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  1. Attendance, 44 742. Now that is I believe not only a record for a play-off Semi Final, but shows what a real sleeping giant and 'Big Club' they are. If only fan support decided where the teams were eh? (Well, we'd be where we are and the Gash would be where they are - we'll for now anyway)
  2. Carlisle United have announced a reduced ground capacity of 9,999. Therefore, fans will not have to show a Covid Vaccine Passport or a negative lateral flow test. Be interesting to see how this pans out.
  3. Bring in Plan C. More restrictions and control of the populace. Watch this space.
  4. I'll bang it over to you now. Enjoy.
  5. @Ashton Yate Still need that code babber?
  6. Indeed we have. Hopefully this time we prevail. Bugger!
  7. Indeed we have. Hopefully this time we prevail.
  8. Not sure if the Bears have read the script!
  9. Great to get the 3 points tonight. Been quite a while. Hopefully things can move on from here. Haven't heard the term 'Big Nige' recently, I'm guessing due to crap performances by the team and management. So was wondering, what sort of consistency or results were needed for Mr Pearson to once again be elevated to the heights of being referred to as 'Big Nige'?
  10. Done it. Tricky, but being a proper Bemmie boy found it interesting.
  11. Finally have come up with a solution to all this taking of the knee Bill hooks. After yet another capitulation of holding a lead by our Championship players towards the end of a game, how about 'Kick It Out'? A slant on the original but with this one, instead of the players kneeling for 3-5 seconds, they use that time to instead each be given a ball and kick it, as far as they can off the pitch. It might help them to remember how to defend a lead late on, will physically show that they're kicking out racism and whatever else they're meant to be against, Is it all forms of discrimination, I'm confused. Maybe the balls could be rainbow coloured, but that's not totally inclusive is it? Anwsers on a postcard. @2015 15 pages, this one could run and run, or kneel and kneel.
  12. @ExiledAjaxWhat he said. Was really hopeful that this was Englands time but hey ho. Grealish has replied to reports that he should have stepped up, he did put himself forward to take penalties but Mr Southgate chose not to use him. I wonder if other players also did? I do think that with the stupidly late substitutions and choice of penalty takers, was Mr Southgate already governed or decided, due to personal or outside influences, that to the possible detriment of winning the game he wanted to install certain players. Absolutely shocking if that's the case and possibly has cost us a place in footballing history. I was, prior to the game happy to trust in Mr Southgates team selection and tactics but believe he got it badly wrong this time. I was 5 in 1966, can't really remember it, said to my Grandsons that last night was massive and to savour it as these occasions are rare. They, like the rest of us are gutted. Hopefully I'll live to see a major win, as will they, but they, like me loved the whole journey, loved being proud to be English and celebrating it. Definitely a wasted opportunity and who knows how long it will be for another chance of silverware. Great to hear everyone's thoughts and input. After all, it's only football.... Isn't it?
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