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  1. If you look closely, you can see the pitch in the distance
  2. Gregor is the love child of Greg (Masterchef) and Susan Boyle. Susan wooed Greg with her turkey twisslers (series 4) and Greg and his twin (Conor) were conceived soon after. As Greg was married, Gregor and Conor were raised on Bernard Matthew's turkey farm in Norfolk, where Conor developed his cage fighting skills. True story.
  3. Might be something in this, main stand already in place
  4. That's me in the Clive Whitehead photo, directly above the O and R in Ford. Fame for a whole season!
  5. I don't get this clamour to get back into stadiums given the current climate. It's not safe, simple as. The only way to make it safe is with vastly reduced capacity and strict controls re comings and goings. That will lead to inevitable squabbling... why is she allowed in and not me, etc? Why can't I enjoy a beer with my mates before/after games? The Liverpool/Madrid game caused a big spike in deaths in Merseyside, causing the decease to spread. It simply ain't worth it at this time.
  6. He will... <45 mins after returning to action would be my guess
  7. Clever signing in my view, potentially addressing our biggest weakness from last season (e.g. Getting the ball up the pitch, playing out from defence). After TM was sent out on loan, we had no one capable of bringing the ball forward, making us susceptible to a high press, inevitably resulting in a hoof forward. But feedback I've had is that he can't defend - not aggressive enough and doesn't get tight. Playing in a 5 man defence might help in that respect.
  8. Fulham supporting mate says... ”He has been a bit unlucky. He started as first choice right back last season then got injured. He was a central midfielder initially but been converted to right back last few years. He is better technically then Ryan but not as quick. Good on the ball....”
  9. Scrumpty


    Could be in a minority here, but since his appointment we have moved forward on the pitch. Not all down to him, of course, but he’s played his part (good strategy, decent recruitment, optimising fees received). Yes, the head coach appointment took time, but who’s to say it won’t turn out to be a (very) good one? We are in unprecedented times, we are all (including players) uncertain about the future, so a degree of continuity makes sense (I.e. players know what to expect from Dean, new managers can cause anxiety... will he like me, will he play me, will I fit in his system?). Then there’s the cost element, which can’t be ignored in the current climate. I don’t mean the coaches’ salaries per se, but the incoming players he will expect, especially if we’re not able to offload unfancied ones. Personally, I don’t think our squad was a problem last season - the issue was ‘stale’ management. A fresh perspective, coupled with a scattering of new faces (inc. returning loanees) could be all we need to elevate us to the top 6. So I’m reserving judgement on MA, he has credit in my bank, but will probably change my mind by Xmas! In Ashton I trust, COYR
  10. So does my gran. Still hasn’t gotten over you!
  11. Agreed, it's a PCI DSS thing, so there's no way our PAN data was held 'in the clear'. Hence, I don't think there's anything to worry about here - looks like a testing faux pas to me!
  12. If you're referring to payment data, then there is a need to obfuscate. As @BRISTOL86 says, the most plausible explanation is that the ticketing operator was carrying out some tests and accidentally sent a payment request into Wordplay's live environment, triggering the payments. But I see nothing here to suggest that Wordpay's storage of our payment details has been compromised.
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