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  1. I first saw the City back in 1963 went with neighbours who were Gas supporters, City i believe won 3-0. so i knew from then there was only OTIB
  2. I bet the dog does not want to go back again, the human urine was to strong for it.
  3. i'd give it to half time, hope he turns up tho. #
  4. If this was the case they were letting the club down the supporters down and also themselves down as professional players.
  5. The players have had the confidence taken out of them by a manager who never had a clue and was out of his depth, There needs to be a manager with a good reputation in next week who can react with the players. Only way we are going to stop the rot is getting the players to believe in themselves The team was set up more to stop Barnsley when we should have been looking for the points. We were completely and utter shite until they scored. Then we just seem to up our game when it should of been from the first whistle.
  6. Sacked at half time? Let the tea lady take over!
  7. He wanted to play for them or he has just has no time for Holden, Saying that any other manager would have dropped him.
  8. He was scoring goals and playing well when transfer window open, soon as it closed and no one came in for him it seems he is happy to see the season out.
  9. Going to see how badly the pitch will turn up after the Rugby tonight. It must be soaked.
  10. Most players start at grass roots and have played on all types of surfaces, so they should know how to play on a pitch like today. Common sense should say passes along the ground are a complete waste of time. The manager has lived up north most of his life and should know what kind of tactics you play on rough surfaces. As you say completely spoilt players, i can see if pitches were frozen we probably would have radiators around the pitch.
  11. Yesterday it was probably go out and enjoy yourselves, going to be interesting if Holden keeps the same team against Huddersfield.
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