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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You can't run towards adversity with 2 torn hamstrings. Maybe a quick limp.
  2. Lucky we didn't win any then.
  3. In my house it's a cold tea and my t shirts shrunk.
  4. No, he doesn't send anybody down these days. Not after what happened last time.
  5. He didn't have time. He had to dash off to collect his 32 years and 5 days EFL long service award.
  6. Yes its vacant now. Lee Johnson used to park his car there.
  7. Oh no it doesn't
  8. I can't take your views on other people's decision making seriously. Not when you choose to live in Swindon.
  9. He had to remove it. His little sister couldn't get over it.
  10. Irene has never cum, she's only been with sags. Lots of sags.
  11. Be careful, Tomlins penalty is still up there somewhere.
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