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  1. Interesting reading this thread, not sure I agree with anyone Against a very good passing side, that has very good movement and technical players in advanced positions, I thought he did well. Got forward a bit and tried to get to the byline on occasions. Tackled well, that last one was important. Looked solid. My only criticism is with his delivery or final ball, but that will come as he settles. All in all, a very steady debut with plenty of promise.
  2. There have been QPR fans calling for his head for a while. My mates could see he was building something and he was hamstrung by finances. I think they'll go close this year, they look a very good footballing side.
  3. F@£king typical, VPN ran out of data with 4 minutes to go.............. I missed the goal FFS
  4. The other night was poor, we didn't deserve anything and more or less nicked a point. The previous games I quite enjoyed. There is a balance though, we need results, we want good football. Not easy getting the two together. We have to improve on the last two years though, it's a low bar and so far there are signs. But to paraphrase the Beatles... It's a long and minding road , long way to go.
  5. I've said many times before, once you stop going it gets easier to stay away. For ages I couldn't understand why my mates spent times not going, then our seats were taken for corporate clients ( we were offered them at double what we'd been paying) , add that the football hadn't been great and I started POTD. I obviously missed a few and it got easier just to not bother. I ended up staying away for some time. Many times, including recently , it's only the social side that has kept me coming. I bumped into mates I used to go with 30 plus years ago Wednesday, it was great. But people are being priced out of it. Your other point is very valid too Spudski, Saturdays I get a Bus to the centre and walk to the pub, the Bus is so slow, I've never bothered to get the link Bus to Bemmie, just too much of a pain. So door to (Pub) door takes around an hour & 15. I drove Wednesday, 40 minutes and then a 20 minute walk to the Coopers. As you say ball ache
  6. I would love to know where COD is now. I guess the first we will know is when he suddenly appears on the bench. Unpopular opinion to some on here, but I think we've missed him.
  7. There are a few that stand out, but generally I'm not surprised. Financially almost everyone has had to think about renewing I would imagine. I was disappointed the club didn't cut prices a bit across the board to, A) Help out fans a little B) Show thanks for many who had written off the original investment and/or followed on the internet and Robins TV C) Make it a little more attractive to floating fans, PotD is just too much for many. That said it clearly didn't work at Swansea, not sure of their PotD but Season tickets were massively reduced it looks like. Brum have on going Ground issues, so that goes a way to explaining that one. I can imagine Derby fans would be fed up with the seemingly corrupt owners, so in their place I'd stay away. I found some pricing for the Championship. Barnsley - £350 to £475 Birmingham - £265 to £505 Blackburn Rovers - No information released yet. .... £399 - £499 Blackpool - £299 to £649 Bournemouth - £550 to £760 Bristol City - £355 to £636 Cardiff - £249 to £479 ** Coventry - £375 Derby - No information released yet .......... £319 - £431 but discounts the longer you've had a ST * Fulham - No information released yet. ..... £309 - £809 Huddersfield Town - £249 to £329 **Cardiff's average 2019 was 20,738 , this year so far 18,810 nearly 2k down. * I think this idea is a clever one. You get a discount up to 40% if you've had a ticket for 10 years. Would make you have second thoughts about ditching your ST and lose discount.
  8. I don't think now is the time to go for it, against a good side. Plus options are limited and Pearson doesn't like changing too much, so. I would like to see Nhaki up front I'd bring King back in and maybe Simpson , depending on why he's not been around much. If COD still isn't fit I don't see any other changes. I really don't see us getting much from the game.
  9. Nothing says "I've made it" like having your own group of stalkers , kudos to you Sir
  10. Went to York a few times, the only one I can remember at all is the Ralph Milne one. Great goal in horrible conditions. Always quite enjoyed a trip to York. Pretty sure one scored a hat trick away , and the other got one at home. I thought the home one was on MotD & that was Tom Ritchie, might be wrong. I might check later. Ah I see @bredwood beat me to it.
  11. The way our MF was passed through last night, I think it should be a case of adding Williams and not swapping him in. I would have HNM as attacking MF with 2 of Williams, King or James as the base. Pring left, Weimann right and Wells up top. Playing Wells might stop us playing those aimless punts to the striker.
