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  1. because idiots from the midlands where the virus is rife can't keep away from weston
  2. If it’s billion dollar baby how do I enter ?
  3. Let me get this right stewards let people take booze pitch side but won’t let you go and get much needed medication . Utter crap
  4. to busy checking tickets on Saturday and didn't notice people openly bringing beer into w12
  5. No question going loopy at IKEA stadium in 83
  6. It’s a lot better than the Man City one I binge watched all eight episodes in two days
  7. City are in eps 6 Johnson should be grateful were not like their fans
  8. Can anyone remember the pork pie special to forest for a cup match in about 1981
  9. i tried one two weeks ago brilliant but made made my eyes go funny so i'll be keeping my money in the bank
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