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  1. My thoughts too. I really think Usyk is going to knock him out. Don’t really know who I want to win tbh. Love both for different reasons
  2. You can clearly see the Luton defender extend his arm to shove Atkinson off from a view from the dolman. Luton player looks at the ref after too.
  3. Few dodgy moments first half, but quickly grew into one of the best on the pitch. Was superb second half. FWIW (could be BS) but heard today the sticking point re contract is that he’s been offered the exact same terms that he’s on right now, so basically extending his current contract rather than anything ‘new’
  4. Well on course to get absolutely battered at Pompey on Saturday too, who’ve started excellently
  5. It’s not a turning point as such, because we played largely that well against Hull and Wigan in the first halves of those games. That’s why the reaction to performances were so ridiculous. That result tonight was always on the cards, we’ve had brilliant patterns of attacking play all season so far. You don’t take the Lead in 5 straight games by fluke. Difference tonight is we manage to get a second before being ****** over by a referee.
  6. Keep a clean sheet with 10 men and put in our best performance under Pearson 3 days after he ran out of ideas and became a dinosaur. Shocking really
  7. I saw him go mental at a wigan fan just before HT, then had to be restrained a bit before going down the tunnel for HT itself. Wondered what happened.
  8. I really think he’s saying all of this stuff while he still can, because he knows himself he’s in with a real chance of losing his job for the domestic abuse court case, whenever that actually happens. Needs to say these kinds of things to make it ‘harder’ for the club to get rid of him.
  9. …is generally how I’m feeling, and the reflection of the latest OSIB ep with myself and Harry. Bloody hot and long day in wigan, but when we keep conceding poor goals and stop scoring a lot of goals is when I think I’ll really start to worry. Links below & feedback welcome as ever. Enjoy! https://linktr.ee/osibpodcast
  10. Bs3 talk was a uni project for those lads I believe, robins nest(?) was the ‘official’ club one but that ended 2 or 3 years ago
  11. Asking for a better transfer budget? There is no ******* transfer budget. That’s the point!
  12. Dutch tax is real lads. Was always gonna happen. It’s Blind & Depay era 2.0. If not worse
  13. Conway and Scott would be nowhere near the squad under another manager. Turned Scott and Semenyo into £15m+ players, that will get us out of the deep shit that Holden, LJ & Ashton left us in. Been ahead in every single game this season. I’ll start worrying if that stops happening and we start conceding goals that aren’t individual errors, in no way linked to coaching, or shit penalties/deflected goals.
  14. A competent referee and we win that, no question. Defensively still an issue, but we’ve gone ahead in every single game this season. I’ll be actually worried once/if that stops.
  15. McLean has just gone ******* mental at a wigan fan Whilst coming off the pitch. Classy
  16. that’s a ******* clear red, how the hell the linesman a) misses that or b) tells the ref what happened only for him to give a yellow is beyond me
  17. Was actually discussing this with a mate the other day. That January window a few months before the season stopped is easily the most horrifically scramble together of players in my team supporting the club. Even worse than the summer under Coppell. Both windows that season were absolute carnage, a total shitshow and we’re well and truly paying the price now.
  18. Would really love to know what actually happened there, especially with all the agent £££ rumours. IMO there’s no chance anyone ever watched him play. Can remember him coming on against Barnsley first game of the season in 17-18 and he looked like he’d never ran before.
  19. Totally agree. Oxford in town Saturday who are actually a very good side as well. Wonder who Barton will blame for the loss today and probable loss Saturday. Poppppppp
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