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  1. @ExiledAjaxWhat he said. Was really hopeful that this was Englands time but hey ho. Grealish has replied to reports that he should have stepped up, he did put himself forward to take penalties but Mr Southgate chose not to use him. I wonder if other players also did? I do think that with the stupidly late substitutions and choice of penalty takers, was Mr Southgate already governed or decided, due to personal or outside influences, that to the possible detriment of winning the game he wanted to install certain players. Absolutely shocking if that's the case and possibly has cost us a place in footballing history. I was, prior to the game happy to trust in Mr Southgates team selection and tactics but believe he got it badly wrong this time. I was 5 in 1966, can't really remember it, said to my Grandsons that last night was massive and to savour it as these occasions are rare. They, like the rest of us are gutted. Hopefully I'll live to see a major win, as will they, but they, like me loved the whole journey, loved being proud to be English and celebrating it. Definitely a wasted opportunity and who knows how long it will be for another chance of silverware. Great to hear everyone's thoughts and input. After all, it's only football.... Isn't it?
  2. Going off air now. See you on the other side. Good luck everybody. COME ON ENGLAND
  3. Thoughts please boys and girls. I'm not tempting fate, it's all on the day, but feel if England can play with the same tempo as in the last few games we can do it. Only thing I'm struggling with is team selection. Mr Southgate has done very well so far so might just leave that to him and not fret too much over it. Will still be as nervous as hell but COME ON ENGLAND.
  4. Top stuff. Losing, then equalising. Then eventually winning. Just like the ups and downs in life. Jeez, the sphincter was going tonight. Brilliant England. Come on. One more massive performance.
  5. What a great feeling of English pride and celebration there is at the moment. Fingers crossed that it continues. Before tonight's game I shall quote the great man. "I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start. The games afoot: Follow your spirit, and upon this charge Cry 'God for Harry (Kane), England, and Saint George!"
  6. Frying tonight! Is that Odd Bod Junior?
  7. Thought ze German officials did a good job tonight. Not sure why there wasn't a single minute of added time at the end of the second half though. Not complaining, the game was over, but surely the ref has to follow the rules, not interpret them as he sees fit. Oh, and nice one England. Fantastic result. Not bringing politics into it, but get off your knees.
  8. Maybe missed it but don't think there's a thread for this. If not, why not? It seems that all the important officials for this game are German, apart from the fourth official. That worries me as I feel we have to not only win the game but potentially 'over win' the game. Hope it's officiated in a fair manner and not dealt with like a footballing version of the shocking and unfair version of Eurovision.
  9. £20 outside bet gone now. No problem, at least the play offs proved entertaining.
  10. freezer


    Mickey spoiled the party. Funny ol game football Enjoyed the lower league play offs more than our season overall, unfortunately.
  11. freezer


    Oh Mickey your so fine your sons accent blows my mind, Oh Mickey..
  12. I'm on the Vin Rouge aussi Fordy. And you don't even need to fork out a fiver to participate but personally think its the least one can do.
  13. freezer


    Go on, say it, feeling a little bit dirty is OK in small doses
  14. How good would that be, you meet a sag who says he's a BIG Rovers fan and we can reply, who, Forest Green
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