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  1. I know its not going to happen, but i would love it if the world cup was taken away from Qatar.
  2. Would have been good to see a tackle today, not a bunch of scare little boys playing the big team. If we surrender to teams before the kick off we aren’t going anywhere.
  3. Or as Dog Doer Darrell adds to the end of sentences "Appy Dayz"
  4. bobbyjones Reserve Team http://storage.proboards.com/5848383/a/c6fIyvbPPO3AI60KH0Wl.gif Posts: 388 Posting Level Next Level in 112 posts I honestly thought this was one of us on a wind up, but no once reading this disillusioned sags further posts, he actually believes Wally and SL are in collusion to shut them down. yesterday at 4:56pm Quote Post by bobbyjones on yesterday at 4:56pm http://storage.proboards.com/5848383/a/c6fIyvbPPO3AI60KH0Wl.gif Oct 2, 2021 at 11:10pm Topper Gas said: http://storage.proboards.com/5848383/a/c6fIyvbPPO3AI60KH0Wl.gif Oct 2, 2021 at 11:02pm justin blue said: That’s extreme even on a night like this after the two and a half seasons we have had. This club will not end or cease to exist that does not happen to football clubs. Can you name one that has completely disappeared. Whatever happens Bristol Rovers will exist in some shape or form the same as Accrington, Hereford, Wimbledon and many others who were written off and consigned to the football dustbin. We have got some hard times ahead as if what we’ve had to endure isn’t enough while this club sorts itself out and who knows where that will take us, but Bristol Rovers will be there long after we have gone. I guess you could argue none of those original clubs still exist but have all been replaced by new phoenix clubs? What I can't understand is Wael seems to be throwing £m's at the club but we just get progressively worse each season. You can probably count on one hand the number of good performances since we had the new pitch installed. Likewise what's the point in having similar pitches at the Quarters if we don't perform on matchdays at the Mem. As said on another thread Waels out to ruin us along with Lansdown. You stated Waels £20 million buying off debts as credit to him but £20mill is nothing to lansdown. He would be happy to pay that to get rid of us, BRISTOL ROVERS.
  5. I think this was introduced on last season’s shirt, I remember something on the OS about it.
  6. A very good read from Fev's there. A couple of things for me, they say that all fans are on the outside looking in which in some respects are true on the day to day aspects of the club, as Fev's pointed out there are ways of looking into the club such as accounts, obviously its too early for Ipswich but they only need to look into ours to see the devastation that MA left behind to see how he works. Also they are insulting us by saying we are jealous and other things (knuckle draggers etc) they took him off of us, I wonder how many of those dismissing our thoughts have actually bothered to research what Watford have had to say or looked into their Head of medical Science Andy Rolls career and the disasters that follow him where ever he has landed. I expect very few if any. Anyway as someone else has said time to move on, he is gone thank god.
  7. I thought because he has asked to leave we do not have an obligation to make up his wages. I could be wrong though.
  8. Didn't Brewster buy a LOWER LEAGUE CLUB to try and get rid of some of his inheritance, perhaps Stephanie could go down that route but that would still leave her with £44.95 to dump. Sorry Stephanie not much help really.
  9. Is that like when he Inadvertently staggered into the drivers seat of the mini bus taking his Rovers chums to Wembley.
  10. Is there any pubs at the bottom of the hill ? I normally go to the bar in the ground but last time that was a nightmare.
  11. I’ve even heard there’s a few who haven’t come out yet because we are waiting outside in the car park.
  12. If you do find out you have a couple of accounts you could always come on here Two by Two.
  13. can anyone point me in the direction of those Aston Villa guys that went to the Gas and filmed them just singing about us and looking at our score, I know its on this thread but i cant find it. I have a mate who has never seen it and wont believe me. Ta in advance.
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