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  1. I dont think the picture was put on here for the hair style. The clue is in the thread title.
  2. I was looking forward to Brentford away next season. Oh well, it'll have to be the season after. As long as they stay up, of course.
  3. FFS, can we at least give Pearson a transfer window and wait until we can call it his squad before we sack him.
  4. Free of charge? I want at least a free Thatchers voucher, or I'm not watching.
  5. Hope he's got his coat for the roof, bloody pissing down in BS3.
  6. But legend has it that both of your cheeks have been seen many times.
  7. They've got to keep the window closed. They can't afford the heating bill.
  8. Thanks, very interesting.
  9. Didn't Lee Johnson refer to Gustav Engvall as WHO?
  10. My wife just asked me, how far ahead is Sweden? I said about a bottle and a half.
  11. Ah, second division. The Gas glory days.
  12. Miss read the title Thought I was going to be encouraged to have my train ticket issued from PEARSONS TWEET.
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