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  1. We haven't demanded that players take a pay cut in the middle of their contract. We aren't refusing to pay £17m in deferred wages to a player. We don't claim that criminal activity was involved in a player's current contract so he should revert to his previous one. We aren't signing players that we can't register because we don't have the money to pay them. We are reducing our wage budget not increasing it. Etc ad infinitum. Otherwise we are identical to Barca.
  2. I'm torn on this one. Squires is a genius (see the Scott Parker panel for proof). On the other hand he's a Swindon fan. Can I forgive him that? Of course, his cartoons are brilliant, though it helps if you have followed him from the start to get some of the references. Brightens up my Tuesdays.
  3. Good old Private Eye covers stuff the main press won't touch because they grovel to the Premier League. Still, I'm sure the Premier League thoroughly investigated the takeover before approving it. Much like Newcastle where they went so far as to thoroughly read a letter that said there was no connection between PIF and the Saudi state, honest guv, before caving in to government pressure approving the deal. Thank heavens the English game is squeaky clean, not like those foreigners.
  4. Astonishing info on the Athletic Football podcast today that Barca wrote to De Jong on 15 July claiming they had evidence of criminality in the process leading to his current contract and that he should revert to the (lower) terms of his previous contract. This is getting more fun by the day!
  5. Ah, the language of the transfer window! Monitoring: sending scouts to watch him. Keeping tabs on: sending scouts to watch him again. Enquiry: are you prepared to sell? Offer: informal verbal bid. Bid: formal written bid. Rejected: **** off!
  6. Nigel said there had been interest not that there had been bids. There's a significant difference.
  7. None of that AFC Bournemouth nonsense!
  8. Brian Clark moved to Huddersfield in a swap with Johnny Quigley then went to Cardiff and played alongside John Toshack for a while. I think he played for a few other clubs before he retired. Because of Atyeo's status Brian is a bit of a forgotten hero.
  9. There was a very good Athletic podcast last week covering Barca's situation in detail. But at least La Liga's rules are not retrospective like those in England. Prevention is better than cure, though neither regime is concerned with accumulated debt.
  10. Ah, the Liz Truss gambit: make an unequivocal statement then claim you were misinterpreted.
  11. To be fair to Naismith he said himself that he should not have gone to ground.
  12. Straw man argument. Since nobody said we would turn teams over easily there is no case to answer.
  13. I agree on Klose. A symptom of taking too much account of pre-season is Nigel apparently deciding that Vyner did well so he should start rather than thinking, regardless of pre-season, that Klose is a better player so he should start. It might be different if Vyner had a long term future here but he clearly doesn't.
  14. I don't see how the pitch can be fixed in time. Looks like it needs completely re-laying. But who would pay for that?
  15. People often claim he is targeted because of his height but I struggle to remember games when it has actually happened to any effect. Seems to be a case of "he's short so I will assert that teams target him whether they actually do or not."
  16. It's also an environment where people think leveraged buy outs are a pretty neat idea.
  17. Sure, but it's taken from the post match interview. And as you say it was the media team who put it out not Nigel. A stick to beat them with perhaps rather than him.
  18. Try watching the full interview for context perhaps? The problem is simple, constant individual errors giving goals away. The solution is, um, I have no idea!
  19. Thanks Dave, saved me the trouble. And of course he was their player of the season. Though given the fact that our midfielders can't defend I might now play him as front sweeper in a 4-1-3-2.
  20. When we start to see Stroud as a good referee it just emphasises how far the standard of officials in the EFL has fallen.
  21. I would say the major issue defensively, as Nigel said post-match, is the constant individual errors leading to goals. We bring in Naismith, previously a reliable defender, and he immediately catches the disease. This seems to be so entrenched in the mindset of the team whoever plays (a case of we expect to give away goals so we do) that I am at a loss to know what to do about it.
  22. Statement from the men's team: “We wholly condemn such abuse. This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at Ashton Gate. We fully support Lauren Smith and are proud of our women’s team.”
  23. He is also very good at pressing, which most of our players aren't.
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