  12. With the game on TV/Red button I can see it's an easy decision for many. From my own perspective.... I can drive, as I did last night. Means I only have a one beer and I have to park, not always easy now, 20 minute walk to the Coopers . I can catch the bus, possibly an hour from Fishponds depending on traffic, then I usually walk from the centre half an hour. Half an hour back to the Centre, wait for the Bus, another half an hour . Probably home about 11:30. Or I can stay home and watch on TV. It's only the fact I've already paid for the ticket that forces me to get my ass off of the sofa. You add £40 to the above , before a couple of beers and some food , another £20 ? Why would you bother ?
  13. When the ground was finished and reopened, we used to go in early. The beer was cheaper and the fan park was good too. Now they've put prices up, there are no tables or chairs, why would you want to go in when you can stay in the pub with more comfort and cheaper beer? They have dropped a bollock with their pricing and attitude towards fans IMO.
  14. Talking about this last night, £30-40 is too much. I was disappointed they didn't do something with season card prices, a few teams dropped prices as a gesture. Then they could have lowered general prices. I know with a membership there were £10 tickets available, which makes a membership sensible, but Dolman/wings for Fulham is £30 for a member and £35 non member. I was in 2 minds about renewing this year, but the social side of it won me over. My ticket works out about £25 a game. If I didn't have a SC I wouldn't pay the £43 they want for the same ticket. COVID etc has impacted on a lot of people, 16,000 is poor when you think of how we had built up to regular 20,000 crowds. It's harder to win fans back, and if you need around £80 with ticket/travel/food/drink that is even harder.
  15. 1960maaan


    My problem with Bentley, and I have defended him every time he's been slated since he came here , is his handling. He is a big bloke but doesn't command his area, never has. He is also very much a confidence player, probably why we got him relatively cheap to start with. Him not coming for crosses means defenders sit deeper, he stays and hesitates when he has chance to come out and his handling all round looks suspect. Brilliant shot stopper, but that is the very basic requirements for a keeper , it's the rest of his game that raises a keeper to the next level. TBH , I wouldn't care if Max got the shout to start at QPR. It would be a big call, but that was very poor last night.
  16. Crazy little thing called love - Queen
  17. Fire - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  18. Doesn't everything belong to Dwayne sports ? The training ground was purchased in DS's name and the Ground is as far as I know. It is listed in a meeting with Friends of the Memorial Ground Group , as owners. This was when they (DS) were going to build a 20,000 all seater stadium.
  19. A day in the life - The Beatles
  20. I doubt he's in a position to just give it up. But if they perform badly it won't take long for the new owners to start to worry. I can see them putting pressure on a change if the poor form goes on too long. Not a clue what contract he's on, but I doubt it's less than a years salary .
  21. It's a difficult one. If you've been brought in, with all the bluster and promise of having the major say in a rebuild ( which could be the case in both Cook & Cotts),when you are cut off at the knees it can go one of 2 ways. You kick back and play up, which didn't work well for SC. But also looks like a missed opportunity by the Club, which could be blamed to a large part on Ashton. Or you can suck it up and go through the motions to keep your job, depends on character, I guess the contracts would be paid up anyway (depending on what they signed). Cooks stock was high , but as a big part of why I would have been happy to see him here (recruitment) has been taken away from him. While there are pure coaches that have little to do with recruitment, they surely must have a say in the positions recruited for and the numbers. Ashton seems to run roughshod over those ideas. I'd feel a little sympathy for any genuinely ambitious coach under Ashton, Cook is in an unenviable position. A job with a good club, with history and recently under achieved greatly is a good job to take, specially with a new owners money. I think he could really have got them going given the right circumstances. As it is, it feels a bit like when MA came in here, dismantled all that had worked previously and made the managers job unworkable. Difference is, from a distance it's easier to enjoy this time round.
  22. Marky Mark set his stall out early, nice bit of fawning by signing a player on his Chairman's recommendation Doesn't look good for Cook though, how much say in strategy does he have if the Chairman & CEO are that hands on. Sacked by the next window?
  23. I think it was mentioned he still wasn't fully fit for the last U23 game, explains why he only scored 2
  24. Give up the funk (tear the roof off the sucker) - Parliament
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