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  1. Wow!! That tells you all you need to know. As nice a guy as he may be, and this isn’t meant to be a hugely personal critique, JL is severely challenged in a professional sense. I’ve got mates that worked with him at HL who felt sorry having to work around him as he just wasn’t cut out for that life. He is borderline special needs and it’s wrong for his father to place him in the media spotlight he has. JL is clearly a City supporter and I don’t believe he has a bad bone in his body, as opposed to the cancerous snake that is Ashton. It’s clear from this interview that he doesn’t bel
  2. Agree, but we need to keep asking. Sadly the only person who I’ve got any confidence in to hold them to account is Geoff Twentyman. If we get no answers tonight, we need to find other avenues. Let’s not just roll over and let them to this time and time again. Let’s show the passion and ambition they lack.
  3. I thought it may be useful to create a list of genuine questions we’d like the press to ask on our behalf tonight. I’ll start us off with a few; • Why was the standout candidate Chris Hughton, who has a highly successful track record of gaining promotion from this division, not appointed after he expressed interest in the job and was interviewed? • Why has the process taken 5 weeks and is this evidence that Dean Holden was not the board’s primary choice and a number of other candidates have turned down the job? • Is the accepted model of Mark Ashton and the board being
  4. Genuine fear of mine too. it would have been unthinkable 5 weeks ago, but sadly I cannot see anything other than a relegation scrap with this lack of experience. With the right backing and CH in charge I would be confident on play-offs at the very least .
  5. Was thinking more of his media work tbh.. ""It sits well with me. As a professional he's [Holden] a sound bloke, a great coach. It may not be the popular choice outside the walls of Ashton Gate with the fans if everything you read on social media is to be believed."
  6. Yes, it's also why I'd treat any comments from Owers with a pince of salt. He's not going to be brutally honest about Holden for example if it's going to negatively impact on his son's career. As much as I like him, it's for this reason BBC Bristol could benefit from sticking to co-commentators with no ties etc.. in my opinion.
  7. You’re embarrassing yourself
  8. Was just about to post the same, if they have chosen to do this with our longest serving player, who must be going through a really difficult time right now; relocation, having to find a school for his son at such short notice etc.. is absolutely disgusting. Regardless of whether they’ve used this to flush out a leak or not, for the club to make no formal announcement or statement is equally disgraceful. What a classless, bunch of ***** we now have running our club. It’s not acceptable. We have to make a stand, hold them to account and start to claim back some control. The
  9. Why is it a choice of foreign, asset-stripping owners or The Lansdowns? The irony of your comment of course is that the Lansdowns have already stripped the club’s main asset in Ashton Gate and it now belongs to them. Surely a board who share the same objectives as the fans, who hire the best talent they can sensibly afford and leave them to get the **** on with the job would suffice? It’s really not a big ask for the owners to stop interfering and treat the club correctly as the custodians they should be, as opppsed to feeding their ego and treating It as a shiny toy for Jonbo
  10. How about toning your gleeful bitchiness down and focus your energies elsewhere, as opposed to targeting long standing supporters who are quite rightly angered by the current situation. Prat.
  11. Of course, it's all in his own words in his now infamous Radio Bristol interview (referenced by OP) during one of LJ's long winless streaks. In addition to clearly evidencing the disdain he has for fan's opinion as he's put more money in and can do what he likes, he was clear about their regular post match debriefs. The interference is widely acknowledged. Find it and have a listen, you might find those scales fall from your eyes.
  12. This post should be pinned and made mandatory reading for any city fan. Missed it first time round, but more relevant now than ever. Superb post that highlights the weakness at the very heart of our club. Lansdown’s arrogance in assuming he understands football and can contribute to dressing room discussion, or post match debriefs is incredible. To then hire puppet after puppet and treat the club as his and his son’s plaything is disrespectful to us all. As many others have said, until SL relinquishes control and accepts he needs to hire genuine talent and leave that tal
  13. Sadly, also speaks volumes for the lack of ambition and woeful man management skills of our board.
  14. How ironic then that SL made his billions building a company where people hand over their hard earned money to experts in their area who then invest on their behalf. Sadly he doesn’t follow this model when it come to football.
  15. God help us if JL is an active part of this process. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if he handed Gerrard or CH his crayons and asked for an autograph.
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