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  1. Sexy in Latin - Little Man Tate
  2. You still see Lino's flagging for things, so why would they flag for some decisions they make, and not others. It has been mentioned that some Refs ask for offsides and throws nothing else, hopefully current Ref's aren't that dictatorial , but who knows.
  3. I know, but they practically never make a decision.
  4. Has to due a game centrally. It means we would have to stop lumping the ball, but I can live with that.
  5. We are Lansdown just outside of the area, while I shouted for a Pen my mate was sure it wasn't. The Ref signalled to the ball so I think he thought the defender got a touch, this would also explain why Scott wasn't booked. He may have thought there was contact after the tackle. I've watched the replay, it looks a blatant hand ball from the wrong side. The Linesman was the right side for it, but it seemed neither wanted to get involved with the game, just throws and the occasional offside. I really don't think we will be getting much luck when we defend our box for 45 minutes.
  6. Because we don't have players that can play in tight spaces, under pressure or even find a pocket of space, we can't play out from the back. Which means we have no other option and we are back to chasing shadows again. @Davefevs highlighted the number of 2nd balls they picked up in good areas, means they get possession and we chase them again. It's annoying, we have good players, skilful players . But they don't do the things they train for all week. Watch the videos, all one or two touch pass and move, get to a Saturday and the game plan seems to be , hit Martin, fight for knock downs. I think Nige has us doing that more because we simply can't hold the ball.
  7. 1966 and all that - Half Man Half Biscuit
  8. Thought I'd posted this before but incase. Urban Tandor on Small Street. Food was fab, the service was great and seems popular. We went on a Sunday night and it was busy, pretty much rammed. The Monkfish starter is superb .
  9. Needs must though. If he wanted someone in Jan, we have very little room to manoeuvre so his hand may be forced. He should have the connections, and I get the reticence , but we may not have any other option.
  10. All very well saying X , Y , Z will go. A few things to consider ; They are under contract. There isn't a lot of money around. There hasn't been much value in the market. January is a difficult time to buy or sell. We have a small squad so can't just offload. We are not cash rich, So can't just buy as and when. So we will rely on someone buying our players, and if we want rid it will be a buyers market. That means we won't get top money, which leads to difficulty buying to replace. You always want better than you get rid of, that's the only way it makes sense, so any money in would need adding to to improve on player sold. I don't see much movement in Jan, I would hope Nige is calling all his mates to find loans. The only real assets we have, we won't want to sell and the ones we don't want won't fetch much. I think we are stuck with this squad until the summer, then I'll be worried about losing the likes of Masengo. Nige needs to work some magic.
  11. I'd add some relevant thoughts, but I can't get past the "everyone needs to be on the bus and we can’t afford any passengers" Isn't everyone on the Bus a passenger ?
  12. The back line play far too deep. As Fevs said , we have some pace in the back line, we could afford to push 10 yards which would also make it easier for the midfield. 5 minutes before Wells attempt I mentioned it to my mate. I'd had a go on a Sunday morning from opponents goal kick, missed by 10 yards and even then it dribbled over the byline Because we didn't get control of the ball quickly, and because all 11 players were basically on our 6 yard line, he was allowed to take liberties. Nhaki's effort was brilliant and unlucky, but with no one outside of 20 yards from our box there was no pressure on them to defend from their corners or even attacks. That is on Pearson. Tiredness and nerves ok, but that is simple setting up for corners.
  13. I would be surprised if we did much, if any business in Jan. Unless we are in danger, or near top 6 ( ) As I said it's not who we play, but how we play. Not like conceding possession is anew thing.
