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  1. Yes but judging by what they said about their support at Colchester I assume 5,500 is twice as many home fans as most other clubs get for a whole season.
  2. @where's the joydid it not occur to you to tell Simpson rather than us?
  3. You are right about the overall picture of course but it has to be said that Rooney is doing a remarkable job in more difficult circumstances than Nigel faces. Would that we were as hard to score against as Rooney has made Derby for instance.
  4. Absolutely agree but it's odd how many cling to the view that you have to have a big man up front as if they have missed how much the game has changed over recent decades.
  5. Straw man argument is a term for a logical fallacy that is thought to go back to at least 1520. Even I wasn't born then! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
  6. Nigel has said before that he doesn't believe there is a psychological problem at home but let's face it if we are ahead late in a game we fans tend to get anxious so why wouldn't the players? Everybody expects us to throw it away so inevitably we do. It's a self -fulfilling prophesy. No idea what the solution is though not sitting back and inviting the opposition on to us might help
  7. The puzzle for me is if our players are said to be so much fitter than before why are they having to go off because they are knackered?
  8. I've lost count of how many times this has been explained. Here is the latest thread: https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/214252-ffp-or-not-prepared-to-spend-the-actual-stats/
  9. Yes, I'm afraid it leads to a team playing with fear with predictable results.
  10. Please tell me they didn't say he'll be back after the next international break!
  11. If only our owner was a financial expert!
  12. Not just a case of not recouping the outlay either. As you imply the wage bill also escalated over the period so the shortfall is even worse.
  13. Didn't the administrators say they needed to raise a £5m loan to get to January?
  14. Exactly but only certain players get tagged as inconsistent despite most of them being while others have excuses made for them.
  15. For all we know Nige might have preferred to keep Paterson over Palmer but his hand was forced by the need to cut the wage bill and the fact that nobody is going to take Palmer off our hands given his wages.
  16. Exactly, they are a team where everybody is comfortable on the ball and with lots of passing and movement. Not something we could do with our current squad sadly.
  17. Applies to the entire Cardiff team. Absolutely no pressing in any part of the pitch. They pretty much gave up after the first goal.
  18. Thankfully Steve is no Mel Morris but he allowed Ashton to gamble on the transfer market inflating for ever and us having an unbroken run of players to sell for big money. So our costs ran out of control, which is why we are where we are now. You'd think that someone with Steve's expertise would know that markets can go down as well as up and that he would have ensured costs were controlled. There again the history of the game is riddled with successful businessmen who don't apply the same principles when they buy a football club.
  19. Our next accounts will be horrendous so there is not likely to be money to spend for some time yet unless we sell imo. We may be stuck with what we have.
  20. So you missed Nige saying he wanted a striker but we didn't have the money and would have to sell to buy? And presumably you have missed the multiple times our financial position has been explained on here?
  21. It's a worst case scenario but my thought is if Derby win their appeal against the 12 point deduction on grounds other clubs regard as spurious owners may decide it's not worth complying if there are no or insufficient consequences. Given the Sheff Wed precedent there is also the possibility the 9 point penalty could be reduced on appeal. So we could reach a point where owners are so exasperated they conclude that no regime will work so simply give up on it and we are back to a free for all. Of course the clubs could significantly beef up the powers and resources of the Board and Executive but I doubt that will happen unless there is government pressure. I have already said why I think that won't happen. Who knows in the meantime what the knock on effect of potential changes in UEFA policy might be?
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