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  1. Happens if you give a shyster of a CEO complete control and let him run amok. It's called being self-sustaining apparently. Thank heavens for Gould and Pearson as opposed to Ashton and Johnson.
  2. Good point. Must do his confidence a power of good that Nige has trusted him to start 2 tough games in succession too.
  3. Fingers crossed he stays fit. Always thought he could be a key player for us so maybe now is his time.
  4. I agree that was unjustified. But there is such a thing as motivated reasoning, a trap you may be falling into as we all do from time to time. Motivated reasoning is a phenomenon studied in cognitive science and social psychology that uses emotionally biased reasoning to produce justifications or make decisions that are most desired rather than those that accurately reflect the evidence.
  5. Special pleading as I say and ignoring the costs side. Could be expressed as "we would have got away with years of financial mismanagement and cheating if it wasn't for Covid." Will be interesting to see if the administrators choose to carry on with Morris' delaying tactics, though I doubt potential buyers would welcome more uncertainty.
  6. I would nevertheless suggest that any reasonable person properly instructed as to the law as the lawyers say would apply the same logic i.e. that the impact of Covid was not unique to Derby, and therefore dismiss the argument. The "we lost more than those little clubs" argument ignores the possibility that the clubs you disdain might have lost a smaller amount but an equal proportion of their income and amounts to special pleading. It also ignores the costs side of the equation, those costs having got out of control over a period predating Covid. Still, Honest Mel is Innocent t-shirts could be a new income stream I suppose.
  7. The supplementary rules already allow for adjustments for COVID-19 and apply to all clubs equally. So you can't just pluck a figure out of the air. Assuming you ever come up with any actual accounts. Shockingly there is no special provision for Derby, so more victimisation by the EFL. 1.1.7 COVID-19 Costs means lost revenues and/or exceptional costs incurred by a Club that are directly attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic and that are identified and calculated in accordance with such guidance as issued by the Board; and: 1.1.11 P&S Calculation means, save as indicated below, the aggregation of a Club’s Adjusted Earnings Before Tax for T, T-1 and T-2. In respect of Season 2020/21 only, the P&S Calculation shall be the aggregation of: (a) the mean of the Adjusted Earnings Before Tax of T and T-1; and (b) the Adjusted Earnings Before Tax of T-2; and (c) the Adjusted Earnings Before Tax of T-3;
  8. Perhaps a "the dog ate our accounts" defence will be the next suggested grounds for appeal?
  9. On the Derby forum there are still people arguing for an appeal on force majeure grounds.
  10. But a high risk you will never get your money back given the existing level of debt?
  11. I see Wayne Rooney's Derby County's Wayne Rooney is not happy with Honest Mel Morris, former hero of Derby fans throughout the land https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/sep/23/derbys-wayne-rooney-hits-out-at-disrespectful-former-owner-mel-morris
  12. Glad you have seen the error of your ways and dropped that presser nonsense @Davefevs
  13. Good section with Kieran Maguire in todays' Football Weekly Extra podcast: https://www.theguardian.com/football/audio/2021/sep/23/derby-county-carabao-cup-football-weekly-extra-podcast
  14. So their responsibility is to the creditors yet they intend to pass up the opportunity to raise money through sales, in fact spend on new signings thus adding to the wage bill, and to borrow to pay those wages? In any event who is going to lend substantial sums to a club whose only asset is players, the value of which they refuse to realise? I don't see how the creditors benefit from this, though I am no expert of course.
  15. I'm becoming a little confused (my default setting admittedly!). I saw a statement from the EFL that Derby had submitted their revised accounts before the deadline but the BBC reported that they had yet to be submitted. Though they may have meant submitted to Companies House perhaps. As to the agreed points deduction I have not seen any unequivocal statement that Derby had in fact agreed it and saw a report elsewhere that it now has to be negotiated with the administrators, who are unlikely to agree to it. We now have a bland statement from the EFL following administration but the facts of the case are still not clear - at least to me.
  16. Essentially true imo. The problem was clubs being enable to comply with P&S by "selling" their stadium thanks to a loophole. I suspect they were positively encouraged to do so by a former head of the EFL. The gamble paid off in Villa's case but in Derby's case could yet be a factor in their being liquidated.
  17. We'll have to agree to disagree perhaps. The modern history of the game is littered with successful businessmen who abandon their business principles once they own a football club. So they cannot always be trusted as custodians. Steve himself has been guilty of that at times. Most recently he talked about sustainability then allowed Ashton to increase the wage bill to unsustainable levels. Nigel is now having to fix that. I would argue that the first thing fans should care about is the long term survival of their club. That includes not encouraging owners to overspend to please the fans in pursuit of that dreadful phrase "chasing the dream". Which is what happened with Derby. Still, come January we will no doubt see some fans on here demanding Steve spend money and in some cases claiming that he uses P&S as an excuse for not doing so. Happily they seem to be in a minority though.
  18. Fans have a share of responsibility if they keep demanding their club spends money it doesn't have. Some of our own fall into that category. More so Derby fans who cheered Morris on as he drove their club over a cliff.
  19. Kieran Maguire has said that once Derby come out of administration MSD Holdings will have to be paid in full. Cocu and Keogh are football creditors so have to be paid in full as I understand it.
  20. From Kieran Maguire in the Derby Telegraph "HMRC are now what is now referred to as a 'preferential creditor' which means they would have to be paid in full outstanding taxes which are owed."
  21. As I understand it HMRC is a preferential creditor so has to be paid in full. Quite right too.
  22. Looking at the Reading forum it seems that the majority accept that a points deduction is deserved and is down to mismanagement by their owner. No crowing that their owner was too clever for the EFL, unlike many Derby fans - until administration revealed that Morris was not the hero they thought he was.
  23. Fortunately Nigel realised pretty quickly what a player he had on his hands. Something his predecessors apparently failed to see. To think we tried to ship him out on loan to Brum in return for Pedersen. Baffling.
  24. A poster any Gashead would be prowd to hang on their wall then.
  25. Taking your figure at face value, it may have a bearing on the club going into Administration but I don't see how it is relevant to pre-Covid breaches of P&S.
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