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  1. Barnsley at home has become almost a little bit of a must Win IMO. Lose that with an abject performance and I’d really start to question Nigel Pearson to be honest.
  2. Shame, was hoping he would stay to take them down
  3. It certainly makes sense that Nige is now clearing the decks and paving a way for his own staff to come in. Downing and Simpson seem like good guys but the whole trio of them and Holden was a complete car crash of appointments they should have all got the sack together IMO.
  4. In good form he may well be but i can guarantee he can’t/won’t keep it up. We all saw him show glimpses here of being a top class championship player but for whatever reason he cannot consistently do it. Fair play to him and Swansea if they can get consistency out of his game but i just don’t see it happening especially when he bas never done it in his career to date.
  5. I don’t think anyone would have been happy that we STILL haven’t won at home yet and its coming up to November but each to there own.
  6. Play him centrally and give him a run of games IMO.
  7. Having slept on it - I’ve woken up thinking Pearson will still have the backing of the vast majority of the board and many fans but as KITR’s thread points out there will start to be genuine doubts from even the most level headed and sensible among us. The 3 year plan is all well and good and I’m all for it but results at home do need to start picking up ASAP or you fear for the crowd inevitably turning on Pearson and the project.
  8. Looks a decent prospect, always goes into tackles fully committed and looks like he has a lot of heart and endeavour about him.
  9. Bottom line was we needed to get promotion between 2017 and 2019 for any of the above players i mentioned to have stayed. The Premier league would have been the only thing to have kept Reid Bryan Webster Brownhill etc, we couldn’t have offered them the sort of contracts they could have got in the Prem because of FFP so sitting down with them and selling the clubs ‘ambition’ (which im sure we would have done by the way) would have fallen on deaf ears, they wanted Prem football end of. It would have been shit or bust for Brentford aswell by the way, if they wouldn’t have got promotion last season do you genuinely think the likes of Toney would have stayed? Not a chance.
  10. So out of interest who would you have kept? Reid Bryan Kelly Webster Brownhill etc all WANTED to leave to A earn a load more wedge and B play Premier league football.. now i am not defending the Lansdown or Ashton model of selling our best talents but I don’t think in any of these instances there was a great deal the club could have done but do what they did do and get the best fee’s possible for them. The players we bought in however is a whole different debate.
  11. bris red


    I agree fully to be honest, we are looking down the barrel now and with the greatest of respect to Pearson the home crowd will start to turn on him sooner or later and who can blame them - we have been patient enough IMO.
  12. bris red


    Full internationals like Kalas players like Baker with tons of Championship and Prem games under his belt Dasilva another with plenty of experience at this level.. you can make a case for Atkinson and Tanner but they have enough experience around them.. It’s a disgrace and Pearson and the coaching staff should be getting more out of this team.
  13. bris red


    Indeed. I was sat here praying for the win bit genuinely expecting and equaliser. As you said they way Smith grabbed that ball and ran back to restart tells you all you need to know, they knew we were there for the taking. Im still behind Pearson but christ the patience is wearing thin, its a result based business unfortunately and his results are dire at home how ever you dress it up.
  14. Steve cooper can **** off aswell the ugly looking ***
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