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  1. Agree. Rarely have I read such tripe.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. Said exactly the same thing at the time. Could have turned and gone straight at the defender into the box. Sums up COD as a player sadly.
  3. They’ve been protesting peacefully (and clearly ineffectively) for 16 years, open your eyes.
  4. Do you for one moment think that SL wouldn’t have voted for the ESL had we been in that position? He’s been the most vocal proponent of a closed league in Rugby in the country and has stripped the club of our ownership of Ashton Gate. His actions are precisely what those of us who detest modern football ownership are opposed to most. This is a football wide issue that every fan in the country who genuinely cares about the past and future of the game should mobilise against. Genuinely amazed at how blinkered some posters on here are and how they are turning this into a club v club issue. Thought we had more class as a fan base.
  5. Would love the derby to come back. Football is so sanitised now, what’s the point unless it gets the raw emotions going? Can’t stand them, but nothing compares to a proper derby.
  6. Latest from Bristol band Glass Violet, another cracking anthem of a tune.
  7. If you've not heard them already and you like London Grammar then you should def check out Bristol band Elder Island.
  8. Like others on this thread, I’ve been very critical of Lansdown over the last couple of years, but credit where it’s due, this is a perfect appointment and hopefully we finally now have a manager befitting of the club and opportunity we present. Good work SL! COYR
  9. The simple logistics of both him and his son living as tax exiles, away from the city and club mean he won’t be sacking Ashton anytime soon. There is simply no-one else there who can run the club and I’m not sure he’d want to replace MA and integrate the new CEO remotely. Shameful that he’s given MA so much control and we haven’t got a proper board of note. The Lansdown’s are watching the club rot from afar.
  10. I can't quite work out if this is serious or a mickey take? You lost me by saying I'm making "a leap" in suggesting that a Billionaire's son might be purchasing a house in Bermuda, which was named by Oxfam as the world's worst corporate tax haven and blacklisted by the EU primarily for tax reasons. It's not as if his family have ever made similar moves in the past either? Despite the fact that he is the Chairman of BCFC and Bristol Sport you are clearly as clueless as the rest of us as to what his role entails and and what he does. This answers my point exactly. Lastly, I'm not sure I understand quite why it has to be a straight up choice between a "faceless Asian syndicate" , "fake sheikh" or the son of a Billionaire with no credentials to be the Bristol City Chairman either? Keep on tugging that forelock though Sir.
  11. Personally think he’s getting off very lightly in the current environment. This place is all about opinions, but must admit I’m really surprised that a few posters, whose opinion I typically have the uppermost respect for, don’t feel he’s ethically at odds with what figures in the public eye should be doing right now. Secondly, clarity on his role is much needed. It’s not good enough for the son of the owner to be handed the paid role of full time Chairman and for him not to fulfilling this role and living as a tax exile in Bermuda whilst the club is in utter disarray. This is surely unforgivable in anyone’s books? There wouldn’t be any criticism of his actions or character if he were not in this role. Time for him to make the decision of what’s more important and show the fans the respect they deserve.
  12. Sorry this is all of his and his father's own making. A supposed shy, humble and smart person does not leave the country in the middle of a pandemic to buy multi-million dollar properties in a tax haven, whilst in such a public role. A shy, humble and smart person does not willingly embrace nepotism and accept a full time, paid role of Chairman at Bristol City (handed to him without warrant or any justification) and then shirk away to live in Bermuda for months on end without taking any responsibility for leading the club out of the complete shambles his family has contributed to. A shy, humble and smart person would realise that the country is in the grips of the worst pandemic in a lifetime, would show some iota of empathy and understand that being in the highly privileged and public position they find themselves in, they would be better served showing solidarity, following the government advice and staying in the country, rather than buying multI-million dollar properties when many (including large numbers of club employees) have lost their jobs. A shy, humble and smart person in his position would show empathy with the tens of thousand of hard working supporters of this club, realise their own obvious shortcomings, resign and hand the reigns over to someone who deserves the position, can lead from the front and help the club reach it's potential. As others have said, the club need to finally show the supporters some respect and clarify what his position is and why he justifies a salary at the very least.
  13. Get well soon Cotts. Wishing you a speedy recovery and thanks once more for the best season in a generation. Born leader and City legend
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