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  1. He is an unreal talent. Him & Scott could end up being the two bright sparks of any otherwise fairly unremarkable season Is the plan
  2. that could be the first time in history we've been called professional sounding, if anyone needs me i'll be in shock on the floor until Saturday
  3. Agreed. I thought Palmer was great first half.
  4. Absolute baller. The fact him & Palmer got a half each suggests Pearson is torn between the 2 on who to start next week.
  5. Bentley clanger, all beers except Heineken out in the lansdown pre game. Lovely to be back
  6. He definitely was at an early stage wasn’t he? maybe even when he moved to us. Was in the secret footballer books & fairly sure was reported he was the reason the move Derby broke down wasn’t it?
  7. Show me you’re guilty without saying you’re guilty
  8. I’m not so sure they will. The fact they haven’t already suspended him suggests to me they can’t afford to sack him/prepare to.
  9. Still finding the club stuff very amateur tbh. Nice fancy new camerawork, but Downsy asking Joe Williams if pre season games are ‘helpful for playing time’ and Dave Barton asking the 23s keeper if joining the first team on pre season ‘was a step up for him’
  10. Scott & Bell. Both intended to be right in amongst it this season from what I’ve heard. Maybe Benarous but think he may be on the outskirts.
  11. But if he misses, everyone says “he missed one in 2018 what was Southgate thinking !!!!!”
  12. We were a total brick wall for the majority of the game. conceded the shittest goal of the tournament to cost us the final.
  13. Conceded no goals from open play for the entire tournament. Played fantastic football. This squad have another 2 or 3 major tournaments left in them. No matter what happens we have been immense these past 4 weeks.
  14. Ref has bottled it. Yellow at the very least. Where’s var?
  15. Scored off probably the only defensive laps/poor bit of defending all game. Still very much there for the taking. Especially with Chiesa off now & the options we have off the bench.
  16. Kane, Shaw, Rice. Wow. Borderline unplayable the lot of them.
  17. greatest fans in the world etc etc
  18. There’s two things I’ve always stood by in football. Anything can happen in a derby. Anything can happen in a final. Thjs could really go either way. But either way what an absolutely pleasure it is to watch this England team play, managed by an absolute gent.
  19. Can’t see how we don’t win this. They are absolutely blowing after all those subs still. Extra time or pens with foden/rashford/trippier/Sancho off the bench it would take unal bad luck for us to lose this.
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