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  1. Anyone else think weiman could have played to the whistle and cleared the ball rather than scream at the ref for handball? Hindsight and all that I suppose
  2. The quote"it's the only drug in the world you have to justify not taking " Is so true....i,m not anti alcohol at all but just so glad I live my life without it . Highly addictive but when people get hooked on it they are seen as the problem! It's nuts
  3. Same here.I quit alcohol 18 years ago,decided cider at breakfast was becoming a problem :laugh:. Best thing I ever did was quit but the response you get when you tell people you don't drink alcohol is astonishing,some have even collapsed in shock!! :laugh: Keep up the good work mate coyr
  4. Alcohol,tobacco,cocaine? There all drugs... Ecstasy was popular in the 90,s and football hooliganism declined For a while
  5. Terrible news.always gave his all for city.very sad
  6. There wash the brewers before the bridge.a local hoodlum used to drink in there before murdering someone and doing a bunk and was on the run for years!
  7. forbespm

    Full time

    Good.they deserve all the flak they get
  8. I said to my son when Coventry equalised at 2-2 we would go on to lose. It's so obvious with this team. I watched city in the old 4th division when we were bottom and I really cared about the team even then,now i can't even be bothered to go and watch them.
  9. Counting my blessings that due to furlough and a pay cut I can't afford to go much this season. I'm not even missing it as the football is so dire
  10. Guinness zero for me.authentic,still gives me the trots but no hangover
  11. Same here.his record wasn't brilliant for us.mind you when you consider his drinking its not a bad record. I used to struggle in a factory with a hangover doing nothing,not trying to run around for 90 mins
  12. Good analogy.I never really understood why Jackie was so popular,never really did much apart from a cup game.brilliant player in his day but very inconsistent
  13. Your going in the river He's big he's black he's leading our attack steve Johnson Your going home in a Bristol ambulance
  14. If i,m correct then Gloucester had the dubious pleasure of being the largest city never to have had a football league team?
  15. I haven't seen city win since Luton at home December 2019.i,m it a regular but it's probably p 10 w 0 d 2 L8 since beating Luton 3-0
  16. Great cup tie.longlevens ran out of steam second half,to be expected as they are part timers. 1-1 at half time it was anyone's game.over 2,300 there
  17. Yes,behind the ibis hotel in barnwood.longlevens played a league game Wednesday but are fired up for tomorrow. Massive underdogs,hoping for a great game!
  18. 750 is a good effort especially how expensive going to football is these days. I struggle to afford home games!
  19. Subject to fa approval apparently
  20. Longlevens Gloucester game has been switched to meadow park Sunday September 19th 3 pm. 4,000 tickets
  21. Youth teams still train at longford and innsworth lane.senior team is at saw mills lane now
  22. I live in longlevens and the place is buzzing with this tie.I know the longlevens coach and he reckons they will win because it will be on grass as opposed to Gloucester citys artificial pitch! The game will be all ticket at saw mills lane,capacity must be about 500!!
  23. Disastrous result.I went to the York game and Gloucester city looked tidy.not sure what has happened to them since!
  24. Heard we are after tatlock and sharples too!
  25. Couldn't make it today but there's quite a few city fans at meadow park watching Gloucester city v kettering.0-0 at half time
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