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  1. 2 hours ago via mobile RoverDrive likes this Quote Post by Qatar Gas on 2 hours ago Even the 2014 team didn’t find itself in the bottom two until the last game of the season
  2. Very good for Hungary!
  3. Belgium beat Finland later and a victory one way or the other in the Austria-Ukraine match and Engand will already be through.
  4. England to play for the draw on Tuesday?
  5. Scotland are the Gas of international football.
  6. True, but the Scouse situation goes a lot further than that. Have a Scouse mate who is a big Liverpool fan, and he told me it's a lot to do with politics.
  7. We are good at getting into a lot of different positions.
  8. Thanks. Agree with what you say, but if both second halves start and finish at the same time, then Derby don't know about Pack's equaliser until the end of their game, and would have to keep looking for a winner, which might have made the game more open leading to a Wednesay winner...
  9. What was the reason for the delayed ko at Derby? Knowing the Rotherham result gave them a massive advantage, did it not? They knew a draw would be enough.
  10. There's the proud old "Virtute et Industria" (though our lot would probably understand that as "we're tits, and in dust are we all"...)
  11. Maybe it's doing the dziekanowski?
  12. You've nailed it, Olé. Put that eye in, SL sees through all the smoke and players pick a pass. Put that leg in, and players don't fall over like Kalas. Complete the wing and we're flying down the wing, not flapping in our area. Complete the ball, and we're paying total football. Job's a good 'un!
  13. So the season’s been real shit When you look at it To field a decent side we’ve not been able We’ve been ever on the slide But just enjoy the ride At least we’re not rock bottom of the table And.. Always look on the bright side of life Be doo, be doody dooby do Always look on the bright side of life Be doo, be doody dooby do If the club seems jolly rotten, There’s something you’ve forgotten, Just look beyond Hunt, Rowe, Wells and Kalas, There’ll be a rebuild for next season And don’t forget to reason: At least we’re not supporters of the Gas And… Always look on the bright side of life Be doo, be doody dooby do Always look on the bright side of life Be doo, be doody dooby do
  14. Don't worry, mate. It's just poor editing. No reason for us to be on this page!
  15. City are specialists in winning when there's nothing at stake.
  16. By "Pearson appointment - progress?" I thought you meant "is the appointment of Pearson progress for the club?"
  17. Agree, but not a bad consolation prize!
  18. Alternatively, Swindon win and the Gas finish the day rock bottom. A win-win!
  19. You forgot a win for Rochdale!
  20. Lincoln 4-0 up with only 34% possession, and 5 shots at goal. With only 3 shots on target too...
  21. Warming up nicely for Saturday!
  22. What a week for Wigan and the Wombles!
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