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  1. Get in there!! **** off Liverpool!!
  2. !! hopefully thats that then for the repulsive always the victim scousers and all the hordes of plastic Liverpool ‘fans’ we have in this City..!
  3. I think it’s because it is suddenly dawning on the Spanish Fa/La Liga that their dominance on European football is starting to fall away and they can no longer attract the best in the game irrespective of how much € they can offer. In years gone by Mbapee going to either Barca or Real would have been a formality but La Liga isn’t the chosen destination for the worlds elite players anymore IMO.
  4. Fair play to Sunderland - we as a football club know better than most what a hell hole the third tier is so hats off to them for finally getting out of it. I did want Wycombe to win purely from a selfish point of view as they would be one less team to worry about next season for us but you cannot deny Sunderland and their huge following deserved it more than Wycombe on the day.
  5. Absolutely mate - im certainly not knocking him. Provided he has been sensible with his dough he should be fairly set for life which as you said considering where he was not all that long ago playing for Alfreton you have to applaud him.
  6. Goalkeeper HAS to deal with that.. horrendous
  7. I’d imagine this will be the start of a rapid decline down the leagues for Flint..
  8. Spot on. As you have said its the cameras and then the subsequent uploads to social media that pick up every single incident and within literally minutes millions and millions have watched it on either youtube instagram etc etc. I’m not saying pitch invasion are right or assaulting players or managers is right but it has been going on for years. To start saying the youth of today are any different to previous generations is so wide of the mark it’s untrue. The other thing that gets my goat is people blaming cocaine for all and sundry these days. What was fuelling the violence on the terraces in the 70s and 80s when cocaine was nowhere near as readily available on the streets as it is today and was pretty much exclusively for the rich and famous..?!
  9. Agreed. Undoubtedly Dyche had worked wonders in his spell at Burnley but things had clearly become stale and change was needed.
  10. Oh **** off fat Frank. The hero worshipping is going to be sickening over the next few days
  11. My thoughts exactly. The idiot in question hardly looks a small bloke either, as you said hit in the right place and he could have killed him. Obviously with the Hillsborough incident even the talk of putting perimeter fencing back into English grounds is an emotive topic but I personally think it needs to be looked at. You only have to look to German grounds to see that perimeter fencing can be used in a safe way and it would without doubt stop the vast majority of fans making it onto the pitch.
  12. As I’ve said previously i cannot stand Nottingham Forest anyway but that is an absolute disgrace. I have everything crossed that Huddersfield do them at Wembley!
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