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  1. Really surprised me when I saw the result earlier, spent 20 minutes checking fixture lists. I was positive I'd missed a week.
  2. Absolute legend and my all time favourite manager , Rest easy Terry .
  3. Not the best way to watch a game, but. I do worry about our defence. Very soft goals, all be it the cross for the last one clipped the front row of seats in the Atyeo. The moment , intensity, willingness to find space and just the number of options for the ball carrier is so much better. We need Wells up top, that and Weimann & COD pulling the defence around could bring the best out of Palmer. Simpson's cameo today looks to have handed the RB shirt to Vyner. Scott looks closer to the team that I would have thought. Nice to see the one thing that doesn't change. The so called bigger team gets the decisions. All that and I still have no idea how we'll go when the season starts.
  4. I'm glad I didn't go then
  5. Have to cut those crosses out, so many get through to the danger area.
  6. Came through the ranks here. Started as a fullback. Scored important ant goals. Scored the 2 at Chester to get us promoted, they were massive.
  7. It is a mistake, but bit harsh blaming Shirley apologies to Airplane
  8. Can't help but think, and I hate to say it, they may actually go well this year. Pitman will score goals , and from what I've seen/read they've recruited quite well. Swindon, not so sure. Maybe coming out of the clusterfu ... umm Mess, that was their summer, but IMO that would be a shock, a welcome shock maybe, but a shock.
  9. I was going to post that Pic. Any idea what the contraption is? I can only think to keep legs warm to prevent any muscle problems.
  10. Scary Monsters and super creeps - David Bowie
  11. In other News, complete coincidence obviously but. Rangers Facebook GOAL OF THE DAY: Scott Arfield v FC Midtjylland
  12. Pretty much nailed it for me @Nogbad the Bad. I have a ST, been double jabbed, as safe as I'm going to be but there are still doubts. If anyone is feeling really confident, I'll pass on an overheard conversation by someone going to a Supermarket. " I should be isolating, tested positive " The guy looked round to see a family of 4 and no masks. Now I will accept that as I didn't personally see/hear this I can't vouch for it. But with no track & Trace and no masks for many, while even the double jabbed can spread it. I do wonder how far away from another lockdown we are. I will almost certainly be there for Blackpool, the Bus down will be just as risky, but I can absolutely understand those with doubts. All the ST holders will be counted, 12,500 wasn't it, so just depends on the ones that pick their games. First of the season usually decent, but as I've said before can't see us reaching much over 16k
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