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  1. City Ground not Ashton Gate????
  2. Vyner can play there Remember what happened to Ayling after the incident at Cheltenham
  3. Our fans have been knocking the gas about Barton Do we need a right back? NO Do we need a character like this ?NO
  4. Love the way he spoke about US and WE already Very impressed
  5. She was awful Just stating the obvious
  6. What game are Odowda and the commentator watching?
  7. At 22 he should be pressing for a first team spot with us If your good enough your old enough!!!!
  8. What happens if he turns ot down???????? What is plan B ????
  9. How often does Gregor get things right? No one will confirm what he claims
  10. Who said he's turned it down ? Anyone with any REAL knowledge
  11. The new manager should have been appointed by now to look at the squad in matches and training.
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