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  1. Yes jack hunt should still be here.and he could cross a ball.
  2. redsocks


    Like I said hes not a right back.why nigel thinks he is I dont know.hes just got a new full back in why not play him he cant do any worser than what we already have.ps the crossing last night was shite.not just from vyner but the whole team.why cant they beat the first man.they must practice in training.or maybe not.
  3. Please start playing a proper right back.vyner is not a full back and his Leicester mate is shite.give the new kid a chance he cant do any worse.
  4. It's ok.his first love bristol bears kick off tomorrow so no doubt we will see him again.
  5. One thing for sure he isn't signing for us.
  6. No one's mentioned royle,Garland.merrick,collier,Moller,Jacki,Roger's,cormack,cooper,Ritchie, and many more.
  7. I think this is going to be a long hard season.i think steve lans is quite happy be a average champ side.but the way its panning out it could get worse.now we are after a striker from ac Stanley not the ambition of a chairman who wants premiership football.perhaps hes more interested in the rugby.??
  8. I think homer Simpson could do better.we need to get rid and get a proper right back in one who's not past his sale bye date.of course we had one in hunt.doing ok at Sheffield wed.
  9. Like I said last week vyner is not a right back.and Simpson has had his time at Leicester.we got rid of hunt and now we still need a right back and a winger before next week.unlucky last night should of won still better performance from the players.coyr
  10. How many times do I need to say this vyner is not a right back.simpson is usless and we got rid of hunt.pearson wake up or we will be in div 1 next season.
  11. This is going to be a long hard season.plenty of ups and downs.staying up might be our limit once again.
  12. It wont be long if keeps wells on the bench.
  13. That will be a good loan signing of davis if true.hes a big strong forward just what we need.
  14. If and I will say if hes stays fit we all know what quality he brings to our defence.so fingers crossed and that also applys to the rest of the squad.
  15. How the hell did Stirling stay on for the whole game.he was shite.
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