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  1. There was an interesting bit re-hamstrings last year. Can't remember if it was Rennie, but there was stats on the improvement in hamstring strength throughout the squad. Made a point of criticising the poor state previously. I find these little bits interesting, didn't even realise you could track such things . Sounds like he has more ideas too.
  2. That's actually a good point. I think the original rule was to stop Clubs over charging away fans, while keeping home tickets cheaper, which used to happen. Now it would actually be the other way round, the away ticket would be cheaper than the home equivalent . I think City could get around it as there isn't a real equivalent, the Ate is older, less leg room and power facilities than the South stand, but. As it is, our pricing won't stop the majority of away fans coming, and so there is no reason (apart from fairness) to encourage them to do so. As we know City are quite money lead, which I understand to a point, so I would be surprised if we joined in TBH.
  3. As @Monkeh said, we just have to wait. The Club will , rightfully , wait until medical results and reports are in, then they would consult with Baker. The type of player he is , I imagine he would want to play, but if medical advice says otherwise he would be crazy to carry on.
  4. 2 head injuries , concussions , in a short period. At least the second one he was unconscious for a period. Single concussion is about 10 days rest and observation , the second coming so quickly after is a worry. They would be taking every precaution to make sure there are no long term problems. With Bakers age, and the way he plays, I wouldn't be surprised if he retires. But I'm not surprised he ( and the medical) are taking their time to see if it's Baker's decision or on health grounds.
  5. Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
  6. I must admit I had to check, thought there was longer between the games. Mad that now you'd have to wait a week or two for a replay.
  7. Yeah, we were at the back of the East End. I remember being so excited about getting a draw that we were definitely going to the replay. By the time we got home we had 2nd thoughts, and as the replay was 2 days later and a Monday we thought better of it. Glad when I heard the score.
  8. Geoff Merrick brilliant diving header ..... OG
  9. I know loads had that as their top tune. By loads I mean some, by some I mean my Mrs, her sister and that vicar off Gogglebox we saw on Twitter? Kate Botely possibly. as a cross section of our house that's a pretty high percentage.
  10. I don't really watch, I had Mansfield on the Laptop. That's not just because I really dislike the whole freak show, but as it's been a joke for years. When was the last time it was a real music or song competition ? 70's ? 80's maybe ? Everyone puts in rubbish song now and again, but the number of times we struggled for votes could not have been for musical reasons. Last night, when I did watch you could call a lot of the votes as Countries still voted for their neighbour. Last night you knew the Ukraine would get a massive sympathy vote. I think you have to categorise as an entertainment show, and if you like it fill yer boots. My Mrs and her sisters love it, friends love it , TBF I did quite enjoy the piss taking on Twitter, but its not for me. I'm with you, if it's a song contest it should be about the song. As for the voting, how does the public vote actually work ? The numbers are strange in the extreme . About 180 for the UK, can't be individual votes surely. Is it some percentage ?
  11. Damn straight, I'll take anything I can
  12. Sugar Sugar - The Archies
  13. I honestly don't care who goes up, I have no real feeling for any of the clubs involved. So for me, not fussed. As long as it's not Sunderland
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