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  1. Nope, I'd like the industry gone, too. But that's unrealistic, so certainly much more heavily regulated. And taxed. Trade in human misery.
  2. Personally, I loved that acid yellow Adidas (I think) away kit from a few years back.
  3. Not a view shared by everyone, I think it's vile.
  4. I have a strong sense that he was battling with issues 'off the pitch': maybe some form of addiction or relationship issue. He was excellent at Bolton. ...and there we go. As a fellow traveller, I understand.
  5. I think the betting industry is rotten, full stop. And those betting ads on TV, YouTube, etc disgust me. Happy to see it banned.
  6. A former friend did a conference in Bristol a while back, never having been there before. He moaned at me after that I hadn't warned him it was hilly. I was like...seriously? You didn't KNOW?
  7. The main town of Venice is OK, but it's infested with tourists. And tiny...but yeah, there's worse places to live. Horfield, for example
  8. I guess I got an answer to my question...
  9. Let's face it, we're in no position to crow. Without our sugar daddy, where would we be?
  10. But they're from the South West, not West Country.
  11. Well, there's only one team in Bristol, so...
  12. SecretSam


    No, I was just curious. Calm down.
  13. I think the report is a little harsh on Tanner, who was often 2 or 3 v 1, particularly in the first half. I thought Backinson was OK, Massengo was immense. Wells' finish was exactly what we've been expecting from him. But without doubt, the Met should investigate the shocking robbery in West London yesterday...
  14. Spot on. Needed one of the more experienced lads to take a second to have a little chat, encourage him. TBF, the away fans were giving him a lot of encouragement.
  15. That's the problem, being French there's a chance that one of the top Ligue Une clubs comes in...
  16. Funnily enough, I wondered about that yesterday. Plus a lot of the QPR fans were wearing an away kit that was a dead ringer for our promotion kit of 2014/15
  17. There's only one letter between them
  18. SecretSam


    Lovely warm applause from the City fans when he came on today.
  19. Quite a few, does go down a little easily sometimes...there was one in a dangerous position where he should have been stronger. But he's a fine player. New deal, please. NOW. I think Mr D Bentley gets that.
  20. SecretSam


    Did he celebrate his goal? I couldn't see (I was right at the top corner)
  21. It was absolute robbery, no doubt. Bentley was other-worldly. Kalas excellent, Massengo showed some class. And then the winner...THE LIMBS
  22. SecretSam


    Yep. If I think about it now...QPR score...just how did he save it?!
  23. He was getting murdered in the first half due to a lack of cover, often found himself facing two or three. Grew in confidence after the half time change, needs to remember to do the simple things.
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