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  1. I doubt that the players know, because once that happens it gets out at some point. The players know Holden and appear to like him. A new man means it all starts again with all their places in doubt again. Just my take.
  2. Did notice that the style they use for the date is wrong. Clutching at straws maybe . . .
  3. Tomorrow Never Knows. Sums up the wait for the big announcement
  4. He would have needed some Factor 50 on his head though.
  5. North west is his patch I believe.
  6. Seems a long time ago now, but Rob Dorsett from Sky was the first to report it I think.
  7. Oh well. He will be available again soon.
  8. Sounds like Denis Smith . . . if this was 1992 ☺
  9. Shaun Taylor was a plumber by trade. I originally thought this thread was going to be about City players who had a trade. So there.
  10. A few hours ago he was 14/1. And no I didn't
  11. Yes, makes me feel soooooo old. I remember his dad but not young Kenny ☺
  12. Ooh, a bit of hope. Now which thread am I on again
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