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  1. And yet the Barcelona of League 2 with a huge fan base and a billionaire owner with a nice watch can only stretch to a few tents. Funny old game.
  2. Yes, LJ needed an experienced football man to guide and restrain him. Things might have turned out differently without Ashton reinforcing LJ's worst tendencies and vice versa.
  3. His best film, better than Citizen Kane for me, and one of my all time top 10.
  4. Tap the hamburger menu at top right and select Account then Ignored users then enter the @name of the user to ignore.
  5. Never crossed my mind!
  6. Indeed. Just read this from a Forest fan: Whoever comes in will have the same unbalanced squad that Hughton had and will have to deal with the same nonsense behind the scenes too. Whilst Hughton should have got more out of the squad he wasn’t the biggest issue at the club. Until/unless we see a change of ownership things will stay largely the same.
  7. It was away from home. This team is terrified when playing at home.
  8. Looks to me like a team that is full of fear. Not that weak mentality is anything particularly new for us. Deeply depressing to watch though.
  9. .xls not .xlsx? Are you implying @Davefevsuses Excel 2003? How very dare you!
  10. I'm surprised you haven't been banned for questioning their hero. Their attitude to him seems to be similar to gasheads' and Wael i.e. he can do no wrong - provided you ignore all the evidence against.
  11. Perhaps, or if you are Steve you keep up the pretence until he's gone to save face. A bit like a manager leaving by alleged mutual consent when everybody knows he's been sacked.
  12. Largely platitudes for public consumption I think so as to avoid washing dirty linen in public. I posted earlier in the thread that it may also be a question of SL's ego. Let's face it he was hoodwinked by Ashton and let him run amok but no way is he going to admit that. Least of all is he going to admit that the fans were right and he was wrong. So SL is the one to put the questions to not NP but nobody is going to have the guts to ask him and he wouldn't answer them honestly anyway. Though his comment about Gould not being one to recommend players gave us a glimpse of what he thinks of Ashton in hindsight.
  13. That is quite staggeringly incompetent. Is their back office now made up entirely of unpaid interns or something? Mind you the last thing HMQ needs is to have Joey Barton on her payroll. She's got enough legal trouble with Andrew as it is.
  14. Man City are an object lesson in this. Their aim is often to get behind the defence within the width of the penalty area and pull the ball back. Much harder to defend than crosses from wide or deep but nostalgia for old fashioned wingers doing exactly that runs deep in fans.
  15. Camping in the wilderness you say? So he's at the Mem then?
  16. Since we're talking about the bush I assume they're Brazilian.
  17. At what point will Paul Cook be sacked and replaced by Dean Holden?
  18. You can't drop 2 divisions in 1 season can you? Anyway the Gas are definitely going up according to Innocent Joey Barton.
  19. Hypocritical, incapable of irony or just not very bright? Given they think there is a conspiracy against them by the EFL and referees my money's on the latter.
  20. I suggest OTIB loan @Davefevsto Opta. Provided I get 15% of the loan fee.
  21. In which case you may not remember Les Wilson who also joined on loan (from Wolves) that season iirc.
  22. I assume the research referred to here is that from the University of California, which has not been peer reviewed and which refers to adolescents rather than adults. From The Guardian: Their analysis of medical data suggests that boys aged 12 to 15, with no underlying medical conditions, are four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than ending up in hospital with Covid over a four-month period. They estimate the rate of myocarditis after two shots of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be 162.2 cases per million for healthy boys aged 12 to 15 and 94 cases per million for healthy boys aged 16 to 17. This kind of thing is why the JCVI does not recommend vaccination for this cohort on purely medical risk/benefit grounds. Though with the risk being so low and the condition not being life threatening Chief Medical Officers may recommend vaccination on wider grounds (transmission, disruption to education etc.).
  23. The penalty for being Wayne Rooney's Derby County as the law requires Sky to televise their games as often as possible. Or something.
  24. In fairness it's delayed because the supply chain and labour shortage problems businesses are facing mean you can't get guy ropes for tents for love nor money.
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