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  1. We’re a poor side, aren’t fun to watch and have too many injuries. That’s absolute as creative in creating chances as we’ve been all season. Would be a big win, Need to scran together as many points as possible to make us stay up this season, draw a line under it and move on as fast as poss
  2. “It’s about making sure he’s right” Which is why we keep rushing him back from injuries and expecting him to play 95 minutes three times a week, and put it down to ‘bad luck’ when he breaks down again ????
  3. It's not just the duty (or lack of) in terms of scouting around the area, been done to death re who we've missed out on over the years, but seems like there's a bit of a god complex with Rovers and City once kids are through the door, or almost through. Anyone academy or even pre-academy that comes through at Southampton, get free replica kit, shin pads, help with buying boots for different seasons, the lot. Made mascot for the next first team home game(s), family invited down to the same game, treated like royalty. You're part of a huge family. Better, Hassenhutl designs all the training sessions for all academy age groups, has close contact with all the coaches at all academy ages too, so there's a clear identity from top to bottom. We had smidges of that under LJ, but fundamentally he was shitscared of using academy grads unless it was unavoidable. Even played Lloyd Kelly at LB. With City, have a picture taken in front of the Bryan & Reid portrait, ruffle of the hair, that's about your lot. Congratulations, but look how great we are, aren;t you lucky to be here, in essence.
  4. Even harder to enforce when the PM himself, and the entire Tory party, don’t wear masks in public spaces, whilst in public facing roles
  5. Getting slightly bored of him saying this sorta stuff after losses tbh. In the last 3/4 losses it’s been: people on or off the bus…..Downing and Simpson go and then he said retrospectively he also meant coaches. Few weeks later he throws out of nowhere that players aren’t buying into his way, so be will do all he can to get them out the door (but he will still play them….), and now today players need to play through niggles, and also need to adjust to games better when they come on (after being banished from games for no real reason…aka Atkinson). Needs to focus on getting players to string decent back to back performances together and get them focused to kick a ball in a straight line 5 yards ahead of them, rather than repeatedly throw out cryptic messages in pressers.
  6. still on the hunt sadly
  7. What on Earth is Bentley doing with that throw out
  8. When did Bogle get booked? Is everyone getting him confused with Gibbs White….?
  9. This is atrocious, even by this season’s standard
  10. Chris Honour is something else. Is he paid £10 for every City propaganda comment?
  11. Been trying to find a way to get in contact with him for a Cider With episode for about 18 months, he seems to be totally untraceable! Anyone that knows him/his driver/barber/butcher that would be able to get us in touch with him, I will repay in cider
  12. It’s a far, far bigger win than Barnsley was. Had a clear structure, bodies were on the line and we ended the game with 4 academy graduates on the pitch. Massive win
  13. Been convinced for years that Benarous would leave us for a bigger team before we ever saw him in the first team. Absolutely delighted that’s not the case. Him & Scott putting in performances like that for 99 minutes at this level is outstanding
  14. Would’ve finished 2nd if we’d have won that game and had the same results either side iirc
  15. Attacks the officials and attacks his own players. Wheels are coming back off again
  16. Way ahead of you, asked him as soon as he got the gig at Stoke but he’s all NDA’d up.
  17. Should’ve done much better for their goal imo. Lets the cross in far too easy Still, if he can stay fit and chip in with the odd goal here & there to take the load off Weimann and Martin then it’ll be a help
  18. Two players that LJ publicly said he wanted signed permanently***
  19. Is that Martin who got a goal and an assist in the last game…..?
  20. Judging by the current criteria, this rules Vyner out doesn’t it? Or does it not count if it’s one of the accused
  21. Been really enjoying the total guessing re players with no substance or reasoning behind it. Hopefully the line up sees basically no changes tomorrow so the content can keep coming
  22. Listening to Pearson’s presser it sounds like whatever illness he has/had is serious. “First morning back in after getting some positive news, so I’m relieved”
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