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  1. This club is jinxed.The season is 6 weeks away and we are already getting players injured.who next.
  2. No problem just get rid of him.has been a crap signing playing maybe 2 good games not a good return.also hope we not sign pack back took us ages to get rid of him.like what we signed so far heres to next season. Coyr
  3. Never given a chance here.all the best nahki.
  4. Why come on here and once again slag wells off when hes hardly had a chance this season.if he had played as much as some of our forwards did this year it might of been different.but since wells signed for us some people on this on site have had it in for him.if hes still here next season get behind the bloke instead of slagging him.As for ANdi hes been superb this year that what's this topic was about and not let's slag off wells.
  5. I would have him.was not always liked as a player here.but as a manager he might be the one to sort this this club out.he would show more passion than pearson does.
  6. Like I said in the past.not good enough.after yesterday like most of the players not good enough.pearson needs to go no motivation from the side the club a shambles and they want us to renew our ticket playing shit football.come on lansdown open your eyes and see what's going on at our club.
  7. Good job. As they say cheets never prosper.
  8. Were rubbish our defence is awful.were conceding two many goals 2 or 3 every game.sort it out pearson or we might get dragged into a fight we dont want.
  9. Sorry to say hes not as good as everyone thinks he is.two new centre halfs needed in the summer.a fit joe Williams,a proper winger,and a big centre forward to make us more physical up front.another season were we say Always next season.
  10. Top man.always smiling makes a shit game sound good.could he become Roy Keanes number 2 at Sunderland that will be fun.
  11. Ha Ha tough shit could not have happened to nicer team.
  12. Swansea away.great night super bob hatrick packed end.aways good to win in wales.
  13. Portsmouth 76 Hereford 86 semi final frc Liverpool away fa cup And loads more.also some bad ones to many to mention.heres to the future hope many more good ones and not to many bad ones. Coyr
  14. Sorry to say Zac is just not good enough for this division.i think in the summer we need a good clear out.not sure who will go but time will tell.
  15. Bakinson will be no loss.he just is not a championship player.div 1 or 2 about his standard.theirs still 4 or 5 to go yet watch this space.
  16. Just seen the goals from Fulham yesterday.i will be honest our defence was shocking.to week no idea how to defend. Vyner again not good enough kalas not as good as everyone thinks he is.were do we go from here.?
  17. Don't always agree with nige.but he was dead right.in all the years iv been watching city he was probably one of the worst referees we have seen at the gate.he should be in front of the fa for fraud.
  18. Good win today just what we needed.but I still feel nige is not the man for us.picked the wrong team and the subs saved us.why wells does not get a chance.whats the problem with Atkinson.and why mass does not start beggars belief.if we have lots of problems in the camp then this needs sorting.and quick.on the plus side a good win and let's hope we can keep scott because this kid is good.happy new year let's hope for a good un.
  19. The kids not good enough for the championship.missing Williams and matty James.if they were both fit bakinson would not play.players needed in jan to help boost this current squad.the football is awful.i think Pearson could be the problem.when was the last time we actually won a game at home were we entertained, felt comfortable that we were going to win and not felt nervous going into the last 10 mins thinking shit here we go again.
  20. Its amazing on this forum how fans see things differently.i thought bakinson was awful both halfs and was rightly taken off.how he gets in the side I do not know.for someone who plays in the centre of the midfield he cant tackle of head a ball which is amazing 4 someone 7 feet tall.
  21. Needs a rest.give wells a chance.gets slated every game on here but if hes not given a run of games from the start why slag the bloke.done more when he came on today than martin did all game.
  22. I think why is a International defender trying to head the ball away when it's only a couple of inches off the ground when a lump into the stand would do.and why does our midfielder who is 7 foot cant win a header.me I think kalas and bakinson were the weak links today and both should be dropped on wed.Martin needs a rest as he did not offer a lot.on the whole not a bad performance nice to see the kids have a go in what I thought was a weird line up.and were was jay d Silva?
  23. The players need to realise the football they are playing at the moment is embarrassing.they are letting the fans down as well as themselves.we are carrying two many lightweight players.they need to get together and sort this out before it's to late.so come on lads let's show some backbone and fight and turn our season round.and getting some decent players in jan might help.
  24. Hes done a great job at city.But that's it he is quite happy being a average champ club with no ambition to take us further.if he does not back np in jan we will be in div 1 next season.then let's see him ask us for £500 plus for a season ticket in Feb.so come on steve stop ass kissing pat lam and start looking at the city and see what a mess were in.
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