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  1. Now now, I'm sure there was a rigorous process and he happened to be the standout candidate. And a good human.
  2. Never mind Richard, even Nigel doesn't like to take credit. He will applaud the fans briefly from a distance but prefers to let the players take the credit for a win. But he will take responsibility for a loss.
  3. Still doesn't seem to cross his mind. Still blaming the EFL for expecting him to play by the rules I see. How sad.
  4. So you think a Chief Executive should be awarding himself a lap of honour? Is that normal do you think? And did he do the same after the thrashing by Bolton? Most people would expect a CEO to stick to doing CEO stuff surely? Unless I missed Ed Woodward doing a lap of honour after the West Ham game earlier. Still, I hope the kool aid tastes nice.
  5. From the Derby Telegraph: The initial deadline for the club to complete this progress was Wednesday, August 18, although the EFL has now said in a statement that "constructive discussions" have led to that deadline being extended to Tuesday, August 24.
  6. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive comes to mind. To think Morris and those Derby fans who cheered him on thought it was terribly clever. The Administrators are going to have a hell of a job untangling that web. Is there a real possibility that there will be no club to sell and that they could end up like Bury?
  7. Not Wolves I think because: 1. He's not Portuguese and 2. Mendes isn't his agent.
  8. I have indeed. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for stats as a package, reflecting all the factors that go to make up a team performance. It's just that there is often too much focus on individual metrics applied to individual players rather than the whole picture. So for me crediting a player with an assist out of context isn't very meaningful.
  9. Apparently he isn't as good as Brunt or Lansbury. No, me neither.
  10. chinapig


    Well, lots of posters have said he wanted to go back to QPR because he scored goals there. Turns out they were right!
  11. So is assist imo. Scenario: Player A beats 4 men in a 50 yard run and plays a perfect pass to Player B. Player B plays a 5 yard square pass to unmarked Player C who scores. Player B gets the credit for an assist. Nonsense or what?
  12. Judging by the criticism he's getting recently is he good enough for us?!
  13. They'll hope the courts do it for them. I hear Wael has submitted a victim impact statement.
  14. Does the embargo get dropped if the club comes out of administration? And, taking Reading's recruitment as an example, is an embargo entirely meaningful anyway?
  15. According to the BBC Derby's wage bill went from £16m in 2014 to £47m in 2018. Now look at our accounts over the Ashton period to see how our wage bill ballooned. Steve was asleep at the wheel and we are now paying the price. Steve doesn't cheat like Morris but it's possible to sleep walk into FFP problems if you don't keep a tight control over costs.
  16. Probably not. I certainly hope not. But let's face it, there were 5 minutes of crocodile tears in the football media over Bury's demise then they were forgotten. Will football ever get it's financial act together unless a major club goes to the wall is the question I keep coming back to.
  17. In which case don't act as cheerleaders for a cheating owner as he puts your club in danger. I might have some sympathy if they had protested as Morris tried every trick in the book to cheat FFP but instead they thought it was all terribly clever and funny.
  18. They've changed their tune then, until now it's been an evil conspiracy against their poor little club/giant of the game.* *delete as appropriate.
  19. So it's down to: 1. Covid 2. The EFL 3. Definitely not financial mismanagement by Honest Mel Morris. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.
  20. After much thought I shall join the protest by writing to Parry demanding an amendment to the rules as follows: 1.0 Nothing in these rules shall apply to Wayne Rooney's Derby County on the grounds that they used to be good decades ago when Brian Clough was their manager and on the additional grounds that neither their owner nor their fans are capable of reading and/or understanding the rules anyway. I'm sure all right minded fans, and the owners of all EFL clubs will join me in urging this change in the interests of justice for a club admired by fans the world over.* *though the last point is disputed by a famous League 2 club so may need to go to arbitration.
  21. Let's see now: Plow is the American spelling but fits well with prowd I suppose. What is the problem they have with words that have the letters ou in the middle? Would of not felt it translates into English as would not have felt it. What was that about brain cells? As to shithole of a ground I trust his post does not jeopardise his contract for maintaining the IT at Ashton Gate.
  22. That'll be the Arsenal that pleaded poverty then spent over £140m in the transfer window.
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