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  1. My best mate is a Swindon fan, the stories he comes out with are staggering
  2. Have zero recollection of Alan being here! 51 is the same age my Dad died - brutal. From all the tributes it seems he was an absolute top bloke as well
  3. 'Orns

    Swindon Town

    Decent appointment, to be fair Quite how Power is still in charge there is beyond comprehension. One of my best mates is Swindon, every time we go for a pint there's a new twist in the story. He is genuinely worried he's not going to have a club to support in a year or two
  4. I think the only truth we can deduce from this, he ain't moving to Suffolk any time soon
  5. 'Orns

    11 Gone

    As always, I'll believe it when it's on the OS - but I don't find this difficult to believe, or fully get behind, either
  6. I was thinking of coming down and getting a pic with him, then getting you to pick the real Orns.....
  7. Saints fan, still trying to work out what we done at the bottom of round 1 I found it all a little dull this year, we were too far down to get a real game changer, unless we mortgaged the entire farm off (glad we didn't). Rodgers took all the headlines, he's a strange bloke. I know he gives GB the best chance, but they must be getting really pissed off with him and his moods. Still talk of Denver doing something to try and get him there, could be an interesting watch over the summer. I think he's just as likely to 'retire' as he is to stay or get a trade he'll agree to As for the picks, can't blame Bengals for Chase, Sewell made more sense though. Great pick for the Lions. Loved what the Browns done, Chargers seem to have had another good weekend. Hate Pitts going to Atlanta, he was my draft crush, I know have to hate him for the next 10 / 12 years Only 4 months to go......
  8. Feeling better, mate? Nagy not leaving because there's been no bids, or because he's deemed too important I'd hope a bit of both
  9. Seen this in twitter, really good mate. I'd agree with Loco, if you get to the point where I could choose my legends and get that done I'd be more than interested Good luck, love seeing all this new football stuff being thought about
  10. I've been more scared at games, but that was just bedlam. Remember laughing about it all once Birmingham was clearly in the rear view mirror
  11. Was on CATS that day We got bricked on the way to the ground. Stepped off the coach to see the aforementioned helicopter - it was like a war zone! My main memory of the day was hearing the WMP dishing out some fists at half time, and bodies being thrown against the toilet walls. What a day, was only 16!
  12. 'Orns


    Ha, don't remember that part!
  13. 'Orns


    Remember Bents coming to the Gate with Brentford, even the way he walked out to warm out pissed me off. Just oozed confidence, and looked like he owned the place Pretty sure we were linked with him when he left Southend for Brentford and feeling like we'd missed out on someone a bit special Wind the clock on a few years, and he's all ours. Love him, top keeper. If only we could keep a fit and settled back 3 / 4 in front of him
  14. And no doubt feeling the love! They're on about snoods next....!
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