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  1. Just found this . Interesting article as things unfolded that season: https://www.soccersouls.com/reliving-the-great-escape-bristol-city-1976-77/
  2. Agree. Started watching in mid seventies so first five years were promotion and 4 years in the top flight. Trouble was I took it for granted and thought it would always be like that supporting City. 40 years later how wrong I was !
  3. http://www.ccfpa.co.uk/?p=72604 Might not have been there as only a kid at the time but can still remember the mix of emotions that night. Where have all the years gone!!
  4. Apparently only 63.6 % of people would agree with you
  5. Probably the only candidate to fit in with the clubs policies
  6. I still wont believe it when i see it!
  7. Gregor Macgregor's reply this lunchtime to when new man will be appointed: We’ll start with the bad news. Regarding the head coach, we understand that nothing is imminent. That was sourced yesterday and so we don’t expect anything to happen today. However, I’d caveat that with that things can change very quickly and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that that changes much, much later today. But we’re not expecting any announcements today. As regards timing, as previously reported, the players were told to expect news 7-10 days after the season’s end on the new head coach. So we are expecting news soon. And with pre-season starting next week then there’s a good chance we’ll hear later this week. .
  8. Pep Guirdiola need not apply then
  9. The story of the year. 3 months in lock down 4 weeks in meltdown!
  10. Thanks Wood -Red. I will climb back off the naughty step .
  11. Sorry am i missing something here. Someone asked what the provision was for parking at the new development and i responded by informing that a multi storey car park was included. Whats pathetic about that!
  12. MSCP means Multi Storey car park...
  13. New 550 space multi storey car park is included in the scheme.
  14. The obvious way around this would be to build an new park and ride station next to the Portbury motorway junction. Drop down off the motorway park up, and in the middle of Bristol in twenty minutes. Just as needed as a new station at Ashton Gate but far to forward thinking for our transport planners.
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