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  1. 15 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

    Interesting, that according to someone in supporter services, sales have been very slow today, much lower than normal day one.


    I am looking forward to getting back to Ashton Gate and believe that the club probably needs as many sales as possible - I support that.  If we sell fewer season tickets, the mob on here will be baying for more new expensive signings.  If we all get behind the club and vote with our financial support, it will be better for everyone.

  2. When vaccinated I got a little card with the type of vaccine and batch number - I assume that this is standard. If so, we already have a form of vaccine passport.  As we are all responsible for our own health, then it would not be too much of an imposition to show this card with the season ticket purchase or on entry to the ground for those who are vaccinated later. This should not be a big deal and we will most likely have full herd immunity by the second month of the new season anyway.

  3. Lots of very interesting psychobabble in this thread. Of course Dean would feel a sense of betrayal -and I would sympathise with that.  But given the run we have been on, I am just relieved that the dial has shifted and we looked more like a football team last night.  Long may it continue! 

  4. 2 minutes ago, ontariored said:

    Plus our first, what appears, non-yes man since Terry Cooper and Joe Jordan. 

    If he can save us from relegation and build a winning team, I don't care whether he is a yes man, no man or anything else.  He will, like all managers and players be falsely labelled by certain sections of the fan base. I believe that he has a very difficult task in front of him and I hope that some of the injured players can get back into contention to help him lift the whole club.

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  5. Willing to accept close to national minimum wage so that some sensitive fans on here are not outraged.

    Cannot be a "yes" person - but must be prepared to disagree with everything asked by MA or SL. On the other hand, he must agree with the majority of fans and be ready to resign as soon as he loses a match.

    Cannot be linked in any way whatsoever with MA, SL or any other person within the club.

    Must adopt a style of play that supported by every fan on here.

    Cannot have ginger hair.

  6. 2 hours ago, Davefevs said:

    Hope = Fact in the land of BF.

    You are confused and in error.  I HOPE that my team and management and whole club do well.  It is a FACT that we have a dozen first team players currently injured.  I HOPE they soon get better.  Unlike many on here, who appear to offer their support on a conditional basis, I always try to be positive and upbeat on all matters Bristol City, I would never boo managers/staff/players, because I believe that this would be more likely to prove counterproductive.  (I tell a lie!! I did join in the Pulis to Portsmouth song- or wherever it was that was after him. Happened at Brentford, if I recall correctly = sorry!)

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Sheltons Army said:



    Unless some of the injuries heal pretty quickly, the new chap may end up fielding half the youth team.  I feel sad for Dean as I felt sad for Lee - but will support the new chap because that is in the best interests of the club. 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, bris red said:

    Where is @Bat Fastard today? The silence is deafening.....????

    Still here. Sad to see anyone lose a job in such difficult circumstances.  I hope that we can find a new saviour, but we cannot uninvent the current injury crisis.  I hope for the best and fear the worst but will support the new manager with optimism and positive enthusiasm. That is my creed!

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Sheltons Army said:

    When I last looked at this thread Thatcher was still PM and Fastard was waffling excuses and post after post of
    hope , hopefully and blind faith 

    Glad to see its still running in the same vein 

    Never has one man said so little,  in so many words , in so much quantity

    My optimism has served me very well over the years.  I fully expect us to survive this season comfortably and to go from strength to strength next season.  Luck always changes.

  10. Just now, SE23Red said:

    So nothing based on your observations of his performance in unarguably tough times...just loyalty for the sake of loyalty?

    Wouldn't it be better to have an idea about if he's good enough *before* embarking on your commendable attempts to advocate sticking with him? Loyalty is an admirable quality, until it's misplaced.


    First few games and end of last season was not too bad. Now examine the list of players he has missed over the course of this season and ask yourself - would those missing players have made a difference? Loyalty because it may save us from spending a large amount of cash that could better be used for players in the next window.  There is no guarantee that a new manager, with the same injury list, would do any better.

  11. 1 minute ago, bris red said:

    Let’s be frank Jon Lansdown is only in the job because of his father - a blatant case of nepotism if ever there has been (and there have been a few at this club over the years!!)

    If I was in SLs position I would do the same. Better to trust the relative who will inherit the club than give total control to an outsider.  I fully expect that Jon will progress very well and be a safe pair of hands for years to come.  Now that the end of all the building work is in sight, there may well be a better flow of funds in years tome that will propel us on to glory!

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  12. Just now, SE23Red said:

    'I do not necessarily believe that he is clueless' isn't exactly justifying your loyalty. Do you believe he is talented enough to be a head coach in one of the most competitive leagues in the world?

    I have no idea until he can be judged under more normal circumstances. I hope he gets the chance to show his mettle.

  13. 1 minute ago, Portland Bill said:

    With respect, we haven’t played with width and pace for three years now. It was LJ who came up with this great plan in the first place,Holden has just carried it on. This is one of the main reasons we have been dire to watch for three seasons!. 

    We did not manage to replace Eliasson - and we really miss the assists.  But even if we had him and he sustained a torn hamstring and was out for three months, how would that help right now?  Good full backs can give width and Dasilva is a great player....but injured.  Hunt can show superb quality in delivering crosses, but looks knackered.  O'Dowda can give pace and provide excellent crosses....but he is injured. Pring, Weimann - injured. Where do we conjure up the playing qualities that we need right now?

  14. 4 minutes ago, Cowshed said:

    If Dean Holden has a plan at all it should be implemented at all times.

    After what is now a significant period of time we should now be able to see the  keystone behaviours of what will be his football.

    He is putting onto the pitch teams that are now freezing and flighting not fighting.  The team lacks intensity, work rate, they are passive. Its not front foot football. That is a reflection of the person Managing and coaching them.  There are no excuses that must be put right very very soon. 


    He has no players who are able to give him width and pace.  The forwards have little opportunity to score because the do not get many decent crosses and they are not very well supported by midfield goal contributions.  Maybe when Pato gets back to full fitness, but we need a bit more than that. Left footed players needed!!

  15. 2 minutes ago, TonyTonyTony said:

    To get us out of the immediate situation - no, however we look bereft of ideas on the pitch - irrespective of injuries. We are a sinking ship. A fresh pair of eyes and experience is required. In the longer term the whole organisation needs looking at - that includes coaching, recruitment, and leadership positions.


    All that may be ideal but I cannot see how it would transform this season whilst we have half a squad.

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