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  1. Joe Jordan never spoke English when he 1st came here
  2. Agree 100%. After half time they bossed the midfield completely
  3. Every home game for about 2 seasons until was too big to get through the gap.
  4. Used to throw the Clark pies at the away fans in the late 70s early 80s. If they weren't knocked out the lava like filling would get em.
  5. Allianza Lima v Universitario..... League play off final Peru
  6. I honestly think that if r####s play above themselves and Bromley have a off day they could possibly get a replay out of this.
  7. Same for me. Reset my virgin box now it's working.
  8. Watched the game in a German pub in Lima. I was the only one smiling
  9. It will probably be the chimpanzee after being compared with a geordie
  10. Although I have sympathy with the Bury fans this should have been sorted one way or another before the season started.
  11. That's the 1st time I've seen that. Funny as ****
  12. The way the house prices are going a third of the residents of Bedminster will soon be millionaires.
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