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  1. As a recovering alcoholic another 90 minutes without a beer isn't going to kill me
  2. Half man half biscuit was my last gig,a fair few from otib were there. Trevor tainton was allegedly in the mosh pit
  3. Cheers for the heads up..good track that..loads of good music coming out of Dublin
  4. Fontaines dc have there second album out end of july.
  5. Will members get discount off a game with a code or is it strictly season card holders
  6. Only just hearing these,sounds good.does remind me a bit of joy division I agree. murder capital remind me of killing joke and not division also
  7. Not a city fan ,but in the loire valley,France last year my sons were racing down the water slides with some dutch boys,me and the Dutch boys father were catching our sons at the end of the slides when he noticed my city tattoo,he was a willem II fan..we talked footie for hours then,top man
  8. Murder capital and fontaines dc,both from dublin..both played in bristol recently.superb bands
  9. Cracking day out.Terry coppers red and white army
  10. I was a teenage armchair honved fan
  11. Anaesthetic for the masses ,it's the only drug you have to justify not taking .i,m not shocked at all.it's par for the course
  12. I quit alcohol in 2003 after developing a fearsome habit! Now and again I enjoy a cold alcohol free beer or cider as they,ve come a long way since Billy Connolly and his kaliber! Otherwise it's coffee all the way
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