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  1. They look like team **** to me. Cringeworthy.
  2. I fully back Nigel to get a team of winners and fighting for promotion when he has the players he wants. The current crop are utter dog shit. Clean slate in the summer and some direction. the criticism he is getting is from the minority who would moan for the sake of moaning
  3. Conspiracy for having so many injuries. Give it a rest there is clearly a problem and it cannot be down to bad luck.
  4. Agreed there is a serious problem in the medical room.
  5. I have a fiver at 80/1
  6. Well to me they actually looked as though they were enjoying training. I bet they have never had a more professional training session at city
  7. I really hope this doesn’t get to 50 odd pages and no end result. I will be truly gutted. sign him up!!!!!!!
  8. For me Nigel is old school and much much better than a Warnock type manager. I will sex wee all over if this is true
  9. If this is true we are still on for the playoffs. He will be amazing for our club and really will shake things up. I really hope this is on.
  10. That list isn’t the best can we not add Nigel Pearson to it?
  11. Pearson would be excellent. No shit and get the players playing properly with proper tactics. Look at his record he is a much better city’s in my opinion. Never happen though as the snake couldn’t hack it especially when Nigel would tell him No we are not buying him!!!
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