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  1. Recently just moved to a place near Naghi Wells. On the same estate.
  2. KP lives near Long Ashton I've been reliably told! I know a guy who lives in the same road.
  3. Absolutely fabulous to be reminded of all these songs that's been around since the 70's, I think the Chris Crowe song was still sung long after he left into the 70's. One not mentioned yet 'I can't read, I can't write, but that don't seem to matter, I come up from Somerset and I can drive a Tractor. Class!!
  4. Sad news, I was lucky enough to see him play live for Spurs, a true legend. R I P Jimmy.
  5. Most people know why the footballers are taking the knee, the issue here is this pose, coming together around the centre circle, holding hands. putting hands together anything other than taking the knee would stop all the booing. Would you, accept another form of stance/pose to fight against discrimination?? or is it that important to kneel?
  6. I'm not here to argue, as there are a lot more educated folk on this site than me, they could explain Marxism just like reading it from a book, now that's smart! MLK i think was praying at that time not using the knee as a gesture, although it may have started the pose to be used in later years. The knee pose in more recent times was a symbol of an American police officer wrongly kneeling on George Floyds neck causing his death. That is my view why the knee was used by the BLM. That in turn is why some are still against this action, because like it or not people have different views.
  7. Those were the days we had the support of the Welsh and Scots behind us!!
  8. It was started not resurrected by an 'American sportsman' and yes it was resurrected by the BLM, tell thousands of rioters in USA dressed in black with face coverings that BLM is not political!! Look up the meaning of paranoid, not sure where that come from!
  9. Perhaps your the one being brain dead and ignorant since you started throwing these accusations, you probably are missing something!
  10. Of course not, I kneel down when changing the wheel on my car, but the kneeling was adopted by the BLM in support against actions against the American police, it has taken off from there. Make up another sign if need be against the racism here and we would all follow and accept it. I'm sure in most peoples mind the BLM is the last thing on their mind when kneeling, but to others , it's the symbol of the BLM movement.
  11. It took years for the St George cross to become accepted as a patriotic symbol after being used by far right groups, some associations still deem the cross as a symbol of racism. As with the kneeling, people with good reason would still associate it with the BLM.
  12. We were all there just to watch a game of football involving the team we love! Nothing else!
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