  14. I typed out a few things on various platforms last night, but deleted all of them. They ended up being a bit random and bitter. So I'll try and organise my thoughts a little better this morning. Firstly I thought we did ok first half, touch and go whether we deserved 1-0 , but not a massively undeserved scoreline. Scott was excellent (apart from that miss), and the midfield hadn't looked as weak as I'd expected. Defence looked good, Baker was old school Baker (Johnson looked terrified) and we were well in the game with noses in front. Not sure what was said at half time, you expect them to calm out quickly, but it looked like we had been told to try and hold what we had. We never got any foothold in the game, no forward momentum and definitely no control. I hate that we bring everyone back at corners, at one stage it allowed all 10 Forest outfield players in the final 3rd, the keeper acting sweeper near half way. When we cleared it comes straight back, leave someone anyone up front, just to keep defender honest and give us chance to get out. We have, for ages , defended too deep at the end of games. Now this has been, pressure from teams chasing a goal, fatigue meaning players drop deeper to cover plus the simple fact we cannot put a series of passes together to keep the ball and so see the game out. Last night that started from the kick off. Even if you play on the break (which I'm not sure we do by design, more being dominated constantly) , you need to be able to look after the ball. Wells made some good runs and that chip (I actually mentioned there was a chance 5 minutes before) shows his eye for goal, but we didn't have the control to get a decent pass away. Martin had got some good headers and flicks in but he looked like he was struggling a bit so I thought HNM was a good move. Though I expected Scott might have been first because of Nige love of Martin. Forests control and dominance made it hard for Masengo to make a real impact, though he did some nice twists & turns and nicked the ball a few times. Again because we were so deep, space was rare so Scott had become a little less effective, plus cramp , Palmer turned out to be equally ineffective. Still we were defending well, if too deep ( I may have mentioned that before) and Forest seemed to be getting desperate with long shots. The change of Wells for COD was strange, yet not so. I though Nhaki had a good game, and if anyone was liable to nick a goal it would be him. Then again, he had lost his footing a few times, looked frustrated, and more to the point service had all but dried up as we couldn't get decent possession. Now I can see the reasoning, COD is a good runner & Pacey . Get it to feet and he could have caused their defence real problems . It just didn't happen. One thing I will say, it was not a nailed on Pen. I've seen them given, but on first view it looked like he went down easily. The Ref seemed to point at the ball, so I guess he thought the defender got a touch, but also he didn't book Scott so I imagine he thought there was contact. TBF Baker had been excellent, but I sat down as soon as Baker started to dive in. I didn't need the Ref to give the decision, even from 80 yards away it was obvious. Not only that, I was waiting for the 2nd goal. Defend like that, after chasing shadows for 45 minutes and you just just can't change your mindset and get out on the front foot. I wanted to be seeing ALL the touchline staff screaming to get out as soon as we started defending from our own area. We had started to see signs of improvement, and I do think in many ways we are better than we have been previously. But sadly the one thing, the main problem is exactly the same as it's been for over 2 years. We don't keep the ball, we don't control games and so we can't defend leads. Now IMO, it's partly mindset, though Pearson had started to address that with James & King. Partly nerves and partly the ability to pass to our own players in space and a big part of that, is lack of movement. And there is the catch 22. Because we lack movement we can't find the easy pass. Because we can't find the easy pass we tend to go longer. Because we go longer, we lose the ball more. Because we lose the ball more. Because we lose the ball more, we end up chasing the ball more. Because we chase the ball more, we tire quicker. Because we tire quicker we lack movement repeat to fade. It's not a new thing, we suffered the same under Johnson, we suffered the same under Holden and , so far, Pearson has struggled to change it. Maybe having Williams fit might make a difference, but I don't think it's down to players, totally. It's coaching and mindset , as soon as a player passes the ball it seems like that's his job done. What we need is for that player to just move a yard to give the option of the ball back, while others do the same. We are static. When a Forest player was fronted up, and we never really got tight too often, he had an option. If there wasn't one there, someone would make a run. Again they were streets ahead of us on the ball. The 2nd half was Bournemouth levels of dominance and if Forest had their levels of quality , Forest would have won much earlier. Make no mistake, this is a big, big job. One that, sadly may be too big for Pearson. I apologise for the ramble, but at least it's off my chest now. I shall now pretend I don't like football for the next few days.
  15. I emailed last night, sounds like a few have. One thing, I sent the link below. Seems although there was an international awareness day, it was so poorly advertised no one seems aware. Certainly didn't see a follow up this year. https://www.tacbis.eu/news/uefa-nations-league-matches-promote-colour-blind-awareness-day-2020/
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