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  1. He's still got PTSD after all the defensive horror shows last season
  2. Who's Joe Williams?
  3. You mean people who aren't inbred?
  4. "Bakes promises he's playing all 46 league games next season"
  5. One continent at a time? Europe, then Africa, North America, etc Slight problem with travel and green-ness, I admit. Oh, and hospitals (the WC has very clear stipulations about availability of mass casualty provision, etc) - bit of an issue in some places
  6. Frankly, bollocks. It was at 20:00 because that suits the market (Europe). If people can't behave when given a bit of leeway, that's their lookout. As for "rights being stripped from us"...**** off. I was sick with COVID all through Xmas and the new year, don't ******* moan at me about "rights". What about the "rights" of people infected through others' actions? The "rights" of people to be healthy? Idiot.
  7. The same's true in any hot climate - we had issues in Brazil, for example, or I remember Mexico being a real concern. Qatar in winter? Probably not that bad.
  8. Actually, in Nov/Dec it's perfectly pleasant - like southern Europe in summer, so think early to mid 30s C. Dry heat. And I've experienced rain there at that time! Source: been there, at that time.
  9. ****, ****, fuckity ****. Why have a 19 year old take the key pen? Italy probably deserved it. Chiesa was amazing.
  10. <<Vomits in own mouth>>
  11. I do love a red and black kit, mind.
  12. "Nice dogs" is a contradiction in terms. And no cat would be stupid enough to put up with doing that shit.
  13. I can't abide dogs, but the jersey's OK.
  14. I may be guessing, but you're not a fan, right?
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