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  1. “Maybe if you just sit down” what a weirdo…
  2. A gas mate pointed out that Darrell Clarke didn’t start well but came good in the end, he couldn’t understand how hilarious I thought his stance was, that all it took for Darrel Clarke to turn it around was relegation out of the football league.
  3. Love this team, it was a great result and performance. little is being made of the booking Rice got though, I thought we were very fortunate it wasn’t a red card
  4. Went for a look at their highlights on YouTube and found a gas vlogger with a video called “3 points dropped”
  5. I still remember his first game, the excitement in the build up, clapping him on to the pitch, the chants of “England’s no 1, England’s England’s no 1” City 0- 3 Millwall we can never enjoy anything, can we?
  6. Gas heads chanting “Joey Barton, he hits who he wants”
  7. It’s a stupid chant, but banning people ffs
  8. Lee Johnson wouldn’t have looked out of place in that midfield last night. How scary is that?
  9. Since he didn’t learn his lesson from his last bout of community service, perhaps a custodial sentence will make him see the error of his ways.
  10. Can the player be done for successful deceiving of the referee or whatever the retrospective charge is called?
  11. Tammy on the pitch celebrating, will he get a medal?
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