses and football teams are built either with lots of investment or by organic growth. We are not permitted under the rules to expect SL to use his vast wealth to give us instant gratification and so we must build. Continually tearing down the old management and replacing it with new people in the hope that you might do better next time usually leads to squads chosen by multiple managers and players who have to be moved on for a variety of reasons. This cannot build a really settled squad and certainly not an enterprise decicated to building by developing youth. We have a little local difficulty and there is no need to turn a drama into a crisis.
  14. We are where we are. No wishing or debating can change that.
  15. Maybe we didn't want to have six left backs and thought that some of the injury problems would resolve themselves in time to influence the season. I have no deep knowledge of the inner workings on the training ground, but that would seem logical. We have lacked experience in midfield. If had been down to me, I would have extended the stay of Korey Smith. Clearly we have some good young players coming through - but just not fully ready yet.
  16. It may well be the case that younger players are making great progress under the current coaching staff and that it is the massive injury list that is the problem. These are experienced and talented people and will have an overall plan in mind. This appears to have been blow off course by the injuries. Lets just hope we can get over the line and stay up and go again next year.
  17. OK - but would any other manager be able to do any better with half a squad and no potential to recruit replacements?
  18. Many of the injuries are simply down to bad luck. O'Dowda was playing a blinder when he got injured. Tommy Rowe was playing OK and even Mawson was not too bad. The injury to Dasilva has been a long standing issue. Baker, Martin are bad hamstrings and Williams and Walsh were clearly problematic. Investigations are clearly ongoing but that does not solve the immediate problem. Criticism without a solution seems harsh. It has been like watching a car crash in slow motion and people saying "he shouldn't have done that". Many on here remind me of the (if I recall correctly) the Harry Enfield character who would say " he didn't want to do that". None of these responses are helpful if they simply load more pressure onto the beleaguered staff and players. I'm sure they know what the problems are.
  19. I agree with all that - but you do not seem to even be able to suggest solutions because maybe there are no decent solutions. We need players to recover and start playing again. Those will recent operations are not likely to figure. Whatever you pay your management and support staff, these problems remain. Dean is a football manager not a magician.
  20. But then you still end up overplaying senior players. Hunt looks knackered most of the time. Hopefully Sessignon will soon be back to help and on the left we may have Nurse returning in the next week or two.
  21. I have followed City for nearly 55 years and been a season ticket holder for most of those years. I used to go to most away games until I became too old to do all the driving. These are views that I have held for many years. I supported Alan Dicks when similar things were being said about him. This dissatisfaction with managers is not new, and changes of manager do not seem to automatically guarantee success. The only manager who I really hated was Pulis. He was the experience winner that everyone seems to be calling for now. Dean is in his first head coach job and is learning as he goes. Not many would do better with the current available players. When the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, maybe it is time to fertilise your own grass!
  22. Ple.se sketch out your plans. How to make sure that all round pegs are in round holes. Williams must have seemed like an answer to a huge problem - but he was not fully ready. There would have been a discussion between Dean and Joe before selection. Senior players like Lansbury should be more able to fill in at defencive midfield - especially as he is not the most mobile
  23. So how would you solve the problem of a team with no left footers, no wide players and limited defensive options?
  24. If the quality and quantity of players available do not matter - your logic seems to extend to the playing all youth players with the right management. Of course injuries make a difference when they impact upon how the team plays.
  25. There is no problem with us not being in agreement. I reckon that Dean has to keep changing the formation because he has to adjust playing patterns to the squad that he has available. It seems very harsh to criticise him for having unbalanced teams when he has no left footers and is flogging half fit players week in and week out.
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