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  1. Sounds liken nothing has changed then. I think Wells has regretted the move from more a less the day he signed for us to be honest.
  2. It’s certainly not an area we specialise in is it.. I suppose you could make a case for Bobby Reid being a homegrown striker we sold on for a sizeable profit but as we all know he isn’t naturally a striker as such is he.
  3. I said in many ways they are.. obviously Sunderland can pull in bigger crowds than Swansea and they have a better history than them but modern football is all about the ££ and the chance of playing in the top division..Undoubtedly Swansea would be able to pay LJ more in salary, he would also have a much better calibre of player to work with in comparison to Sunderland plus a far greater chance of managing in the Premier league in the near future and i think we all know LJ and his ego are dieing to have a crack at the Premier League..
  4. They are a Bigger more attractive club than Sunderland in many ways these days.. I could see why he would be tempted to be fair.
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I genuinely believe the armband weighed heavy on Kalas last season and i feel his performances reflected that. I think it would do him the world of good to have the pressure taken off him to be honest. I’d like to see it given to Bentley - been here a few seasons now player of the year last season and someone who leads by example.
  6. This for me. Nige has already alluded to the fact that he is happy with what we currently have. Im very glad we have re signed Weimann and he is back firing on all cylinders - that is as good as a new signing IMO.
  7. Perfect for them though isn’t it.. Reading FC are the absolute definition of plastic. I ******* hate that stadium aswell, a typical identikit bowl on a trading estate - awful!
  8. You can say its passing the buck all you like but the reality is the Policing and stewarding on the day was clearly substandard. Forgetting major international football finals for a second if you under police ANY large event and give people the opportunity to gain entry without a ticket they will. It’s a problem that isn’t unique to English football, you only have to look at Glastonbury festival and festivals all over the world in fact to see that if you don’t have a robust system in place the chancers will find a way in. In an ideal fantasy world yes people should take personal responsibility but we don’t live in an ideal world, the police and the FA failed on sunday and let a very small minority take the headlines.
  9. Absolutely shocking - wouldn’t of expected anything less from them though to be fair..
  10. Absolute rubbish.
  11. Domestic Game times are rearranged all the time in this country and across Europe for the very reasons I pointed out.. granted the 20:00 kick off was to appease Uefa and the ‘European market’ but the Met Police Uefa and the FA should have realised this was a high category game easily the biggest game in the history of modern English football and the chance of disorder was high. At the end of the day it was poor planning and extremely poor policing that let the few mindless chancers make the headlines when in reality they shouldn’t of even had a sniff of getting in without tickets.. let’s not tar the whole of the English national fanbase with the same brush.
  12. The game should never of kicked off at 8pm to be honest - this was our first major final in 55 years after 18 months of being locked indoors with our rights being stripped from us.. allowing people to be on the piss all day was always going to be a recipe for disaster.. Simon Jordan hits the nail on the head for me!
  13. I think he deserves a crack at another tournament to be honest. Getting us to only our second ever final is a fantastic achievement. Much more experienced bigger names haven’t even got England close to a major final so i think great credit has to be given to him for that.
  14. The abuse isn’t new unfortunately. In many ways you could probably argue Beckham had it worse in 1998, burning pictures of him in the street his family also being targeted by gangs etc etc. Im not condoning the racist online abuse Saka Rashford and Sancho have received by the way but as we have seen with Beckham in 1998 this country is more than happy to turn on a white man when a mistake has cost us in a major tournament..
  15. ******* ******* got what they deserved - trying to rush the gates in this day and age is shocking it’s even worse when some have paid over 2 or 3 grand for legit tickets. If i had paid big money for a ticket and seen some little *** trying to get in for free id be kicking lumps out of them aswell!!!
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