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  1. Hope you don't mind, pinched this for some G*s baiting on FB.
  2. Does it mean a new artist impression is on the cards?
  3. 11v11 site has it at 3,576 , and the HTV report seems to think it's certain. But I agree it was a different time and attitude , the middle class and Sky hadn't taken over yet. Am I undecided if it is better or worse now? Well , yes and no .
  4. Sorry , what are you trying to say ??
  5. The one thing they have been consistent in , they keep banging on about us thinking we are a BIG club. Now I haven't heard any of ours say this , and yet now they apparently ......... 6th biggest club in the UK , no actual proof forth coming. They will be in the Prem in 5 years. Their stadium with outshine ours Blah blah etc etc , and all without their Bi££ionaire owner putting any of his own money in !!! Could be a format for teams in the future. Oh one more thing, does anyone get a Monty Python feeling about their owner. I'm a billionaire and so's my wife.
  6. Because if you're murdered you're happier if, and I can't emphasise this enough, you're happier knowing (or not depending on your beliefs) that the perpetrator may be caught ??
  7. The fact that they say they say it's sooo very exclusive they can't find it on the IWC website and yet come up with a value of, as they say .... £15,860 IWC timepiece . It might well be valuable,exclusive and Fugly but as you say it seems desperate....... Reporter I've read gAssChat, he's rich, very rich in fact very very rich ! He's got a watch an' everything !! Editor proof reads that and passes it for publication as fact, Evening Post (mis)leading local paper !
  8. Ah, so the £1.2billion is right , I can understand that lot getting excited being in the position they were but, God their fans spout some crap !!! Along with Radio Bristol, Evening Post etc etc....
  9. To save me reading back through all this thread, has anyone come up with a final figure of their worth. I only ask because the wild speculation is becoming boring, a mate (bloody Huddersfield fan !) has pipped up they are the 6th richest club in England. With SL a simple Forbes/ Lansdown search and you find he is now worth £1.99 billion, with Al Qadi you don't get much. Figures vary from assets of £1.2b to net worth £65m. I did like the post somewhere that stated they were worth £305billion, 3 times as much as Bill Gates........... the richest man in the world
  10. Be good to get some feedback on the new boy, how did Zak get on. LJ gave him a good report but would be good to hear other opinions.
  11. Wonder if Tomlin is on the radar for a permanent move. Sounded a good solid performance and we are looking like we could be a decent side.
  12. Totally agree, a quick search pulled up a similar name linked with very dodgy accusations . I didn't link it on here as I wasn't sure if it was the same family or any connection at all.
  13. Very true , I have a good mate on FB who has kept his ST at the Rugby ground through the Non League and sticks by them what ever. Now I can talk to him , even though he is obsessed, I can just about stomach his FB posts. It's his mates that get me, the reply's are hypocritical , deluded and bizarre . If we win I enjoy it , if they win, the first line they post will include the word City or the schoolyard 'banter' equivalent.
  14. I don't like hypocrisy , so the main thing that gets me is the complete 180 they have come out with.... Some of the 'digs' they have come out with. Big club , franchise , sugar daddy , just a toy blah blah blah. Now what do we have......They are on a level playing field , not with us oh no , with Man City and Chelsea , and I've already seen a post that states that 'the sleeping giant has woken ' !! WTAF ! OK , the family has a lot of money (family money, that may be a reality check right there), they are bankers so not oil rich like Citeh , they are not Rovers fans (and this could be massive). One or two of the family like football, one is a Chelsea fan , so why the Squatters ? I may be cynical but , the stadium will get subsidies , and aid so they build at a discount. The club itself would have been comparatively cheap ( possible ground implosion, court cases , mid table League2 with not massive gates). Move on 2 years , new ground challenging at the top of L1 and reasonable gates = profit , a bankers dream. I may be wrong , they may be in it for the long haul. But , if as they say SL will pull his money out lose interest in us and we would be finished ( ties with the area , supports the club , building for the future) , how do those same G*s feel now ?? Foreign owners , no ties to the area, only heard of the club last September ? To be fair , if I was one of that lot (and thank the Lord I'm not) I would be excited. After the tinpot way they have been run , very excited. But then my first thought wouldn't be local opposition (or should that be obsession) . The evolution thing is the right way to go, but I do think if you don't actually have a love or feeling for a Football club, then for toys you would be better off going to Hamley's. I do wonder if they ever get above us whether that would be it as there would be no ambition left to achieve.
  15. Genuinely interested to know how much this lot are worth, just saw a Squatter post £500m !!!! Seems strange that the internet has so little about a family so wealthy.
  16. I did find something that said the family are now major players in Jordan after taking over HSBC's interests in that country, that would be in the banking community. So as has been said, money available to use without touching their own, bit like the Glaziers at Man Utd. I think he means the family is worth £70m not the Squatters !
  17. They may see it as a cheap buy to build up and sell on. Shouldn't take too much investment to get them up, potentially new ground around the corner (depending on who you believe) and the transition would look favorable . They take a newly promoted non League side with an old ground, paying a relatively small sum, and putting a League 1 side with a new ground up for sale in a year or two and look for a handsome profit. The old saying of , how do you make a small fortune out of football ? Start with a large one ! Springs to mind
  18. This quote should be pinned to the top of the board , never a truer word .... ummm words.
  19. While I agree that goals are a bit of a worry , what I saw today (specially in the first half) was very encouraging . I like the system and it brought the best out of Freeman today. I agree we could do with a striker to take some of the weight off JK , he should never have played as much as he has this season , but all that was missing today was a finish. JK was livelier , due in no small part to having creative players pushing forward and actually looking for runners, we also had shots at goal. We look pretty solid , SG looks a steal at the price and Baker had his best game Imho. In fact no one was off the pace. I Agree with the caller on 20man , I think we have upset the Refs somehow. Give away free kicks by breathing on players while even mugging a City player is waved on. One last moan , how could the Ref let that bloke kick the ball out then walk onto the pitch sit down and get treatment !! He should have made him go off or carried on, bloody annoying. One last last point, it's taken a few games to test his shot stopping(I think it was his first real save), but I'd to sign the keeper now. Oh , and changing tactics during a game? Didn't think that was allowed
  20. Just thought I'd leave this here, as Joe Bryan says ... magnificent hair
  21. Well at least away from Otib world the is some optimism , guy just be on radio Bristol to say we'll make the play offs !!
  22. Up until now , I haven't been sure how I felt about Cott's. Stay/Go didn't lean either way. Sadly now, it's looking more and more like go ! No plan 'B' , stubbornness over formation/subs etc not to mention his admission that he can get no more out of them (as I've said before , resignation statement?). The position we're in, the need for new blood and it being the worst time to get players in I think we may as well give some time with any new blood, before pulling the trigger, but not too long. Drastic times call for drastic measures.
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