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    9 hours ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

    Fair enough - a decent attempt to play down the fact you know nothing about your ‘team’ and you also ignored the rest of the post that suggested you are incorrect - the ‘calm down and have a few beers’ approach is well-used amongst those who pontificate loudly thinking they are correct only to get found out on simple facts - it’s an approach that says “yeh, oops, I’ve been found out here but if I suggest the poster has a few beers then hopefully no-one will notice that I posted utter tripe” ...

    You don't know anything about me. I've not been rude to you. All I stated was the facts which was found from a reputable source on the internet.  The beer quote was the politest way I could think of replying to your rude reply.

    So I have to conclude your just a rude person. You would probably not act this way towards someone if you met them down the pub. You should equally not do it on the internet (a vain hope i know).

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  2. 17 hours ago, cidercity said:

    If anyone has a spare few minutes, pop over to Asschat and have a read of the thread titled "Wael - Is he taking us in the wrong direction" good thought out arguments by Harrystokegas who started the thread.

    He is set upon straight away Wum, delete the thread and more, sums up their support heads firmly in the sand.

    You don't even have to go past the first of 10 pages to get the personality of a typical Sag supporter.

    On your suggestion, i read the whole thread. What is amazing is on that sad excuse of a fan forum is that the moderators are the worse rabble rousers. Normally its the other way around, the moderators trying to instil calmness and reason.  But not on Asschat. No.  And the worse is that Owl moderator!  What an amazing set of people. 

    I felt sorry for harrystokegas, he made a argument saying the club is going down the pan and maybe someone else should run it.  Not an unreasonable opinion if you were a Rovers supporter to be thinking that at this time. But he's obv. very naive to the forum and the type of posters on it, and how they react to anything not on the party line.

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  3. I used to get very irritated by people calling us "Bristol" when it should be "Bristol City".  But now, that may be a bonus. I'm thinking that's what confused Sam Finley, he's been watching Sky, and when they said you've got an opportunity to play in Bristol he automatically thought of us.  Imagine his shock when he turned up and it was those reprobates. And saw the ground and training facilities.

    That's why he's looking so sad. He's been duped.

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  4. 22 minutes ago, redsquirrel said:

    no doubt the squatters have nicked their ground in the past too, its what they do

    What is amazing they let their ssl cert expire or have the the wrong name for the ssl cert. Amateurs 

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  5. 3 hours ago, CiderJar said:

    Some breakfast listening for you. You are welcome.



    The guy at 12:30 minute sums up Basement Bristol Rovers:

    "They are failing the fans, they are failing the city" - Wrong. You are not failing the City, we are delighted with this result, you did so well for us boys, the lot of you, from your owner down to all your awful managers and useless players.

    "They are an absolute disgrace" - Agreed. BBRFC is a disgrace, and has been since at least 1982

    "Not going to bounce back despite our deluded fans thinking we will" - Agreed, your fans are very deluded, and your not going to bounce back with that squad.

    Its a lovely day out there, enjoy the 2 division gap everyone!

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