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  1. I watched on Robins TV from Canada, it was definitely an OG. Agree it doesn't matter. It is nice that former Swindon knob Thompson scored an OG though....
  2. Because it was. Unless you'd like to..... contradict the Official Site?! https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/report-peterborough-united-2-3-bristol-city/
  3. Three years ago, but a great read.
  4. Tom

    Robins TV ?

    If the club takes money for it it still applies, our tech team much better on that zoom call at the end too.... The clubs owe it to the fans to escalate these issues with the efl and ifollow and get it resolved. Its been crap and expensive for ages now.
  5. Somebody has likely already said this but I didn't realise that Steve Buscemi has gotten a job at Swansea?!
  6. Tom

    Robins TV ?

    Premier League manager, conference level tech team.
  7. Robins TV at HT: Sam arranging for Zak to call Tim for a chat, top stuff going on at the club. Keep it up, and keep letting us know it's happening!
  8. I wonder if Gary is giving anyone at home the horn?
  9. It's not halloween yet, why is Owers dressed like a Victorian news boy?
  10. Need someone creative to get things ticking in the middle. If Brunt's up to it, get him in. But makes decisions to farm Morrell and Palmer out look a bit shaky.
  11. Strikes me as a Diedhiou game if there's ever been one.
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