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  1. The man has more faces than big ben.i would not trust him with my life.sooner he goes the better it would be for the this club dodged every question twenty pence asked him and then blamed holden for korey going.watch your back dean ashton is a 2face slimey asshole.
  2. ASHTON out before it's to late.
  3. Gutted.What the ---- are city doing I do not know.getting rid of our best midfielder,employing Johnsons puppet as our new manager.and ******** Ashton still here making a right mess of this club we all love.Not very good start to pre season.Best of luck korey you will be missed.
  4. It seems to me reading the forum over the last 24 hours the problem at city is MARK ASHTON.He seems to want to run everything including transfers.so as long as he is here we will never move on and get a proper manager to take this club forward.
  5. Why take 5 weeks to end up with Johnsons puppet.so in on the cheap,I guess with little money to spend,no ambition,why lie to us steve.we the supporters love this but you are not helping yourself by acting the way you are.i guess dean holden is going to be your new kiss ass as a decent proper manager would not put up with it.you think more of the rugby than us.thanks steve.
  6. One big joke.on the cheap again.thanks steve.no ambition.
  7. Are we about to become a laughing stock.5 weeks 2 find a manager and end up with Johnsons puppet.not good no ambition.SL thinks more about the rugby than the football.quite happy to be a average championship side.
  8. Why oh why are we taking so long to appoint a new manager.4 weeks now,transfer market open,new contracts to discuss etc come on steve sort it out or will lose Hughton and end up with some no hoper AGAIN.
  9. Come on steve Give the fans want they have wanted for ever.A proper manager not another ass kisser.
  10. Why are villa hated so much on this forum.we should worry more about our own team after a another poor season.
  11. No.come on lansdown pay the money and get someone decent in who are not going to be your ass kisses.crowly brothers better off with the chuckle brothers.lincoln and nearly relegated huddersfield are great to have on your cv.
  12. On the cheap again.mr lansdown payed the money for a top coach for Bristol bears and see how well they are doing.we have to have the dregs and make do.please let's get a top manager and have a real go next season.
  13. It will another ass kisser.
  14. Nice to see a bit of humour.give Scott Murray a promotion to manager and get rid of Johnson.
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