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  1. 9 hours ago, ralphindevon said:

    One thing about watching football at the subbuteo type stadium that is Loftus rd is you get a birds eye view of the defence at that end.

    The one thing I kept thinking was the lack of communication Tanner seemed to be getting from his fellow defenders. For me Kalas should have been in his ear with encouragement and advice all game but I only saw it once or twice. A lot of the times he looked a bit lost and looking for instructions.

    It doesn’t seem to be Kalas’ way, perhaps that’s why he isn’t captain anymore

    Spot on. Needed one of the more experienced lads to take a second to have a little chat, encourage him. TBF, the away fans were giving him a lot of encouragement.

  2. 12 hours ago, Ostrich said:

    Still at only 21 and with a year left on his contract there will likely be top flight clubs across Europe taking a keen interest next summer if he continues to perform well and improve. Someone like Wolves that are going to be desperate for midfielders next summer might see it as well worth it. He’s still got a lot to do to get to the level needed in the PL every week but the ingredients are there

    That's the problem, being French there's a chance that one of the top Ligue Une clubs comes in... 

  3. 8 hours ago, TheCulturalBomb said:

    Albert Adomah: 131 appearances

    Nicky Maynard: 124 appearances


    One very much still a loved cult player and the other.. not so much.

    There's only one letter between them

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Gazred said:

    How many fouls did he draw today Dave? Seemed a good 4 or 5.

    Quite a few, does go down a little easily sometimes...there was one in a dangerous position where he should have been stronger.

    But he's a fine player. New deal, please. NOW.

    Just now, winsaw said:

    Motm for me today, looked like the game he came of age, he totally bossed the midfield, he was everything I had always hoped he would become , 

    I think Mr D Bentley gets that.

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  5. 56 minutes ago, Major Isewater said:

    Just sweet that we scored late in injury time to steal the points when it’s happened so often to us.

    Not only that but it was R’s hero Wells who scored. Who writes these scripts?

    Days like today make you realise why Def Leppard wrote ‘ When love and hate collide’.


    It was absolute robbery, no doubt. Bentley was other-worldly. Kalas excellent, Massengo showed some class. And then the winner...THE LIMBS

  6. 45 minutes ago, Ecko said:

    Poor, but plenty of time to improve.

    He was getting murdered in the first half due to a lack of cover, often found himself facing two or three. Grew in confidence after the half time change, needs to remember to do the simple things.

  7. 59 minutes ago, BCFCGav said:

    Looking forward to the highlights, by all accounts sounds like he was phenomenal. What a keeper.

    He was unbelievable. Chatting to some QPR fans after, they were convinced they'd scored one, were thinking it was a certain goal.

    I told them the away fans thought so too...then a miracle occurred

  8. 30 minutes ago, Kodjias Wrist said:

    Really? I thought they sold out the upper and were selling lower now.

    Thinks it was one of the last two

    19 minutes ago, Aaron-Bcfc said:

    It will be a physical ticket mate, you should be able to pick it up from the gate either today or tomorrow, but if you can’t I believe the arrangement is usually that the club will take the tickets to loftus road to be collected at the ground.

    Oh FFS it's 2021!!!!!!!!!! Has no-one heard of e-tickets? Well, I live 100 miles away from AG, so it's an on the day for me.



    PS: thanks

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Kodjias Wrist said:

    Better get in quick mate still some available i believe !

    Yeah, nipped in got Silver upper, whatever that means! Assume it's e-ticket? (Not been to a game in a while, and really quite old and forgetful)

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